10 Best Disk Defragmenter Software for Windows 11/10/8/7 In 2021

Windows PCs can be subjected to performance lag issues from time-to-time. One of the prime reasons for this could be disk fragmentation. Working on a PC which is lagging or crashing down frequently can be frustrating. 

Disk fragmentation is a naturally repeating occurrence that causes the data stored on the hard disk drives to split into smaller bits and scatter over disk space over a span of time. Thus, hard drives take time and effort to read single files. Furthermore, other troubles that surface due to disk fragmentation are boot up failures, backup failures, faster battery drainage, lengthened virus scans, etc.

Therefore, to deal with the above-mentioned issues, disk defragmentation software is crucial. If you are unsure as to which is the best disk defrag software in the market, then read this blog to discover the top 10 tools that can defrag your Windows system excellently. 

What Is Disk Defragmentation Software

First and foremost, disk defragmentation is the process of collating the scattered data of a file back into a sequential order, so that the hard disk drive can read it faster. Placing the data back in a systematic order reduces the head travel time. Thus, reading from the disk and writing files to the disk becomes a faster process. This is achieved by a disk defragmenter software. 

So, a disk defragmenter software reduces the fragmentation of the hard disk drive and improve the PCs performance. Besides this, it can hasten the PC boot-up process, clear up unutilized disk spaces, and increase the file loading speed.

Best Disk Defragmenter Software For Windows PC

Now that you have understood what the disk defragmentation process is, here is a list of 10 commendable apps in the market that can defrag your system’s hard disk drive easily.

1. iobit Smart Defrag

Tagged as the best disk defrag software for gamers, the IOBit Smart Defrag 7 is the latest version of the defragmenter software released by IOBit. It comes with a clean interface, tons of exciting features, and offers support for even older versions of Windows like Windows XP & Vista. You can schedule scans and it can run in the background as well when the system is idle. 

iobit Smart Defrag

Noteworthy Features of IOBit Smart Defrag 7:

  • A multi-threading defrag engine enhances the defrag speed and provides faster access to data.
  • Boot Time Defrag feature quickens system boot time.
  • The Game Optimize feature can improve the gaming experience.
  • Works with hard disks and SSDs.

Pricing of IOBit Smart Defrag 7 Pro – $19.99

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2. Defraggler

This disk defragmentation software is a product of Piriform which is famous for its other range of Windows software like CCleaner and Speccy. Defraggler is all-rounder when it comes to solving PC disk-related issues and keeping the PC in a healthy condition. It comes in a free and pro version. 


Noteworthy Features of Defraggler:

  • Comes with a wide range of options for defragmenting hard disk and SSD.
  • Works on external drives too.
  • This tool can also benchmark your Windows PC.
  • Supports scheduled scans.

Pricing of Defraggler Professional – $24.95

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3. Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro

Auslogics Disk Defrag software is extremely praised by industry experts and IT magazines. It boosts up the PC performance and speeds up the hard disk drive. It can defrag the system and optimize it simultaneously. This disk defrag tool comes in a free and pro version. 

Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro

Noteworthy Features of Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro:

  • An ultra-fast defragmentation engine helps fix the fragmented disk quickly.
  • Enabled with specific algorithms to defrag SSDs.
  • It can defrag single files or folders too.
  • Cleans free space on the hard drives.

Pricing of Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro – $8.54/year

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4. Glarysoft Disk Speedup

Our next pick among the list of disk defragmentation software is Glarysoft Disk Speedup. It is a solid disk defragmenter tool that is lightweight with a user-friendly interface and is extremely easy to operate. The tool can scan the whole HDD in a few minutes.

Glarysoft Disk Speedup

Noteworthy Features of Glarysoft Disk Speedup:

  • Offers customized presets.
  • Defrags the hard disk drive automatically and intelligently.
  • Allows users to schedule scans.
  • The tool is 100% free from freeware files and malware of any sort. 

