How To Fix Windows Could Not Automatically Detect this network’s proxy settings

Whenever you are logged in into your Network sometimes it will throw you one yellow color warning signature that says “windows could not automatically detect this network’s proxy settings”. So if you are facing this kind of warning in your system then your internet connectivity is probably slower than usual or sometimes or internet you will lose the internet connection in your system.

This warning can prevent you from doing work online and it will cause an interruption in your online activity or productivity.

Fix Windows Could Not Automatically Detect this network’s proxy settings

So you need to fix this windows could not automatically detect this network’s issue as soon as possible to avoid the Workflow interruption.

Solution-1: Install your Network Drivers Again

So if you are facing this issue regarding your Network’s Proxy Settings then you need to fix this issue by updating your network’s drivers with the latest version. Because Windows works on the wireless adapter and network cards to provide a seamless Networking solution. So follow the below guide to fix Windows could not automatically detect this network’s proxy settings. 

  1. First Find the Device Manager in your PC Using typing devmgmt.msc command in your Run.
  2. To Open Run Press Windows+ R Combination.
  3. After that in the  Device, Manager Window Find Network Adapters and expand it.
  4. Right-Click on that Driver and Uninstall it
  5. Now Restart your PC it will automatically update your driver with the latest version.

Solution-2: Try Windows Network Troubleshooter

Windows provides the built-in troubleshooter that will give you the best fixing solution for any errors that are thrown by default. So first thing you need to find the Network Troubleshooter in your Computer and start the troubleshooting of your PC.


  1. First You have to search for the Control Panel.
  2. Press the Combination of Windows + S to Search of Control Panel
  3. After Opening the Control Panel Click on the Network Settings.
  4. Find the Networks and Sharing Center.
  5. Now it’s time to Tap on the Troubleshoot Problems.

At last, find the Network Adapter for a full diagnosis of the system. Which detects the whole network list and analyzes it. Now after the Successful Troubleshooting close the Troubleshooter and Restart your Computer.

Now check your network connection and connect with any networks to see if your network’s proxy settings error has been resolved or not.

Solution-3: Quit or Disable Your Network Proxy Server Settings

Okay Now, you got your warning sign that Windows could not automatically detect this network’s proxy settings. But the fact is you can also surf your internet connection without any proxy server. You can just disable your network proxy server and see if the warning sign is gone or not.

You have to follow the below steps to disable the Proxy server settings:

  1. First, you need to press the Windows + I Combination on your keyboard to open Network settings.
  2. Tap on the Networks and Internet
  3. Find the Proxy menu and Open it.
  4. You need to check out that your proxy settings are disabled by default.

Okay now restart your computer and see if your yellow warning is gone or not and check the network access is available or not.

Solution-4: Using Network Reset

If your internet connection is not working properly or causing unwanted warnings which leads you to improper network settings and it will replace your current settings. So you need to reset your network configuration as follows:

  1. First, you need to open the Windows Settings by pressing Windows + I.
  2. After that find the status of the networks
  3. Click on the Reset all Networks.
  4. Now Click on the Reset Now button for instant Network Reset.
  5. It will Make your Network Settings as Default.

Now Reboot your system to see the effect of Network  Settings and check if your internet connection is working fine or not. And Now your Yellow line Warning must be gone.

Solution-5: Reset your TCP/IP

If the above solutions do not provide you desired solution then try to reset the TCP/IP connection using the following steps :

  1. First Open Command prompt using the Windows + R .
  2. In Run Write CMD 
  3. Or You can Press Windows + X to and Select Command Prompt as an Admin.
  4. Now Write Following Command to Reset the TCP/IP 

 netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

After this operation, you have to restart your windows and try to access your network, and see if the network’s TCP/IP reset or not.

Solution-6: Resetting the Network Adapter

At last, you can try this method to reset your network adapter with command-line because sometimes at the time of windows installation or if you are working on any work in your pc you face many errors regarding networks and proxies. So you need to fix that particular issue using resetting of Network Adapter.

  1. Open Command Prompt using the Windows+R and type CMD into it.
  2. Now write the Command ncpa.cpl to open Network Connection Setting.
  3. Now in the Network Connection Settings Right-click on the network adapter and Disable it.
  4. Now again Click on the Network adapter to Enable it.

After these processes restart your computer and see if the effect of the network’s proxy settings are working fine or not. And access the internet to check it up again or not. 

Final Thoughts

Sometimes you will get various warnings and error messages regarding the network’s issue and Windows-related common errors. Every time you can resolve your issues using the default troubleshooter of windows. If windows troubleshooter doesn’t work then you have to apply the above methods line by line until you will get the solution for your error. 

Because every PC has a different configuration to be worked with. If you are trying to access the network connection in windows and windows could not automatically detect this network’s proxy settings. Then You have to apply various methods to fix that issue because if you do not resolve this issue then you will lose your internet connectivity.

So kindly follow this guide for the best solution and you will resolve your network’s proxy settings and you can reset the network’s adapters for further updates and also you have to frequently upgrade your Windows for latest updates and features.   

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