10 Best Free 3D Graphing Software For Windows 10,8 and 7

Graphics software allows a programmer to graphically modify pictures and designs on a desktop. They are commonly two-dimensional, though most software allows for three-dimensional image and design manipulation. However, a few Best 3D Graphing Software can be used to do some advanced stuff with three-dimensional model.

Listed are graphing software program that allows you to create 3D graphs in addition to 2D ones. Vectors, Points, Planes, Cylinders, Parametric Equations, Equations and Functions,  Quadric Surfaces, and other objects can be plotted.

The majority of them are compatible with Spherical, Cartesian, and Cylindrical-coordinate systems. These also offer various graph rendering types to select from, including lines, points, wireframes, surfaces, contours, and so on. Shades, shadow, color scheme, focus blur, and other variables can be used to modify the appearance of the graph. This tool also helps to animate 3D graphs in some. You may rotate the axes and zoom into the graph, examine it from various angles, and so forth.

You may import datasets in various formats and create the corresponding graph. The resulting graph may be saved in a variety of formats, including PNG, PDF, SVG, BMP,and JPG. Many of them used it as calculators to answer various mathematics questions.

Best 3D Graphing Software For Windows 10

1. Microsoft Mathematics

It is a free math program for Windows developed by Microsoft. It is a well-known calculator with 3D and 2D graphing program for Windows. You may use this tool to create graphs quickly. There are two options on the calculator’s interface: Graphing and Worksheet. You may plot equations and functions, datasets, parametric, and inequalities in its Graphing part.

It can plot several functions at once, not just one. It includes various graph controls for animating 3D graphs. Graphs may be visualized using settings such as hide axes, hide outside frame, color surface/wireframe, and so on. It also allows you to rotate axis clockwise and anticlockwise automatically. The graph may be saved as a PNG, JPG, or BMP picture.

Microsoft Mathematics


  • It Support 2D, 3D, Polar, or Cartesian graph.
  • It has two calculator interfaces: Graphing and Worksheet.
  • This tool has allows you to plot equations and datasets, functions, inequalities, and parametric.
  • It supports Spherical, Cartesian, and Cylindrical-coordinate systems.

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3. SciDAVis

SciDAvis is anothe free graphing tool to generate 3D and 2D graphs. To create 3D graphs, use the Table menu to add a Z column. From functions and matrices, you may generate 3D graphs of the Trajectory, Bars and Ribbon kinds. You may plot a 3D surface by defining a function and the range of the X, Y, and Z axes. The surface plot may be customized by changing the different colors, width, axis title, line and other parameters. 



  • It provides FFT, Statistics on Rows/Columns, Auto correlate, Correlate, Convolute, Deconvolute, and more.
  • It provides project explorer, results log, plot wizard, and many more.
  • This tool allows you to generate 3D graphs of the Trajectory, Scatter, Bars, and more.
  • It has analysis tools like FFT, Interpolate, Differentiate Integrate.

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3. Veusz

Veusz is a free and open-source 3D graphing software that allows you to create graphs in both 2D and 3D formats. To create graphs, it takes coordinate files in CSV, TXT, HDF5, and FITS formats as input. If, on the other hand, you wish to draw a graph based on an equation, you may explicitly define your equation as well as the values of its variables to generate graphs.

To draw graphs that use the coordinate file, first use the Properties field to combine the coordinate fields with the coordinate values. Then, from its toolbar, pick the sort of graph you want to plot, such as Function To Data, Bar Chart , Vector Field, Function, Box Plots, and soon.



  • It allows you to create colored graphs.
  • It allows you to add a grid, 3D elements, label graphs.
  • This software can export graphs in PDF, EMF, SVG, PNG, BMP, JPG, etc., formats.
  • It allows you to create a dataset in TSV, CSV, HDF5, text, FITS, etc.

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4. Graph

Graph is yet another free open source and best 3D graphing software for Windows. It can be used to create graphs of mathematical operations and equations such as Linear Equations, Trigonometric Functions, Cubic Equations, and so forth. You may generate different graphs on the same XY plane by inputting two or more completely different equations. In the event of numerous equations, you may apply a color scheme to each equation to help you easily identify graph lines.