Pricing of Glarysoft Disk Speedup – Free

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5. O&O Defrag

This is one of the best disk defragmenters for Windows 10 that comes with a clean interface design and a broad range of features. Capable of defragging hard disks as well as SSDs, this powerful defrag tool can also optimize the PC smoothly. It can run automatic background defragmentation and scheduled scans as well. It is a great tool for high-end gamers and professionals. Here are some of its interesting features:

O&O Defrag

Noteworthy Features of O&O Defrag:

  • The O&O Defrag software has innovated the SOLID defragmentation method.
  • Offers powerful algorithms for both hard disks and SSDs. 
  • Comes with an in-built O&O DiskCleaner feature to remove redundant files and increase data security.
  • ClusterView feature shows the degree of defragmentation of SSDs.

Pricing of O&O Defrag – $29.95

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6. UltraDefrag

The next disk defragmenter for Windows PC is UltraDefrag. This tool comes with plenty of useful features that can defrag your system and improve your PCs performance in minutes. With an easy-to-use graphical interface, this tool can work wonders on your system.

free Disk Defrag software

Noteworthy Features of UltraDefrag:

  • Comes with a command-line interface.
  • This tool defrags NTFS, metafiles, data streams, and even MFT (Master File Table).
  • Defrags single files, folders, and locked files.
  • It is easy to configure and can be set up for automatic defragmentation.

Pricing of UltraDefrag 9$20 

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7. Puran Defrag

One of the most easy-to-use defrag tools is the Puran Defrag software. It has an intuitive interface with a suite of utilities available at the user’s disposal. The free version tool has a lot of features including file recovery, gaming, disk cleaning etc.

Puran Defrag

Noteworthy Features of Puran Defrag:

  • Offers registry and scheduling tools.
  • Supports GUI and console command line defrag options.
  • Offers boot time defragmentation for system files like MFTs.
  • Empties free space.

Pricing of Puran Defrag – Free

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8. UltimateDefrag

Experience a lightning-fast Windows PC with the UltimateDefrag software. Besides defragging your system, you can optimize the file systems and archive rarely used files. UltimateDefrag is a complete NTFS compression management utility tool inclusive of SmartCompress option.

best Disk Defrag software

Noteworthy Features of UltimateDefrag:

  • Performs registry scan and full PC scan.
  • The hard drive optimizer can improve gaming and app performances immensely.
  • The tool can defragment individual files.

Pricing of UltimateDefrag – $14.95

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9. Wise Care 365

Regarded as one of the best selling disk defragmenters for Windows 10, Wise Care 65 Pro comes with tons of exciting features and offerings that have been enumerated below.

Disk Defrag software

Noteworthy Features of Wise Care 365 Pro:

  • It can perform a complete PC check-up.
  • Cleans registry and disk junk files.
  • Cleans your private data thoroughly.
  • Defragments registry, disk, and tunes up system.

Pricing of Wise Care 365 Pro – $22.95

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10. WinContig

Wincontig is another best disk defrag software for windows PC. The tool is available in multiple languages. It is a standalone tool with easy-to-use features. Although it lacks a scheduler, yet it offers optimum performance 

Disk Defragmenter software

Noteworthy Features of Wincontig:

  • Supports FAT32 and NTFS file systems.
  • Works with Hard Disks and SSDs.
  • Can quickly defragment files without defragmenting the whole disk.

Pricing of WinContig – Free


A disk defragmentation software can rectify the fragmentation of the hard disk drive and keep the PC’s performance at an optimum level. Although Windows PCs have an in-built tool to reduce the fragmentation of the hard disk yet using a third-party defrag software can provide added benefits. You can pick any defrag tool of your choice from the above listicle of ten best apps in this category.


What is the best free defrag program?

IOBit Smart Defrag, Auslogics Disk Defrag, and GlarySoft Disk Speedup are the best disk defrag software currently available in the market.

What is the best defrag program for Windows 10?

Windows 10 comes with built-in software that can keep your PC in good shape. You can try any of the above-mentioned defrag tools for your Windows PC.

Is defrag good for your computer?

Defragmenting your system’s hard drive can boost its performance and this is something that you must do at occasional intervals to keep your PC running in good shape.

Is defragmenting a disk safe?

Yes, defragmenting the hard disk drive is absolutely safe and does not harm your PC. But if you are frequently defragmenting your computer, then it might consume some of your time.

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