Clock Watchdog timeout Error on Windows 10 (Fixed)

Are you suffering from a blue screen error clock watchdog timeout error on your system? If yes, then you don’t need to worry. We are here to fix this issue simply. You just need to read our article carefully and we will provide you various tricks and methods to tackle this error. So, let’s start our journey. 

What is a Clock Watchdog Timeout Error?

Before solving any issue it’s very essential to know every basic detail about the problem. In this section of our article, we will introduce to you what’s the meaning of the Clock watchdog timeout error. If you are seeing this error on your system screen, then simply it conveys that your PC is running into some problem and it’s unable to handle this error. Your computer needs to be restart in such circumstances.  

After restarting your computer if you are still facing the same issue then it’s a serious error and you have to adopt some strategies to fix it. 

What causes the Clock Watchdog Timeout Error?

If there is any issue in the processor regarding the interpretation of the information, then such an issue can be seen on the screen. Apart from this some technical issues in the RAM and BIOS also may be a reason for the Clock watchdog timeout error.

How To Fix Clock Watchdog Timeout Error on Windows 10

You should use the different methods to fix such type of issues: –

1. Disconnect a new hardware system

  • You should need to be alert if you are using a new hardware device in your device. Sometimes, a new hardware device can be a reason for the Clock watchdog timeout error in Windows 10. To solve this error, you have to disconnect this new hardware device from your computer. 
  • Commonly, you may confuse to identify which specific hardware device is responsible for the Clock watchdog timeout error then we suggest you remove all connected hardware devices with your computer.
  • Now restart your Windows PC. If you are still the same issue of Clock watchdog timeout in Windows 10 then try another way. 

2. Use memory diagnostic tool of windows

Clock watchdog timeout in windows 10 may rise due to memory issues and we recommend you use Windows memory diagnostic tool to resolve this error. You just need to follow these steps:- 

  • A run dialogue box should be used. You can press the window key + R keys simultaneously for the same purpose. Now, a run box will appear on the screen and enter matched, and then press enter key. 
  • Now, you will see that a window is popping up and you have to choose the restart now option.  
  • After some time, your computer will be restarted and if any issue is related to the memory then it will be fixed automatically. During severe conditions, you can easily replace the memory card. 

3. Use System File Checker

Clock watchdog timeout error in Windows 10 may be due to corrupted files stored in your drivers or system. So you need to check for these files and remove them for working your PC effectively. Usually, the window system file checker is used to find out such type of files. If you’re not aware of using a file checker to fix the Clock watchdog timeout error in Windows 10 then you should follow the given instructions: – 

Use System File Checker

  • Use the Cortana search bar of window 10 and enter cmd. 
  • Now press enter key to run the dialogue box and choose the run as administrator option. 
  • You can also use the CMD window. You have to write the SFC command and then hit enter button.  SFC/scannow
  • Once the scanning process has been finished you will find that the Clock watchdog timeout has been resolved. 

4. You Should Update the BIOS

Clock Watchdog timeout Erro

As we mentioned in our article the Clock watchdog timeout error may be due to BIOS also. If the Clock watchdog timeout error is due to the BIOS, then you can update the BIOS to solve such an issue. But the process for updating the BIOS is somewhat complicated and it can arise some serious issues if it’s improperly operated.

Read the step by step process on how to update the BIOS then you just need to follow these instructions and steps that we are providing: – 

Before proceeding with the update of the BIOS you must check about the version of BIOS. Now you can download the updated file from the motherboard manufacturing websites and click on the start updating BIOS. Details of these steps are given below: – 

  • Use the R and window key of the keyword to open the run dialog box. Now, you have to type msinfo32 into the command box and press enter button. 
  • You will see a long list of many files. You need to check the BIOS version from the given list. 
  • After checking the version of the BIOS you have to visit the motherboard manufacturer’s official website and you will find a download page where you can update the previous versions of the BIOS. 
  • The file will be downloaded in the zip format and you have to extract the file and follow some instructions to update the BIOS. 
  • Now, you have to use an empty USB flash drive for copying the updated file of BIOS and now restart your computer successfully and your problem of the Clock watchdog timeout error will be resolved.


What is stop code clock watchdog timeout?

It’s a BSOD based error that may take place due to interruption in the processing of the CPU of the computer. In simple words, the clock watchdog timeout error indicated that there is some issue in the processor and we need to fix it as soon as possible.

How does a watchdog timer work?

The watchdog timer is hardware-based in the system that is generated a restart of the computer automatically during the nonperformance of the system effectively. This system works by entering in the main loop and reset the clock watchdog. It can detect a fault within the system.

What is a watchdog on the computer?

The watchdog can be defined as an AntiVirus system that can be used to prevent the failure of the system. 

Conclusion – Clock watchdog timeout error

We are hoping that you go through our article carefully and this article will be helpful for you to understand the problem of clock watchdog timeout error in your computer. There are various effective and mostly used methods among users to fix the clock watchdog error is discussed in this article. If you are using the above instructions to fix this issue, then we are sure that your problem will be resolved and you can work on your computer without any interruption. If you have any questions or suggestions, then you can write us.

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