How to Update HDMI Driver on Windows 10

If you want to run the HDMI Cable on your computer then you need to set up the HDMI Port to Default. So after that, you can access your HDMI Cable on your computer. But you still get the error while attaching the HDMI cable to your HDMI port then you need to update HDMI Driver and Check whether the cable is working or not.

So here various methods are described to update the HDMI Driver on Windows, First, you need to understand the HDMI Drivers.

What are HDMI Drivers?

Basically, HDMI Drivers are not separately available in the Device Manager of the Windows PC. But you can find them in the Display Adapters tab you need to expand that tab and you will see the Various Display adapters drivers like Audio, Video and for Game Controllers, etc. Because these drivers fall into the one category known as HDMI Drivers. Because every hardware and Graphics related driver can relate to this.

There are lots of ways to improve your HDMI Port function with the proper configuration of drivers in your computer. Because some PC’s doesn’t have the HDMI port if your PC has one then you need to set up and update HDMI Driver properly in your computer.

How to Update HDMI Driver on Windows 10

Update HDMI Drivers Manually

If you are facing driver misconfiguration in your computer related to HDMI Port or HDMI Driver then you need to update that driver manually using the Device Manager. Because the Device manager contains all system drivers and Utilities so you can easily upgrade any drivers using that.

Steps to Follow

  1. Press the Windows button and search for the Run Utility
  2. Now in the Run Window Type devmgmt.msc
  3. Open Device Manager and Find the Display Adapter and expand that panel to update the HDMI driver. 
  4. Right-Click on that Drivers and Click on Update Drivers
  5. The device manager will update your drivers Automatically from Google
  6. Also, it will give you a manually driver update solution
  7. After successful completion of this process, you need to restart your computer to see the changes for your Audio drivers.

Update Drivers using Driver Booster Software

Driver booster software provides the best and user-friendly experience to update any drivers in your system. Also, it contains a larger database of drivers that contains each and every required driver for any system configuration. So you just need to install that software on your computer and run the scan it will automatically detect the missing drivers and update it with just a single click. First, check for the latest version of driver booster software.

Steps to Follow

1. First Go to the official Website of Driver Booster 

2. Download the Setup Files from their website and install them on your computer

Install the driver booster

3. After the Installation Run  the Quick scan of Drivers on your computer

Driver Booster Review

4. It will check the Missing Driver configuration and broken registries.

5. You will get the HDMI Driver Update alert in the Driver booster software 

6. Just Click to Update or install the latest version

7. After the successful completion of this process, you need to restart your computer to see the changes.


If updating the display adapter driver does not resolve the problem, you can repeat the same procedure to update the ports, COM and LTP drivers, including the HDMI and VGA adapter drivers. To check and update the status of your display driver, go to the Device Manager and expand the Display Adapter category, and right-click the monitor you want to update.

This error is usually caused by a driver associated with the graphics driver list in the Display Adapters section listed in the Graphics Drivers section. If not, click “Update driver” and Windows will automatically check for the problem. To open the driver properties, right-click on the recently updated driver to switch to the Driver tab.

You can also try resetting your TV and using its hardware buttons for the monitor and checking if the problem has been fixed. You can also try resizing your TV using the TV monitor hardware key to see if this problem has been fixed or not. 

This tool will begin to detect issues related to hardware devices including HDMI ports, but this will vary depending on the product type and product type. So there are different types of HDMI drivers for Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 devices. 

Fix HDMI Ports Not Working in Windows 10

It is true that a damaged or outdated graphics driver may have something to do with the malfunctioning HDMI port, but you can check if it is fixed. If the secondary drive itself is also plugged into the DVI port of the card, then the graphics card is to blame.

If your computer does not recognize and project the HDMI TV monitor, check that the projection settings are not set to the “PC screen only” option. If the computer is not recognized and its content is still not projected onto the secondary monitor, proceed to the next solution.

Windows 10 cannot detect the projector if the driver is outdated or if it is running an outdated graphics driver. If your Windows 10 computer does not recognize your monitor’s HDMI, it is likely due to an issue with the HDMI driver or you are using outdated graphics drivers.To ensure that your graphics card is working correctly on your HDMI TV, you need to check for driver updates. Scroll to the Device Manager to find display adapters and click the arrow to see the full list of available devices. If you find that you have limited graphics resolution settings, this may indicate that the graphics driver is not working properly.

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