11 Best Photo Management Software for Windows 10 PC

Do you want to know the best photo management software for Windows PC then you are in the right place. Do you know that today’s generation of youngsters is fond of taking photographs, especially the selfie-freaks ones? The presence of the greatest grade smartphones adds to this sort of passionate adoration. It’s not a terrible thing to click photographs.

Taking photographs is an essential and enjoyable component of our lives. We preserve important and beloved memories by taking pictures. When you have tons of photos, managing them becomes a challenging aspect. Well, in that case, you need the best free photo management software.

Best Photo Management Software for Windows 10, 8 and 7

1. Magix Photo Manager

When it comes to the Magix Photo Manager tool, this is the best free photo management software. You can use either the deluxe or basic edition of this program. You may be fine utilizing the regular version since it is free, and you may quickly arrange photos on your Windows PC with it.

The facial recognition feature of this Windows photo management software is one of its most significant advantages. You may search for pictures of specific individuals using this feature. It’s a sophisticated tool that can assist you in looking for photographs of your loved ones and close friends.

Magix Music Maker


  • 600 MB of free disk space is provided for program installation
  • The photo manager may identify faces to make finding a specific individual easier.
  • With this too you may upload photos and videos from your phone to Magix’s dashboard straight using Wi-Fi.
  • You may create a slideshow on any PC or Mac with the free Adobe Creative Cloud software. You may also edit your pictures directly from cloud storage services, making it simple to sync local photo libraries with other images already in the cloud.

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2. Acdsee

ACDSee is one of the most well-known photo management software for Windows. The current version of ACDSee 2020 has a lot to offer, and it isn’t overly expensive. ACDSee has an excellent organizational structure with ratings, tags, categories, color labeling, and keywords to start with.

Aside from its ease of use, this program has outstanding integration and import capabilities. ACDSee may be used to upload photos from your smartphone to the program. Sync your mobile device with ACDSee and transfer your phone’s pictures to the software quickly. It also includes a built-in Facebook upload function as well as sophisticated import capabilities. 



  • There are no limits on the number of images and people you may name using this program. It also identifies individuals in photos so you can identify them and locate pictures with ease.
  • ACDScanner can access RAW images from hundreds of digital camera models.
  • You can identify the region where photographs were taken and categorize pictures according to them.
  • Photo management features with a strong back-end system.

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3. Adobe Lightroom

One of the most excellent alternatives for professional photographers is Lightroom since it offers both photo editing and image management at a single cost. Adobe Lightroom is much more than a photo editing software; it’s also one of the best photo organizing tools on the market. Lightroom’s editing capabilities are unique, but the organization tools are just as great.

Adobe Lightroom


  • AI technology gives you powerful filters.
  • It is a very versatile app that allows you to create albums with ease. This software has various organizational tools, such as picture marks, ratings, and flags, to allow you to make albums with a 1 click.
  • Adobe’s AI automatically recognizes faces, locations, themes, items, and colors in your photos.
  • This software is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

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4. Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge makes it simple to handle and edit your photographs while also providing you with detailed folder hierarchies in a few steps. Bridge also has a fantastic importing tool that lets you bring pictures from your camera or smartphone. You may use this best free photo management program’s sophisticated importing capabilities, such as file renaming and keyword addition, to quickly move your photos into new or existing folders.

Adobe Bridge


  • It’s compatible with a variety of applications.
  • You may use the tool to create a professional portfolio of your graphics, design, or photographs, combining PDF contact sheets.
  • All your image files can be easily imported and renumbered while importing or converting them to DNG files.
  • Adobe Bridge now includes the Adobe Camera RAW feature, which allows you to access raw files directly from Adobe Bridge for editing.

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5. Corel Paintshop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro’s capabilities for editing earned it a spot on our list of the finest professional photo management software for Windows. This is a cloud-based system that’s ideal for big groups with many materials and needs an amazing platform to manage all your photographs in one place.

Corel Paintshop Pro


  • Corel PaintShop Pro provides options like up-sampling, image noise reduction, and artifact removal.
  • PaintShop Pro may be used with 64-bit plugins to increase the software’s flexibility dramatically.
  • It’s intuitive and straightforward, so you can quickly categorize, manage, and search your library.
  • It has a simple, intuitive user interface for novices.