  • By inputting more equations, you can draw multiple graphs.
  • It allows you to save graphs in PNG, BMP, SVG, JPG, etc.
  • This software has the feature of Shading to shade graphs.
  • It has the feature of Relation to create relations b/w equations.

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5. Photon

This graphing software functions as both a graphing software & a calculator. The tool is also quicker and can do a variety of jobs at once. This tool can be freely downloaded from the internet and used to perform the graphical design process.



  • It has a function of the dot product, cross product, and so forth for vector operations.
  • This tool allows You to operate in the following modes: Radian, Degree, and Fraction.
  • It allows You to enter different types of equations to obtain graphical results.
  • For Trigonometry calculations, it supports sin, cos, tan, and soon.

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6. GraphCalc

This is yet another graphing software that can create any six-function graph. It can solve any statistical or mathematical problem, including derivatives, Booleans, decimals, calculus, and much more. This tool also offers a full toolset for doing different mathematical computations. It is also really simple to learn and operate.



  • It has features like tick intervals, color scheme, origin offset, etc.
  • It can calculate basic trigonometry problems, arithmetic operations, conversion, and many more.
  • This tools can create any 3D graphs of six equations.
  • It can draw graphs for Trigonometric, Linear, Cubic, Quadratic, and others.

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7. Graphing Calculator 3D

This advanced application enables you to graph in both 2D and 3D. It is also capable of handling implicit and parametric problems. Overall, the UI encourages mathematical phenomenon investigation and experimentation: The graph is modified with each keystroke as you write the equations in the area to the left of the viewport. This 3D graphing calculator supports Cartesian, polar and spherical, which is impressive. Furthermore, you may plot your own data in Graphing Calculator 3D by importing it as spreadsheets.

Graphing Calculator 3D


  • It can draw graphs of regular, parametric and implicit, equations.
  • It can create many sorts of graphs such as points, lines, surfaces, wireframes, contours, and intersections.
  • This software can input CSV data.
  • It gives some instances of equations that may be used to simulate and draw graphs.

8. GeoGebra

GeoGebra is a free best 3D graphing software for windows designed to use in math and science teaching. Vectors, Points, lines, segments, polygons, inequalities, conic sections, implicit polynomials, and functions may all be used to create structures in the software. These parts can be dynamically changed to gain a better understanding of their characteristics. Furthermore, structures may be analyzed from a variety of perspectives. This enables students, for example, to explore geometric objects via the lens of algebra.


  • It includes various tools such as point, line, special line, and many more.
  • It can save a 3D graph as an image file.
  • This software has other functions such as a probability calculator, a spreadsheet, and so on.
  • It also has an Exam Mode feature, allowing students to utilize this program to assess their abilities.

9. Euler Math Toolbox

This tool is also referred to as the EMT. It supports the execution of symbolic and, calculus, numeric mathematics, arithmetic, and algebra. This software also supports the creation of informative visuals that can be saved to files and demonstrations. It is a tool that is used from the basic level all the way up to the level of a specialist.

Euler Math Toolbox


  • It may save the plotted graph as a SVG or PNG file.
  • It provides options for aspect ratio, setting graphics, and other settings.
  • This tool will provides choices to utilize other tools while plotting a graph.
  • Its interface is comprised of two windows.

10. Octave

Octave is the best graphing software for Windows that is script-based. To obtain output, simply typescript into the Command Window. The plot command and function will be included in the script. When you develop a script to draw graphs, you may store it as Workspaces and reload it later. Another useful feature of this tool is the ability to reload command histories.



  • It allows users to customize the axis.
  • It can save command history.
  • This tool can draw graphs based on scripts.
  • It is capable of plotting two-dimensional geometric shapes.


Q: What is the best 3D graphing software?

ANS: Microsoft Mathematics is the best 3D graphing software.

Q: How do you graph a 3D vector?

ANS: You can use any 3D graphing software listed above to graph a 3D vector by providing 3D planes, functions, and coordinates.

Q: How do you graph a 3D graph?

ANS: You can use any 3D graphing software listed above to graph a 3D graph by providing 3D planes, functions, and coordinates to the tool.

Q: What is the best software for plotting graphs?

ANS: the photon is the best software for plotting graphs.

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