10 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Services In 2021

Remaining home might not be a great option, but when there is a deadly virus on loose, you need to make the best of the things available to you. The best way to enjoy being at home or under quarantine is to play some video games. As there are huge collections of video games available online, nothing beats the excitement and enjoyment like Minecraft. So here are the Best Minecraft Server Hosting You Should Use

Minecraft  – Makes You Feel Good

Don’t think that Minecraft is just like any other normal video game. It is one of the most interesting and exciting adventure games you can enjoy playing. Also, called a sandbox video game, this was created by Mojan Studios and Swedish developer Markus Person. 

The game was released in 2011 and its popularity increased immediately. In this game, you have to create various blocks and these are used for creating 3D constructions. There are various modes present in this game; the common ones that you would enjoy would be building mode, exploration mode, combat mode, and the combination of various modes. 

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Best Minecraft Server Hosting

Following are the 10 best Minecraft server hosting services you would enjoy using – 

1. Shockbyte

For a long time, i.e. from 2013, Shockbyte has been providing great Minecraft Server Hosting services. Most importantly, it has a great reputation in the community. 

Unlike other hosting providers, their hosting plan supports Bedrock and Java edition. You can install this easy to Minecraft Server hosting with a single click and easily enjoy the various update. 

Some of the major supported servers of this best Minecraft Server Hosting service are Spigot, CraftBukkit, BungeeCord, Forge, Snapshots, Sponge, Vanilla, etc.  Read the complete Shockbyte Review

Shockbyte minecraft hosting


  • It has the best Java version switcher
  • The Ngee cord support
  • 100% uptime
  • MCPE and MCPC compatible
  • Free Subdomain
  • Multicraft CP
  • Full FTP access


Some of the major pricing plans of the Shockbyte are – 

  • Dirt Plan – This provides 1GB RAM and is available at $2.50
  • Sand Plan – This provides 2GB RAM and is priced at $5.00
  • Cobblestone Plan – You get 3GB RAM and is available at $7.50 
  • Iron Plan – This is priced at $10.00 and provides 4GB RAM.
  • Gold Plan – Priced at $12.50, this provides 5GB RAM

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2. Apex Minecraft Hosting

Irrespective of where you want to host your Minecraft games, the Apex has servers located all over the world. Right from South and North America, Middle East, Australia to Asia, its servers are spread. 

The basic server of Apex Hosting begins at one GB of RAM. The most popular one s the four GB RAM and is considered to be one of the commonly used mudpacks. The maximum package is sixteen GB RAM. Read the complete Apex Minecraft Hosting Review

Apex Minecraft Hosting Server

Features Of Apex Minecraft Hosting

  • It is available at a discount price.
  • The servers are located worldwide
  • There is no phone support
  • You get an affiliate program with this hosting service provider


The pricing of Apex consists of –

  • 1 GB is available at $4.49
  • 2 GB is available at $7.49
  • 3 GB is available at $11.24
  • 4 GB is available at $14.99

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3. Hostinger

As one of the famous Minecraft Server hosting service providers, Hostinger is a special one, as it provides various kinds of web hosting like dedicated, shared, and VPS. It also provides the best Minecraft hosting too. 

The Hostinger contains various FTP file access, instant set-up, Multicraft control panel, and MySQL database. The Minecraft servers of Hostinger uses the latest Intel Xeon processor. Also, the advanced Intel state drives are supported with DDoS protection and automatic off-site back-ups. Another important advantage of using this Minecraft server is that it provides 24/7 assistance and customer support. 

Hostinger minecraft server hosting


  • CloudLinux
  • Daily Backups
  • OpenResty nginx+lua
  • Access Manager
  • LetsEncrypt integration
  • Streamlined and automated server deployments
  • Cloudflare integration


Some of the major pricing plans of Hostinger are – 

  • Shared Hosting – This is a single plan and cost around $0.99 per month. 
  • WordPress Hosting – This is a starter plan and priced at $2.15 per month. 
  • Cloud Hosting – Being a startup plan, this is priced at $7.45 per month.
  • VPS Hosting – Being a 1vCPU plan, this is priced at $3.95 per month.

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4. Scalacube

With the Scalacube, you can easily install more than 1000 unique mudpacks. All this is possible with a single click, and the server is set immediately. The Scalacube supports various servers and some of the major ones are PaperMC, Standard, FTB, Spigot, etc. 

The best part is you can select from the various customized mudpack and even access the other 13 mini-games like TnTRun, SkyWars, HungerGame, Sponge, etc. Another important aspect of this server is that its control panel helps you to easily develop the Minecraft launcher with the custom forge server. Even you can edit your server and the mod list. The best part is that you can modify the launcher’s design and your players can take part in the game and the server using the launcher. 

Scalacube hosting


  • Whole access to files
  • Easy to navigate
  • MOD and plugin support
  • Low ping time
  • Plethora of applications
  • Easy backup
  • DDoS security
  • Subdomain without any kind of additional cost


  • Minecraft VPS 768 MB provides 768 of memory space and is priced at $2.50.
  • Minecraft VPS 1.5G provides 1.5GB of space and is available at $5.00.
  • Minecraft VPS 3G provides 3GB of memory space and is priced at $10.00
  • Minecraft VPS 4.5G provides 4.5GB of memory space and is priced at $13.00
  • Minecraft VPS 6G provides 6GB of memory space and is priced at $18.00
  • Minecraft VPS 8G provides 8GB of memory space and is priced at $24.00

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5. PebbleHost

Another major budget hosting best Minecraft server hosting service providers is PebbleHost. It has a standard plan providing high-performance CPU, Xeon which is at 3.7 GHz along with the DDR4 memory. This is followed by the enterprise-grade SSDs, 250 Mbps, and various slots. 

