Driver Booster Review 2021 – Is It Safe To Use

Driver Booster Review

Are you tired of your slow and sluggish system? Are you finding it difficult to play games as they are continually getting stuck? If your answer is yes, then there is a possibility, then your driver is broken. The driver booster has the magic solution for your broken drivers so that your computer is up and running. Hence if you are facing screen freezing and system crashing issues consider installing driver booster software. This article will help you know more details regarding the driver booster software and determine the features, pros, and cons. Check the below driver booster review to develop a brief understanding of the software.

Before commencing, let’s check out some of the symptoms by which you can understand that your driver is not functioning properly

  • Your peripheral or hardware components may stop Woking suddenly
  • Your screen gets frozen now and then
  • You are facing sound errors.
  • Your system is getting crashed
  • Your internet is always unstable, although you have stable and fast broadband service.

Driver Booster Review

You can consider Driver booster as the doctor for your driver, who will look after your PC driver’s health and resolve all the driver issues. This software will also keep your PC drivers up to date so that you can enjoy a long time browsing or play PC games without any worries. This software comes with instant bug fixes, which can be a great thing to your drivers, and this supports up to five hundred PC games and keeps your game components up to date. The driver booster halts the other processes when the Game is running, and in this way, it accelerates your system’s speed. If you are an avid lover of games, you can also get a Game-ready, specially designed driver pack for playing games. This software, a product of Iobit, has an extensive database that allows you a stable and fast system. The below driver booster review will help you to make an informed decision  and buy the best software for your PC drivers


The driver booster software comes in two versions. The first one is the free version, and the other one is the paid version and is called driver booster Pro. The prici9ng of the Pro version will depend upon the number of licenses utilized. The Pro version price can range from 22.95 dollars to 39.99 dollars.

Updating process

The update process is relatively straightforward, Everyone can easily update the driver in one click.

  1. Firstly Install the driver booster software from here

Install the driver booster

2. You can choose a custom installation or a standard installation of the driver booster software.

3. If you choose the custom installation, you can select the path or create desktop icons and enjoy many more features.

choose a custom installation

4. The installation process will then start, which takes very little time- thirty-five seconds for the desktop and two minutes for the laptop.

5. You can find the scan button, but as soon as the installation completes, the scanning process starts immediately even though you want it or not.

find the scan button

6. However, if you want you to stop the scanning, you can do so by hitting on the stop scan button—post completion of the scan, you can find the updated status of each driver.

Driver Booster Review

Then you can choose what to do with the driver; you can uninstall the driver or update.

The driver booster comes with eight types of tools. The driver booster review will help you understand the tools better.

  • Rescue center: This is an essential tool for the driver booster. It backs up all critical drivers and restores them
  • Fix No Sound: This tool helps you spot and fix any sound related issues with your driver.
  • Fix Device Error: As the name suggests, this tool aims to spot and fix all driver issues and problems related to your device.
  • Fix Network Failure: you can reset your network adapter with the help of this
  • Fix Bad Resolution: the tool fixes all resolution problems so that you can give good presentations
  • Clean Unplugged Device Data: Your device’s unplugged data can be cleaned easily with the help of this software
  • System information: This tool will show the complete information of your system
  • Software Updater: This tool helps you to update your software to the latest version

Let’s check the features, pros, and cons of both the versions. The driver booster review will help you understand the details of the software.


  • With the pro version, you enter the full-screen mode to facilitate the driver updating press.
  • In Pro, you will enjoy an easy interface with easy to read information, and hence you need to scroll less and find the information quickly.
  • The driver booster software allows you to set the language per your preference. This is a great feature and is helpful for people from other countries.
  • The driver downloads and backups are stored in a different folder.
  • The advanced system care tool is a fantastic feature of the Pro version. Your driver booster detects the elements that can affect your system’s performance. It can identify junk files, registry entries, etc.
  • With the pro version, you can mute the driver booster software notifications so that it does not interrupt you while you are busy.
  • The driver booster pro has the eligibility to scan spyware as well.
  • The customer support is highly efficient and helps you with timely responses to queries and concerns. You can locate a chat icon on the right corner, which you can use to communicate with the driver booster team. You will find other supports as well. For instance, you will find manual, refund requests, FAQs, etc.
  • You can choose two kinds of interface: one is light, and the other one is dark, so you can choose one per your convenience and customize the background’s appearance.
  • The driver booster tool will help schedule the updates for the future, which will help you set time and frequency to daily, monthly, and weekly so that the driver can do the software’s auto-updating.
  • With Pro, you can also get a specific hardware-related information

Driver Booster Pros

  • With the driver booster, you can have multiple licenses.
  • With driver booster pro, you can enjoy a one-click update.
  • The driver booster software creates restore points and stabilizes the performance of your system.
  • This software remains hosted on the remote servers, and hence it does not occupy disk space.
  • The driver booster tool scans the junk files, registry, and system issues so that you can enjoy an optimized system performance.
  • The software installs during PC idle time, and it optimizes your video gaming experience.
  • The tool supports many developer environments and APIs.
  • The operation speed of the driver booster software is very high. The entire updation process completes approximately 5 minutes for the PCs and windows seven while for the laptop, and it may take around twenty-two minutes. Pro 3 license- helpful for people with multi pc background
  • You can enjoy an automatic reboot or shut down option with this software.
  • With Pro, you can enjoy a sixty-day money-back guarantee, and hence you can try out this software so that you can think of an alternate option if you dislike something.

Driver Booster Cons

The only problem with the tool is that you will not eliminate the dedicated advertising tab. Check the driver booster review before finalizing your purchase.

Expert Advice – Driver Booster Review

If you want to keep your PC updated date and if you want to maximize the performance of your system, then you can consider utilizing the driver booster software.

The drivers act as a middleman between your OS and hardware. Thus when the driver does not work correctly, communications may not happen between OS and hardware, and your system’s performance can be affected to a considerable extent. The above driver booster review will help you understand the nitty-gritty of the driver booster software. You can install the above driver software so that you can enjoy faster system speed.

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