12 Best Free File Managers for Windows 10 In 2021

When it concerns the default windows explorer, it does the task of listing and looking at the directories. But there are other file managers for Windows 10 app. They have some additional tools and features, thereby making your work easy. 

Why Is There A Huge Demand For The Best Free File Manager Software?

Windows has an inbuilt file manager which can easily manage all the files, but it fails to satisfy the needs of professional and tech-enthusiast people. In such situations, you’ll want an amazing and effective file manager for Windows 10 devices with lots of valuable features and capabilities.

Using proper File Manager Software will help you to organize your folders and files.

Best File Manager Software for Windows 10 In 2021

1. Free Commander

Free Commander is a great file manager for Windows 10. The tool is well-known for its basic appearance, but it has a lot to offer. You can shred files, rename batches, combine/split multiple files, archive documents, and more with it.

The free Commander is a file explorer with a dual-pane user interface. With SmartFTP, you can quickly transfer files from one folder to another. You may also access network drives other than folders. It’s a simple Windows file explorer with a simple user interface that won’t let you open the one drive and cloud.

Free Commander


  • You can obtain and view two folders simultaneously with its double-pane user interface, which makes copying and relocating files simple.
  • You may use folders to add panes to each pane.
  • The ultimate free file manager for Windows 10 has a user-friendly design with quick navigation options.
  • It is entirely free of cost.
  • The only disadvantage of this fantastic Windows 10 file manager is that it does not support One Drive or cloud storage.

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2. Q-dir

Q-dir is a free Windows file manager that you will enjoy. Q-dir has a four-pane user interface, which is unique among file manager applications for Windows. This software goes against the grain with its two panes in favor of four panes. One of the great features about Q-dir is that it is lightweight and looks quite similar to Microsoft’s XP explorer. You can accomplish almost every essential file management operation, such as transferring files, changing file names, and unzipping with Q-dir.



  • It enables you to group your files in a particular order.
  • You can use it to design and personalize folder tabs for easy navigation.
  • The software is highly configurable.
  • It is a free file management software that you may use in 2021.
  • The software offers multiple windows to function.

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3. Explore Max

If you’re searching for a free file manager for Windows 10, look no further. This simple and efficient program is one of the most excellent free file managers for Windows 10. Explore Max promises outstanding results given that it includes a lot of sophisticated and valuable features. The software’s user interface is relatively uncomplicated and sincere. Two of the essential functions of this Windows 10 file manager are tab browsing and timeline viewing.

Explore Max


  • It assists you in getting group results and fully supports dark and light skin.
  • Max is well-known for its amazing powered by a fast search. 
  • It has a contemporary appearance and an adaptive user interface.
  • Another benefit of a dual-pane window is that it provides two panes of glass, making its operation more efficient.
  • It’s also helpful in unzipping and renaming batch files.

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4. Explorer ++

Explorer++ is another best file manager software for windows 10 PC. This free and open-source file management software is recognized for its numerous features and highly configurable user interface. You can download this little tool to your Windows computer running on a 64-bit or 32-bit architecture.

Explorer ++


  • It supports all essential file functions, such as filtering, splitting, moving, sorting, and splitting files.
  • It has a simple, clutter-free design.
  • This most excellent free file manager for Windows 10 has amazing features like a dual-pane user interface and One Drive integration.
  • This tool helps to bookmark your files, change file attributes and dates, and record directory listings.

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5. Directory Opus

Another excellent best free file manager software is Directory Opus. This software tool is a unique file manager you can use right now, and it provides you the option of single or double-pane windows.

Directory Opus


  • This fantastic Windows 10 file manager has a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Users can quickly look for files and folders thanks to its extensive search capabilities. This tool has a file tree system to switch between multiple files quickly.
  • It allows you to attach tags and descriptions to multiple files for easy identification. You may also assign different colors, ratings, and icons to assist you in searching and locating the files that need your attention.
  • This tool will help you to enjoy a few cutting-edge features.

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6. Total Commander

If you’re searching for a free Windows 10 file manager, Total Commander is the one to go with it. This tool has grown with time and has a lot to offer. Among that, cloud storage services are a significant highlight.

Total Commander


  • The tool is laid out in a conventional format and includes several basic and complex capabilities.
  • It enables you to quickly keep traces off and transfer your files and provides an easy method to organize and move them. You can also monitor the status of your file transfer.
  • As well as allowing you to resume and pause the process, the tool also allows you to do so at any moment.
  • Adjustable keyboards, quick navigation, and fully integrated file archiving options are other great features.
  • It’s one of the most popular and effective Windows 10 free file managers.

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7. One Commander

One Commander is another top-rated file manager for Windows 10. With this incredible tool, you may review all of your text, audio, and video files in one place. The interface is attractive and straightforward, and the device has a lovely appearance.

One Commander


  • You may quickly access the sub-collections within the folder tree design using its folder bar.
  • The icon menu is the foundation of the tool.
  • You may pick from three different types of themes: white and dark

8. Total Commander

Total Commander is another completely free file manager software that will help you windows PC to manage and organize all the files. This ancient tool has evolved with time and offers a lot of features, which include cloud services.



  • It’s one of the finest free file managers for Windows 10 you can use.
  • The tool has a classic theme and includes several basic and complex features.
  • This application enables you to keep a record of your files and check on the progress of file transfers. It also makes it simple to arrange and move your files. You may also monitor the status of your file transfer using this app. 


9. WinDirStat

WinDirStat is another excellent option, with an easy-to-use and similar user interface. It’s a free file manager for Windows 10 PC.



  • Checks to see whether disk space is available.
  • It also uses distinct file colors depending on how much space they take up; for example, and the bulkiest file is blue. 
  • The cleanup tool is also accessible.
  • It helps recognize many files by color-coding them.

10. Multi-Commander

If you’re searching for the best free file manager software with a large selection of plug-ing and tools, MultiCommander is the one to go with your need.



  • It is a free program that may be downloaded and used on any computer. The application is also available in a portable version.
  • For a better user experience, the tool has many easily adjustable buttons.
  • The parameters are complicated but easy to understand.
  • Another excellent function to have is filter-based file coloring.

11. FileVoyager

This most excellent and file manager For Windows 10 offers features that no other program can match. This software has a variety of display options.



  • It’s an entirely free tool.
  • It includes all essential capabilities, such as copying, erasing, moving, and renaming files.
  • The tool comes with several tools to make the job easier.
  • Easy-to-use software with a variety of capabilities. 

12. XYplorer

XYplorer is another excellent choice for the best free file manager software. With its folder tree structure and dual pane access, it makes navigating simple.



  • Maintains a clean operating system by removing any duplicate files and duplicated data. 
  • It also supports keyword searching, which allows you to search for content on your site. It makes use of complex patterns and fuzzy matching as well.
  • There are numerous tabs for simple navigation.
  • It not only categorizes files but also tags them for easier management. 


A powerful and feature-rich file manager will assist you in managing a large number of files simply and efficiently. The following are the top and free file managers for Windows 10. Make your choice based on your preferences.


1. Is there any better file manager for Windows?

You might be a power user, so in that case, try the Directory Opus or XYplorer. But if you require something different, try the TagSpaces.

2. What is better than File Explorer?

XYplorer is the perfect replacement for File Explorer. It has tabbed browsing and functions like a browser tab. 

3. What is the best free file manager for Windows 10?

Some of the best ones are Free Commander, Explorer ++, Total Commander, Multi-Commander, One Commander, etc. 

4. What can be the best file manager to download?

The best ones are Total Commander, Files By Google, X-Plore File Manager, etc. 

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