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6. Cyberlink Photo director 10

CyberLink PhotoDirector is a fantastic photo management software for Windows that also includes a variety of editing tools. This is not simply one of the most valuable pictures management software, but also a fantastic image editor. The user-friendly design and ability of this free photo management software help to handle numerous picture types have made it a popular program. Aside from these, there are a few different characteristics that entice people to use this service.

Cyberlink Photo director


  • It comes with automatic retouching capabilities that allow you to repair your photographs quickly.
  • You’ll be able to utilize this tool to create gorgeous slide shows out of the pictures.
  • It will enable you to search for a photo by combining words, date, location, color, and even the faces you’ve tagged.
  • Tethering is supported.

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7. Google Photos

Google Photos is the free photo management software that lets you categorize your pictures by date, keyword, or place. The program automatically backs up and syncs your picture folders. You also have the option of choosing which catalogs you want to upload to the cloud. You can see your photographs as a timeline on any device thanks to the AI-Assistant feature.

Google Photos


  • Automatically uploads photos to the cloud so that you don’t lose them.
  • There’s also high-level face recognition capability.
  • Google Photos is a fantastic tool for managing and sharing your photos.
  • It allows you to sort your images and videos.

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8. Zoner Photo Studio

This is a picture organizer and photo management software for Windows with exceptional retouching capabilities. Zoner Xplorer is a photo management and editing program with several useful features, making it an attractive alternative to programs like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

This tool is excellent for keeping track of your pictures. It lets you organize and search through them, making them easy to access when you’ve got an extensive collection.

Zoner Photo Studio


  • Allows photographs to be geotagged.
  • Organize your pictures based on keywords, dates, titles, and labels.
  • It can also handle RAW files.
  • With contrast and brightness adjusters, you may make minor changes to the images.

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9. Mylio

Mylio is a free, open-source photo management software that’s popular among millennials. It’s one of their favorite free image management software since it allows for organization and editing. Mylio helps you manage your pictures from end to end, organizing them as smoothly as possible while also allowing you to edit them without any effort on your part.



  • Faces in the frame are recognized by face recognition
  • It allows you to see the photos even if you don’t have access to the internet.
  • Automatically sorts your pictures based on how many people have viewed them, such as a calendar view that divides photographs by year and month they were taken.
  • Encrypts photos and allows cloud integration for increased security.

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10. Studioline Photo Basic

This free program is also one of the finest photo management software for Windows. It has some extremely useful features, including image tagging.

Studioline Photo Basic


  • It keeps the program’s tool stack intact, allowing you to go back and modify settings at any time without harming the original photo.
  • You may use this program to make image slideshows.
  • This tool may easily handle metadata, picture settings, and copy tool stacks in bulk with this program.
  • You may include picture descriptions by using it.

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11. Imatch 5

The finest photo gallery organizer for Windows, which allows picture file import. This photo management software allows you to effortlessly organize and manage your photo gallery with a comprehensive set of tools.


  • You may make fantastic picture slideshows with this software.
  • Organizes the files by their topics, titles, ratings, and tags.
  • There are over 120 file types that can be opened.
  • There’s no need to create a separate picture database.


The above is free photo management software. Each of them has its own set of characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks to consider. Then pick the one that best suits your needs.

FAQs – Best Photo Management Software

1) What is the best program to organize photos?

Some of the best programs and tools you can use to organize your photos are CyberLink PhotoDirector, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Lightroom CC, Corel Aftershot 3, ACDSee Photo Studio Professional, etc. 

2) What are the best photo management apps?

The best photo management apps you can use are ACDSee, Google Photo, Adobe Lightroom, digiKam, etc. 

3) What is the best way to organize photos on my computer?

One of the most common methods that you can use to organize photos was through the date when the photo was taken. Many individuals create folders for each year, and these can be subdivided into months and events present in that year.

4) How do I sort thousands of photos?

Thousands of photos can be sorted using two methods – cull and keep. You can keep the good photos and cull the bad ones. 

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