Advanced SystemCare Review: Pricing, Features & Expert Advice

If you are a Windows user, it’s obvious that you have faced slowing down your Windows as you continuously use it. It’s nothing to worry about as it’s common with all the users. So the most crucial point is that you need to take care of your device regularly. Try not to fill up your Windows PC with trash files and data as it is the top common reason for your PC’s slow working.  Advanced SystemCare is the best solution for this kind of issue.

Advanced SystemCare Review

Many of the software is developed by the companies to clean up at times when you don’t have memory space for the data or if your system slows down. Advanced SystemCare is such a software that helps the users clean their system filled with junk files. It’s obvious that as you uninstall any application, it leaves behind a pile of data that’s none of your use. There is no limitation of the data you have, so it’s important to clear up the unused data to create more memory space for the important one. With Advanced SystemCare, it becomes easier for you to manage the data files. It allows you to detect the issue and fix it at the same time. Moreover, the tool does all the tasks automatically for your ease. 

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Moving on further, let’s get into the important features of this tool to know what features it offers. Over any other PC cleaners available, Advanced SystemCare has more optimization tools. Let’s check them out to understand it well. 


Enhance the speed of the PC

Advance SystemCare maximizes the operating speed of your PC. Your PC’s slow rate must have annoyed you a lot so that Advance SystemCare might help you with this.

Turbo boost helps you with stopping all the unnecessary tasks working in the background. It saves RAM and allows you to do the current job smoothly. 

A hardware accelerator is mainly used to update device drivers. The accelerator tool employs the IObit driver booster to stimulate the working of the drive. Ensure that you have unlimited access to the driver booster as it’s only limited in the free version. 

The startup optimizer tool helps in boosting up the Windows. It lets your PC in optimizing the tasks, manages the services, and much more.

Protects your PC

This feature helps you protect your device and data. Moreover, the software comes up with this protection to overcome the issue affecting the device protection. The software offers a protection tool to access the protection features through the toolbox. Let’s check what those protection features provided by the application are. 

  • System protection– Under this tool protects your system files and data. Software like antivirus, firewall remains protected from any device attack. 
  • Browser protection – It makes sure that your browsing data remains protected as hackers can use your data against you. For your device security, this tool keeps a check on your data history. 
  • Sensitive data protection– It protects your device from cyber-attacks and threats that could harm your privacy and cause damage to your computer. This tool makes sure that no such threats are happening on your Windows PC. In case something happens, it protects your PC from danger. 

In the latest version of Advanced SystemCare

Care software, the company had added new features to ease users’ work. Email protection is added up lately in the newest version. Ensure that you have IObit surfing expansion as it allows your PC to protect your data, avoid pop-up ads, and protect your system. 

Provides regular care to your PC

The software allows you to detect the problems occurring in the system. Through a single scan, your system can find all the issues happening. There are usually two types of maintenance modes. 

  • AI mode
  • Manual mode 

So, you have two options to choose from. That’s up to you which care mode you want to go for as per your device’s requirement. 

The AI mode works on artificial technology. Therefore, the care mode does its task based on this technology to fix all the Windows PC issues. On the other hand, the manual mode makes you choose the modules to detect or scan. You can select any module to review, and through one click, it will show up the issues occurring. I am listing down various modules that you could choose to scan. 

Optimization of system, Junk files cleaner, Internet boost, Spyware cleanser, Registry clean. Many of the other modules are there to select and scan as per your device requirement. 

Software Updater Tool 

As the name suggests, this tool assists you in updating your applications automatically. It makes your task easier and keeps you away from manually doing it. It will automatically detect all the outdated applications and update them likewise. 


The toolbar offers you all the services required to maintain your Windows PC. If you are an Advanced SystemCare pro version user, then it might provide you with more cool features to use. Moreover, only a few of the utilities are present; you have to download the rest as per your use. 

Till here, we have discussed all the key features of Advanced SystemCare offers. In the complete review of Advance System Care, we have seen that this software works as a cleaner of Windows 10, which offers many cool features and utilities. Its main motive is to lessen the users’ manual task and provides an all-in-one software that performs functions like system optimization, clear up the junk files, stops the apps running in the background, and much more. 

How to install Advanced SystemCare In Windows 

Installing Advanced SystemCare is not a heavy task to do. Compared to the other PC cleaners, this software has worked out so well for the users as it offers a user-friendly interface. Now let’s get into the installation process. 

  • You can download the software file from the official site of IObit. 
  • The software file size is 48 MB. You can install the software from the website and launch it. 
  • It takes only a few seconds to complete the installation process. 


  • The software provides users with a user-friendly interface. It makes it easier for users to manage the software. 
  • Advanced SystemCare efficiently manages all the processes in your PC. It makes sure that your PC is not facing any maintenance issues. If the assigned tools detect some problems, it immediately gets resolved. 
  • It also protects your data from cyber-attacks and threats. The software provides security to our device efficiently and keeps your data safe and secure. 
  • When it comes to using software, tools very handy, and easy to use. In the pro version, maximum tools are available for the users, whereas only a few are available for the free users. 
  • As I mentioned earlier, you can scan your device’s data through two modes available one is the manual mode, and the other is AI mode. Through AI mode, the scanning tool can detect the issues occurring in your Windows PC. 
  • It offers a yearly package at a reasonable price. 
  • Effortlessly get your work done with a single click optimization tool.


  • The trial version of this software is not available. So it would help if you got acknowledged with the free version and get the pro version later on.
  • The action time of support response is passive.
  • Even in the pro version, the pop-up ads cause an interruption while doing the task. 


If you are a free user of this software and now wish to get a pro version, you can get the license of $19.99 that allows 3 PCs to use the software for one year. 


  • Supported platform – Windows operating system 
  • Supporting device- Desktop 
  • Language available- English 
  • Moreover, you have to get an IObit surfing extension to allow the tools to perform the task.

Is Advanced SystemCare safe to use?

If you check the complete list of the features it offers, Advanced SystemCare is safe and one of the best PC cleaners in the market. Undoubtedly, this software will do wonders for your PC. It will keep your PC maintained, protected, and manageable. Therefore, if you are new to this, you can go for Advanced SystemCare to ensure that your PC works well. 

Expert advice 

As per many expert users, Advanced SystemCare software has worked out well for Windows OS. It offers all-in-one features to make it easy for users to manage the task. It avoids switching to different software that could build up your job and eventually making it more difficult for you. It does many functions like clearing out trash files, registry cleaning, system optimization, boosting up the speed, and managing your PC applications’ working. Moreover, it ensures the safety of your device through a protection tool. 


1-Is Advanced SystemCare safe?

Yes, this tool offers its users all the utilities necessary to keep their devices maintained. Also, the application is safe to use. One can easily install the software file through the official website of IObit. 

2-Is IObit Advanced SystemCare pro worth it? 

No doubt, this software has all the cool features a PC cleaner should have. Operations like system optimization, registry cleaning, clearing out junk files, and data protection is offered to help the users keep their PCs safe. Therefore, this software is worth purchasing. 

3-Is Advanced SystemCare a virus? 

No, it’s not a virus; instead, it protects your PC from spyware and keeps your PC safe from cyber-attacks or threats. 

4-Is IObit software any good?

IObit offered a lot of software that turned out great for Windows PC. IObit Uninstaller is a great app to use. 

5-Which is better, CCleaner, or Advanced SystemCare? 

The main difference between the software is that CCleaner offers more money features, whereas IObit Advanced SystemCare provides fewer features. 

6-Are IObit products safe? 

Yes, IObit products are completely safe. It offers one of the best uninstallers for Windows that has turned out best for the users.

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