AVG TuneUp Review, Features, Pros and Cons

AVG tune-up is one of the great software to fix all the errors and issues of the operating system. Users can easily clean up all the junk files, registry fixes, and other unwanted files from the PC with AVG tune-up. But due to the availability of many other PC tune-up software, it is slightly difficult to consider AVG tune-up the best tune-up software as some of them also provide similar features like AVG tune-up.

AVG Tuneup 

For that, it is necessary to go through the AVG tune-up review to know more about the software. Many questions arise in the user’s mind while selecting the PC tune-up software like features of the software, pros and cons, pricing plans, etc. so this article is having all the details and generally asked questions regarding the software. This article would be useful for you if you are in search of an AVG tune-up review.

AVG Tuneup Review 2021

AVG tune-up is one of the best PC tune-up software as well as a PC optimizer. The tune-up software can easily find all registry and other files that are making your system performance weaker. It cleans up all the junk files and errors that are creating a bug in your system. AVG tune-up is a system cleaner and performance booster. By using AVG tune-up your system will run faster than ever and it provides a new life to your PC.

AVG Tuneup Review 

The best quality of the AVG tune-up is that at just a single click it can scan all the errors and fix and repair the registry. It also automatically updates the installed programs. AVG tune-up is safe to use as it doesn’t harm your security and doesn’t steal your personal information. It automatically detects the unwanted apps and files and deletes them. The software is easy to use and some of its functions work with one click.

AVG tune-up is a highly demanding PC tune-up software in the market and the most trusted software by the customers. It has improved its features in its new version. Most users are using AVG tune-up to make their operating system like a new one as it cleans all the mess, identify all the junk files and repair errors from the PC. It consists of many advanced features that are easily usable. AVG tune-up is best for beginners as well as skilled users.

AVG consists of some of the best features to enhance computer performance for fast browsing, game suffering and videos. It has a registry cleaner and registry defrag to remove all the clutter and corrupted registries that take up the memory of your system and slow the speed. It also has a disk cleaner to free up the disk space and clean cache and junk files. It also has an Internet connection repair and optimizer feature to enhance the speed of your online life. Some of the other tools are file recovery tool, economy mode, disk doctor, disk explorer, etc. All these features will give a good life to your computer.

AVG Tuneup System Requirement and Specification

System Requirement – Windows 7, 8 and 10 SP1 or higher

Supports languages – AVG tune up supports all the Windows languages that are mentioned below:

It supports Chinese, Czech, Turkish, Swedish, Spanish, Slovenian, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Indonesian and German.

Usage – AVG tune-up is an optimizer software for personal use and not for commercial use.

Features of AVG tuneup

AVG Tuneup features 

1. Fixes and maintain your operating system automatically 

The automatic maintenance in AVG helps in cleaning all the bugs and crashes from your system every week so you can enjoy the great performance of your PC.

2. It cleans your registry automatically 

AVG can automatically scan all the registry issues and fix them to enhance the storage and capacity of your system.

3. Automatic maintenance  

The automatic maintenance in AVG can remove browser traces, tracking cookies and cache files to retain more disk space.

4. Speed up and tune up your system

AVG tune-up is a great software to speed up your system. If you are facing trouble with the speed of the computer like it takes a lot of time to boot or the programs run slowly or the website takes more time to open or slower speed of game then AVG is the one-stop solution for your system.

5. Optimize your PC with sleep mode 

The programs that are already installed in your PC dominates your PC memory and CPU and causes slower speed. The sleep mode feature in AVG makes those programs sleep and whenever you desire you can wake them up.

6. Delete all the junk programs and files 

AVG automatically delete old unwanted programs and software that is preinstalled in your system. This preinstalled software take the space of your computer and this prevents the speed performance of your operating system.

AVG Tuneup 

7. Software uninstaller 

This is one of the best features of AVG. Software uninstaller finds bloatware in your system and deletes them. It also uninstalls all those programs which you do not use.

8. Disk cleaner 

Disk cleaner helps in cleaning the installer files, cache files, old backups, temporary system files from your operating system. If they are of no use and just taking up the system’s space.

9. Browser cleaner 

One of the features in AVG is Browser Cleaner cleans online leftovers. It removes all the files of Internet explorer, firefox, Chrome, etc. which they can’t delete themselves.

10. Update programs at a single click 

AVG tune-up helps in removing bugs, irritating installers and prevent security troubles. It is easy to update the installed programs easily.

11. Software updater

One of the features in AVG is a software updater that automatically updates the outdated installed software in your PC. It checks the outdated software on the PC and updates them to the latest versions.

Scheduler – By using Scheduler users can schedule multiple optimizations when the system is inactive.

Tune-up styler – This feature enables you to change the windows theme easily. Users can edit icons, borders, buttons, etc.

AVG tuneup Pros and Cons


  • Great PC tune-up and retrieve software
  • User-friendly interface
  • Battery lifesaver
  • Repair system at just a single click
  • Automatic/one-click maintenance


  • Long process to clean up system fully
  • Consists of a lot of features that can terrify a person

Pricing Plans

AVG tuneup offers a free version and also a 30-day free trial. The software also has subscription-based plans which are mentioned below:

  • One year plan: $49.99
  • Two-year plan: $99.99
  • Three-year plan: $149.99

How To Use AVG Tuneup

It is easy to install AVG tune-up software on your computer. AVG is slightly different from other optimizations software. It can easily find all the purposeless files and old backups and inspect them at the same time this feature is not available in other optimization software. It deleted all those data and files which is creating trouble and making your system slower. It is also helpful in resolving hard disk errors. AVG also helps you in restoring deleted files that you have removed mistakenly.

Conclusion – AVG tuneup review

After reading the whole article you have come to your own conclusion but if you want my verdict so as per my choice AVG is one of the best PC tune-up software than any other tune-up software available in the market. It is good in terms of pricing plans and a set of tools. The software is having all the advanced tools and features that are required to make your operating system healthy and enhanced the performance of your PC.

Using AVG you can easily maintain your operating system like you have purchased a new one. It enhances the battery life of your system and cleans all the undesired files from your PC. After using AVG tune-up your system will work smoothly and fastly. But all this is my opinion but the final decision is yours either you want to purchase it or not. According to my initial, you must use the features by taking the free version or 30-day trial and if you like the software then you can select among the packages provided by AVG.

I hope the AVG tune-up review article would be useful for you while deciding to purchase a PC tune-up software.


Is AVG PC TuneUp any good?

TuneUp is safe to use and without any doubt, you can use it to make your system faster. AVG is one of the leading companies that provide also free antivirus software. It doesn’t have any spyware and adware in the installer and it doesn’t install any third-party software.

Does the PC tune-up program work?

Yes, the PC tune-up program works as it scans all the unwanted files and fixes errors and issues from your operating system. It is easy to use and suitable for the beginner as well as a skilled user. The PC tune-up program makes our PC works faster and improves efficiency and working speed.

Is AVG tuneup free?

Yes, AVG tune-up is available for free through you can easily clean up all the junks from your PC and enhance the computer’s performance. But the drawback of the free version is you can see the problematic areas in your PC and access the maintenance tools but can resolve the issue.

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