15 Best Free Photo Editing Software for Windows 10 PC

Photo editing software is useful to add effects to your photos and enhance the picture quality. There is numerous Image editing tools for Windows 10 but in this article, we will discuss the top 15 photo editing software. We have tried and tested this software and ranked them according to their performances

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Best Photo Editing Software For Windows 10

1. Wondershare Fotophire

Wondershare Fotophire is the best photo editor for Windows 10 that helps beautify your images by using its unique features. It consists of fotophire focus, fotophire maximizer and fotophire editing tool to enhance the editing effects. Through fotophire focus, you can make your photos more clear and sharp by adjusting sharpness, blur, and other effects.

Wondershare Fotophire

Features of Wondershare Fotophire 

  • It has a built-in tutorial
  • Edge blur
  • It supports wide-format
  • It consists of many different background templates

Pricing details 

You can install a free version of Wondershare Fotophire. For its basic editing toolkit, you must buy the full version at $79 and for its extra two tools, it costs you $89.

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2. Canva

Canva is a best free photo editor for Windows PC that allows you to make designs and graphics. You can also create amazing data visualizations by making a graph. It has several beautiful features including a vast library of templates. It has a user-friendly interface and doesn’t require any special knowledge to edit images.


Features of Canva

  • Speech bubble maker for making a dialogue
  • It allows you to add text to the photos
  • Photo enhancer
  • You can publish or download your HD graph

Pricing details 

Canva offers three different types of pricing plans that are free, Pro and enterprise. Pro is available at $12.95 per month and enterprise costs you $30.00 per month.

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3. Fotor

Fotor is one of the best photo editors for Windows 10 that allows you to edit photos online. It requires no knowledge to access thus it has a user-friendly interface. One of its features is drag and drop images. The photo editor has an HDR effect to enhance your photos. It includes some of the best features like transparency, Clone, HDR, photo collage, beauty retouching, etc.


Features of Fotor 

  • It provides an extensive range of effects
  • Provides different stylish stickers
  • You can make your photo more beautiful with beautifying effect
  • You can share your edited images to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter

Pricing details 

Fotor is a photo editor which also offers a free trial and its pricing plan starts at $8.99 per month.

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4. Ashampoo Photo Editor

Ashampoo is a best free photo editing software for Windows 10. Through this photo editor, you can blur, crop and rotate images easily. You do not require to be a pro to use this photo editor. It has a user-friendly interface. The special feature of the photo editor is it automatically scans defects like colour and contrast.

Ashampoo Photo Editor

Features of Ashampoo

  • Easily edit photo with a single click
  • You can resize images
  • It has a good UI interface
  • It enables you to sharpen photos

Pricing details 

Ashampoo is a free photo editing software that provides its features for free of cost.

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5. PhotoDirector

Photo Director is one of the best photo editor software for Windows 10. You can edit and modify images without any trouble. By using the Glitch Art effect you can split and merge layers of colour. You can easily animate, stylize and edit images. You can enhance your photos by using sky replacement, animated decorations and object removal tools.


Features of PhotoDirector 

  • It helps you to blend photos
  • Add sparkle effects in a photo
  • It allows you to filter layers easily
  • It enables you to enrich your picture with light rays

Pricing details 

PhotoDirector offers two different types of enterprise pricing plans that is Ultra $169.94 per month and Deluxe at $59.99 per month.

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6. Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR is a photo editing software for Windows 10 that supports layer and masking. It enables in creating flawless HDR (High-Dynamic-Range). It is a photographic software that is developed by MacPhun software which can be operated in Mac OS X and Windows. Aurora HDR is the best advanced HDR photo editor. You can enhance your images by using the unique and advanced features of Aurora HDR.

Aurora HDR

Features of Aurora HDR

  • Process photos in bulk
  • It provides an intuitive user interface
  • It supports layers and masking
  • It allows you to take RAW images as input

Pricing details 

Aurora HDR costs you $99 per month and if you purchase it in a bundle with Luminar it will charge $149.

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This GIMP tools is the best free photo editing software that consists of an extensive range of filters. It has several best features for basic actions to the professional level. Some of the advanced features are face swap, animated gifs, layer masks, curves, etc and the basic features are cropping, colour adjustments, montage tools, etc. You can download it on your operating system or you can also use its portable version.


Features of GIMP

  • It supports multiple hardware devices like MIDI controller, USB devices, etc
  • You can export it to GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG,  and many other file formats
  • Can open multiple images at a time
  • Provides you with a customizable user interface

Pricing details 

GIMP is a free photo editing software for Windows 10 it means it doesn’t charge any enterprise costs.

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8. Autodesk Pixlr

Now another Autodesk Pixlr is one of the best free photos editing software for Windows 10. You can edit your images from this browser. It supports several image formats like PXD, SVG, PSD, JPEG, PNG,  and many others. It consists of several innovative stickers, icons and decorative texts. The photo editing software has editing tools for beginners to experts.

best free photo editing software

Features of Autodesk Pixlr

  • The task which is repetitive is completed by using AI
  • It includes a library of stickers, borders, and icons
  • It also helps to edit any image from your mobile
  • It allows you to add artistic effect to a photo in a single click

Pricing details 

Auto disk pixlr is a free online photo editing tool and it doesn’t charge any enterprise cost.

