10 Best Grammar Checker Tools 2021 (Free & Paid)

Grammar checker tools are essential to avoid grammatical errors in the contents. Grammar checking is necessary for improvising the quality of the contents. Bad content with grammatical errors can produce a wrong impression on the readers can significantly reduce your website visits. Grammar also plays an essential role in written communication, and incorrect grammar can lead to miscommunication and misunderstandings. Hence to get increased website views, it is crucial to have quality content on your website with correct grammar. It may be prudent to invest in the best grammar checker tools available in the market to produce quality and engaging contents and to control more eyeballs

What Are The Best Grammar Checker

In this article, we will discuss the ten best grammar checker tools:

1. Grammarly

This is the best grammar checker tool for spotting and rectifying the grammatical errors. It gives you alternate suggestions and improvements for the texts and sentences, which is a premium feature of this tool. The free tool works fine, but the paid version includes more features. This grammar checker is highly useful for freelancers, educators, website owners, digital marketing companies, students, translators, journalists, or other professionals who want to use quality content.

Let’s look into the features:        


  • This tool corrects hundreds of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. This tool consists of LMS integration for real-time grammar checking.
  • Grammarly Edu is designed for educational purposes and works as your writing assistant and this feature makes this app the best grammar checker tool.
  • This software has an easy to use interface. It is uncomplicated, and even novice users can use the software Sans Souci
  • The tool also gives you vocabulary suggestions so that you can choose more meaningful words.

2. Prowriting aid: 

This is a popular grammar checker software and is also the best grammar checker tool. This tool not only helps to have quick fixes for your writing but also helps you to get in-depth reports to polish your important content. This tool also checks for terminology issues and helps you to get a better readability score.  You can find overused words and improve the dull paragraph structure of the contents to create more engaging content that can get faster customer attention.


  • This grammar checker tool provides you a detailed readability analysis. You can get many readability scores like the Flesch reading ease score, automated readability index, etc.
  • This tool helps you to find the contextual thesaurus of any word 
  • This tool helps you in the learning process. The advanced features help you to learn while you correct your mistakes.
  • This tool helps you to run reports on a small portion of the entire content. This improves speed, and you can get quicker results.

3. Whitesmoke

The web desktop and mobile software are quite popular with users for advanced functionalities. This can also be considered as the best grammar checker tool. The Natural language processing of this software utilizes algorithms and artificial intelligence to check the texts and offer improvised solutions. A custom-made app can also be designed for the users, which focuses on result-based solutions. Let’s look into the important features below:


  • This tool helps you in text enrichment, and hence by the usage of this tool, you can improve the quality of your content to a significant extent.
  • It has a style checker, which gives you an analysis of your writing style to improvise the same.
  • This tool gives you explanations for the errors so that you do not repeat the same.
  • The video tutorials help you in the smooth usage of the tool.

4. Ginger

This is a useful grammar checker tool that gives you the same accuracy as a human being would provide you. You can also use customizable themes in this software, which reduces the monotonicity, and you enjoy utilizing this software. This is the best grammar checker tool available to users. The easy user interface allows even novice users to utilize this app like a pro. Let’s look into the important features below:


  • This grammar checker tool utilizes patent-checker technology to rectify the grammatical errors.
  • This tool boosts writing productivity. Whole sentences can be corrected just with a single click.
  • Consists of a smart word prediction tool that helps you in the choice of words and this feature make this app as the best grammar checker tool.
  • The sentence rephrases works efficiently to produce impeccable content.

5. Spellcheck Plus

This is a fantastic tool and in fact, the best grammar checker that helps you to get impeccable grammar. Like Ginger, this tool also gives you a lot of suggestions and helps you learn the language. This tool is specially designed for second language learners and rectifies the grammatical errors in your content. It also summarizes the errors in categories so that you can learn from your mistakes. Let’s look into the features below: 


  • You can paste here up to two thousand characters.
  • It is free and easy to use.
  • This tool scans and gives you better synonyms of words. It helps in the removal of complicated sentences and expressions to improve your readability score.
  • This tool removes redundant words to eliminate duplicacy.

6. Hemingway Editor

This Grammar checker tool helps you in writing correct sentences. This tool can also be considered as the best grammar checker. This tool has an easy user interface which allows you to correct the grammars of your contents in just a few clicks. It is used by many freelancers, content creation agencies, journalists and other professionals who aspire to create engaging content for the end clients. This stand-alone grammar checker tool improves your writing style to a considerable extent. 


  • This tool highlights the complex sentences in the red, passive voice in green and adverbs in blue so that it becomes easy for you to distinguish and remove.
  • You can get writing hints and alternative suggestions for words.
  • The Hemingway editor is affordable. You can get use a web app for free or download the app on Windows or Mac by just spending 19.99 dollars.
  • The virtual writing tutor is fast and efficient and is easy to use.

7. Grammarchecker

You can analyze your writing and check the spelling, writing style, and grammar by using this tool. This comes in the list of the best Grammar Checker tool. This tool also provides statistical information about the text and helps you to get a better readability score. Since grammar checking is a complex process, so if you want to create grammatically correct content then utilizing effective grammar checker tools like grammar checker can be a prudent thought.


  • It removes complicated sentences and rewrites short and more straightforward sentences automatically.
  • It finds alternate synonyms for words and replaces them. You can expect a plagiarism free article in return.
  • It supports other languages like French, Spanish, German, etc.
  • This tool is free to use and has a simple interface.

8. Reverso

Reverso is a popular grammar checker and linguistic tool. This is one of the best grammar checker tools available in the market. This tool helps you to write specialized business, finance, and medical terminologies that make your content more meaningful and captures the reader’s attention very easily. The easy to use interface makes it a popular choice of the users. Let’s check out some of the important features of this tool. 


  • In addition to grammar checking, this tool also helps translate to other languages like French, German, and Russian etc.
  • Works via a web browser, Google Chrome Plugin, Google Play, or iPhone app.
  • This tool provides you alternate suggestions that allow you to correct quickly.
  • This is a popular grammar checker software that has an easy user interface.

9. Gradeproof

 This tool helps in writing perfect content and is undeniably one of the Best Grammar Checker tool available in the market. The AI writing assistant helps you to curate engaging content for the users Sans Souci. You can find better ways to rephrase and restructure sentences. Here you can get more eloquence suggestions and write better content. Let’s have a look into some of the important features of this tool.  


  • This is an AI-powered grammar and plag checking tool. The AI Eloquence Engine helps in the removal of incorrect words.
  • It helps you in the correction by providing you alternate suggestions
  • This helps in replacing the complicated sentences with a simpler version so that your readability scores can improve. This tool helps in tracking the statistics of your writing like grade level, word count, etc.
  • This is the most popular grammar checker tool and it also provides translation to over twenty languages.

10. Onlinecorrection

 This grammar checker tool helps you to curate grammatically correct content and helps you to eliminate spelling errors. It also compares your text with others to help you understand where you lag. It gives you suggestions for vocabulary so that you can create engaging content for your clients. This tool deletes your submitted content after thirty minutes to ensure that your privacy is protected.


  • Helps is the removal of spelling errors, style mistakes, and basic grammar.
  • This tool offers suggestions for text improvements and helps you to come up with better contents
  • This tool is free, and anyone can use this free of cost.
  • It has an easy user interface, which allows even the novice users to utilize this like a pro.

Conclusion – Best Grammar Checker Tools

So this is a list of the best grammar checker tools and software which you must use to keep your writing error free

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