Now the effortless control panel of this server hosting provider is simple to use and stable. You can easily use it to do various functions like starting or restarting or stopping the server, running basic commands right from the console, tracking usage, managing plugins, etc.



  • 100% uptime
  • Public node stats
  • Premium server hosting that keeps you online all the time
  • Affordable and amazing pricing 
  • Strong state drivers
  • 24/7 full-time support


The basic price plans are – 

  • Budget Minecraft Hosting providing 1GB is priced at $3 per quarter.
  • Budget Minecraft Hosting providing 2GB is priced at $6 per quarter. 
  • Budget Minecraft Hosting providing 3GB is priced at $9 per quarter.
  • Premium Minecraft Hosting providing 1GB is priced at $2.25 per month. 
  • Premium Minecraft Hosting providing 2GB is priced at $4.50 per month.
  • Premium Minecraft Hosting providing 3GB is priced at $6.75 per month.

6. GG Servers

This is a Canadian web hosting company proving the finest Minecraft service hosting service. They are exceptional in providing great game servers and more than half a million of them are used for Minecraft. 

They provide the best and high-performance specs on various game servers and are spread across nine data center located all over the globe. Being one of the economical accommodations, it is greatly recommended by technical support. Irrespective of whether you have any kind of computer knowledge, you can easily shape up your Minecraft room.  

With the GG Serves, you can start out by creating worlds and selecting them to host on any server. This is possible due to the fact that management depends on the Multicraft panel. 

GG Servers


  • DDoS Protection
  • Instant Setup
  • Multicraft Panel
  • Unmetered SSD
  • 1-Click Installer


Following are the pricing packages – 

  • Stone Plan – This provides 1 GB space and is priced at $3.00 per month.
  • Plan Gold – This provides 4 GB space and is priced at $12.00 per month.
  • Plan Emerald – This provides 12 GB of space and is priced at $36 per month.

7. Nitrous Networks

This is one of the awesome Minecraft server hosting service providers that host most of the famous online games. This even includes the ones like Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft. Now for each of the Minecraft editions, there are various packages available. 

The majority of the Nitrous network Minecraft hosting plan contains a custom control panel called NiTROpanel. Also, they provide free web hosting services and users can even use their domain name and they have the option of using the free subdomain by Nitrous Networks. 

Nitrous Networks


  • The backup manager allows users to take faster backups, restore and download backups of the server. 
  • A faster player-manager tool will list out all the players that are connected to the server. This will be the player’s skin’s head along with some of the faster tools like kick, op, and ban.
  • Scheduled tasks can be easily done.


The pricing is based on slots. For minimum slots that are somewhere around five to ten, it cost around $0.92 to $7.36 per month. The price for 24 slots is $22.08 per month.

8. CreeperHost

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all your server and gaming needs, then the CreeperHost is the perfect Minecraft server host you might want to try. Here users can easily install various games even the Minecraft Bedrock and Java editions. 

Most importantly, the CreeperHost Minecraft hosting packages will contain a custom control panel. Also, they can use it for installing games, creating backups, and doing more functions. There are some splendid security features provided by CreeperHost like DDoS mitigation, automatic crash, and SSH access. 

CreeperHost Minecraft hosting


  • Low priced packages
  • Worldwide server locations
  • Short trial period


The basic pricing packages are – 

  • Magma Cube providing 8GB priced at $9.60
  • Cave Spider providing 25GB priced at $23.71

9. MCProHosting

This is considered to be one of the top-most and commonly used Minecraft hosts suitable for the Bedrock and Java editions. Now the basic part of this would be due to the extensive network that contains 23 servers in various locations from South America, North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Read the complete Mcprohosting Review

CubedHost Minecraft server hosting


  • Unlimited storage
  • Powerful hardware
  • Ultra-low latency
  • 24/7 support


Some of the major pricing packages are – 

  • Pocket edition that is priced at $1.49
  • Java edition priced at $7.99
  • Terraria priced at $4.99
  • Rust priced at $10.99

10. CubedHost

Unlike other major Minecraft servers, this one contains 16 data centers and these are spread across various countries and four continents. The best part is that it allows users to go with the server location that is as per their requirements. 

Also, they operate dedicated MySQL servers that make sure that there is low latency. This ensures that games are loaded faster and it can be saved easily. 



  • It is easy to setup
  • Has the best-customized control panel
  • Budget-friendly pricing


The basic plan is priced at $5.24 per month and this provides you with 768MB of RAM. Another major plan you can try out is the $10.49 price for a month and this provides 1.5GB RAM. 

Summary – Minecraft Server Hosting

No doubt, video is never-ending entertainment merriment and Minecraft is one of them. They are really fun to play and engage; it makes your creativity rise too. So, if you want to play Minecraft without any hassle, just check out these servers.

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