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9. Photopea

Photopea is a best free photo editing software that you can also use offline. It consists of several features like PSD, XCF, Sketch, CDR files, XD, burns, clone stamp, masks, dodge, smudge, etc. Through this photo editor, you can resize images, create illusions, design web pages, processing photographs, etc. It is a great photo editor for both beginners and advanced image editing.

best free photo editing software

Features of Photopea 

  • It consists of two brushes shapes one is circular another is the pattern
  • It enables you to design animated GIF images by using multiple layers of the document
  • It offers you many ways to change layers

Pricing details 

Photopea offers a free trial version and it’s pricing starts at $5 for a single user, $15 for 5- person team and $50 for a 20-person team per month.

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10. Luminar

Another software on the list is Luminar is the best photo editor for Windows 10 that uses cutting-edge AI technologies that enable the edit your photos automatically. It has several features including layers, masks, transformation tools, editing brushes, clone and stamp tools. Most of its tools are automated some of them are Sky replacement, AI skin, portrait enhancer, AI structure, sunrays, etc.

photo editing software for Window 10

Features of Luminar 

  • Leaves a realistic effect on any image
  • It can easily remove unwanted items in just a single click
  • You can add new items in your image
  • To make a photo more realistic you can add smart contrast

Pricing details 

Luminar offers a free trial version for its users and its pricing plan starts at $89

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11. Photolemur

Another software on the list is Photolemur which is a great photo editing tool for Windows 10 which is also an automated photo editing app. It is beneficial for beginners and those who don’t have enough time for editing. The photo editor can enhance colours in your image, remove haziness, adjust colour temperature, etc. It uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to analyze your photos.

photo editing software for Window 10

Features of Photolemur 

  • Photo enhancer at just a single click
  • Provides you with a speedy access menu
  • It provides you with an automatic detect skin imperfections
  • It helps you to drag and drop images to working area

Pricing details 

Photolemur offers a free trial version for its users and its pricing starts at $30.00 as a one-time payment, per user.

12. ON1

ON1 is a photo editing software for Window 10 where you can create an album quickly by selecting photos. It enables you to create, capture and share your photos between PC and mobile phones. You can easily upload the photos by the camera, memory card, phone, etc. The photo editor has built-in layers and brushes and you can easily crop images.

photo editing software for Window 10

Features of ON1

  • Rapid designing an album from the selected photos
  • Crop photos
  • It supports cloud storage like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

Pricing details 

ON1 offers two different plans for its users one is $79.99 and other is $129.99 with a one-year membership to ON 1 plus.

13. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

Adobe is one of the most favourable photos editing software for Windows 10. It has multiple features that enable you to create your image pop. Some of its amazing features are customization, perspective correction, Looks, borders, image resizer, pop-colour tool, watermark images, JPEG quality output, blemish removal, rotate, text tool, auto-fix, remove red and pet-eye, corrections, etc.

It is a free photo editor which is easy to use and also compatible with other Adobe products. This photo editor is frequently used by several designers, graphic artists, creative professionals, photographers and many other people. Spin blur and path blur are two effects that are available on Adobe Photoshop express editor.

photos editing software for Windows 10

Features of Adobe Photoshop Express Editor 

  • It offers a tool path for path selection
  • One-click colour correction
  • Consist of smart sharpen filters
  • Can connect to a social media platform, Behance

Pricing details 

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is totally free for Windows 10 but for mobile application, you can buy a premium version which is available for $9.99 per month. It consists of tools like tight integration, cloud storage, etc.

14. BeFunky

BeFunky is one of the best photos editing software that has an intuitive graphic user interface. You can create graphic designs, edit photos and also make image collages instantly. It has a user-friendly interface and you can easily crop and resize photos. Through this photo editor, you can edit photos in batch. It allows enable you to retouch portraits.

best photos editing software

Features of BeFunky 

  • You can edit photos in a set
  • Offers an extensive variety of icons and vector graphics
  • You can remove the background of any photo
  • It provides several stock images

Pricing details  

BeFunky offers several unique features at $2.89 and if billed annually it will cost you $34.68.

15. PicsArt

PicsArt is one of the best photos editing software for Windows 10. It consists of 100+ free templates that are easy to use. You can create an instant photo collage by using PicsArt. Through this photo editor, you can relive your old memories and share them with your friends and family.


Features of PicsArt

  • It consists of several unique photo frames
  • It offers numerous free images and stickers
  • It offers different types of stickers and gifs
  • You can create grid style, freestyle collages

Pricing details

PicsArt offers 7-day free trial and its gold subscription costs $8 per month and $47.88 if you take an annual subscription.

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