Ivacy VPN Review 2021 – Is This VPN Any Good

The use of a VPN or virtual private network software or application will be necessary to download when you browse the web for media and entertainment. It will help you to surpass those websites and OTT platforms, which are restricted in your country. The Ivacy VPN is one of the trusted one among the top 10 VPNs in this world. There are many satisfied users of this VPN worldwide. Here, we have reviewed them as per user experience, rating, and ranking. 

Ivacy VPN Review (2021)

Does Ivacy VPN Work with Netflix

Itis one of the frequently asked questions online. You can find many reviews that Ivacy VPN does not support Netflix. Yet, Ivacy VPN supports US Netflix. It is one of the best VPN for US Netflix lovers. You can watch unlimited video-on-demand and live streaming programs by using this VPN. However, this VPN surpasses or enables you to see the top 10 OTT platforms. Hence, watching restricted streaming videos in your country is not a constraint to watch by using Ivacy VPN in more than one device at your ease and comfort. Apart from Netflix, you can watch many other similar streaming Media online. It can be from any part of this world. You can select a nearby server to get faster access or speed to see those video-on-demand videos. 

Ivacy VPN Speed

There are many reviews on VPN speed online. It is because; most of us check VPNs speed first then looking after other technical and non-technical features. Everyone is concerned with upload and download time. You might have seen questions like is ibVPN speed is better than Lvacy VPN. Here, we have reviewed the Ivacy VPN Speed.

Ivacy VPN Speed

Ivacy VPN Speed

The speed of the Ivacy VPN does depend on your internet service provider or ISP and your internet-enabled system configuration. However, if you select a nearby server location, the speed is higher than a server is which is located far away from you. Hence, choose a server that is near to your country or region.  Here, most of the Ivacy VPN users are satisfied with its speed. They do change servers by knowing the exact server locations. 

Ivacy Pricing

Ivacy Pricing

Ivacy VPN pricing starts from $ 0.99 to $ 47.99. They offer a 7-days trial just at $ 0.99. Here, you can check its features and decide to buy a plan, which is affordable for you. Their monthly plan starts from $ 9.95, which will be billed monthly. Their annual plan costs $ 0.99 only. Here, you can save up to 60% yearly. Their 2-years plan costs $ 2.40 a month. Here, you save up to 75%. It will be billed every 2-year. It is best to buy their 5-years plan, which costs just $ 1.16 a month. It will help you if you check Ivacy VPN offers and discounts on their official website. In this way, you can buy Ivacy VPN best value pack. It will meet all specifications and features you may wish to have in a secured and trusted VPN.

Ivacy VPN User Experience

As far as Lvacy user experience is concerned, they use 256-bit military-grade encryption. It is a safe and secure one when you compare it with Ivacy VPN competitors. They do serve the Ivacy VPN app. It has enabled smart customers to use in his or her internet-enabled handy devices. Ivacy VPN functions on android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. You can watch streaming videos without buffering. You can do secure downloading. It unblocks your desired things and can hide your privacy over the internet. Ivacy VPN is simple and easy to use by novice people and professionals. Moreover, many users have reported, it has a no-logging policy. Most of the Ivacy VPN users are still renewing it for its secure, safe, and useful user experiences. 

Ivacy VPN Features

Ivacy VPN Features

Ivacy VPN is with 256-Bit Encryption. It blocks your internet activities from hackers and cybercriminals. You can also select its multiple protocol features on your connection. It comes with Public Wi-Fi Security. It will help you while in remote and use your hand-held internet devices. Ivacy VPN comes with no logs policy features. Hence, from the company side, it is promised they will not sell your internet activity log at any means.

It is achieved by keeping no tracks of your logs on the web. Ivacy VPN comes with speed throttling. It enables you to watch any OTT platforms without buffering. It has an internet kill switch to stop your browsing activity. The movement of your ISP has some trouble in connection. It will ensure your network is private. They give you a dedicated IP apart from the IPv6 Leak Protection feature. Its split tunneling feature enables you to watch domestic and foreign web content simultaneously on your local LAN. It comes with a secure DNS feature.  


As far as Ivacy VPN security is concerned, there are no bad reviews by the real-time users. Hence, it uses a secure DSN, which allows the internet users to be safe from threats, internet vulnerabilities, unblocking and hiding your IP address. Moreover, you are more secure while downloading. It does not keep any logs. Hence, you are secured on the web. They are transparent and mention the VPN use of terms and conditions before a user downloads them for hiding internet privacy or to surpass a few websites, which are restricted in their country.   

Server Locations

There are one thousand servers spread across the contents by Ivacy VPN to serve the global internet users.  Their office business address in Singapore. 

  • However, its Asia server location is in Jakarta, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Tokyo, Moscow, and New Delhi. 
  • They serve Australia from having servers in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney cities. They serve 
  • They serve UK locations from having servers at Amsterdam, Bern, Brussels, Denmark, Espoo, Frankfurt, Paris, Milano, London, Taranto, Oslo, Vienna, Sofia, and Warsaw cities. 
  • They serve USA locations from having servers at Chicago, Florida, Georgia, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Virginia, San Francisco, New Jersey, and Washington DC. 
  • They serve Middle East locations from having servers at Amman, Dubai, Kuwait, Jeddah, and Istanbul. 
  • They serve Central America from a location from having a server in Panama City.
  • They serve African countries from having servers at Mombasa, Suleja, and Benoni. 
  • They serve New Zealand locations from having servers in Auckland and Wellington.
  • Ivacy VPN Customer Support

The Ivacy VPN users are satisfied with their customer support team. It is because they provide 24/7 live chat support. In this way, they guide their users worldwide for any technical and non-technical issues. By this, most of the customer-facing issues are resolved within a few minutes. They do have email support. Here, you can give feedback, complaints, and suggestions. They will raise a ticket and respond to your query at the earliest. They see their users are satisfied with their customer service. Hence, they will not keep any pending quarries. 

Conclusion – Ivacy VPN Review

As far as Ivacy VPN is concerned, millions of users trust it. Most of them have chosen it by reading customer reviews online. Many have tried its trial version and brought a suitable or affordable plan. They have good ratings and ranking among its competitors. Let me know your views on Ivacy VPN Review


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