15 Best RAM Cleaner & Booster for Windows 10 PC

With time, the PC starts working slow and this is because of the excess junk files, cookies, and caches. The RAM plays a vital role in the system’s performance. If there is a shortage of RAM computer starts working slower than before. Due to the undesired files, the system couldn’t able to function properly and it affects the system performance. To gain the speed back you need a RAM Cleaner which helps in cleaning all the files and data quickly from your PC. 

RAM cleaners are the tools that automatically detect unwanted files that are consuming a lot of disk space and filling the RAM area. But only RAM cleaners can’t help to get the best speed and performance as the system speed can be affected due to disordered RAM space. In that situation, you need a RAM cleaner and booster for your windows pc which quickly frees up space by scanning all the waste files from the system and boost the speed. 

In this article, we have listed the 15 best RAM cleaner, Booster, and Optimizer for Windows 10 that can deal with all the problems related to RAM and makes your system like a new one. 

15 Best RAM Cleaner, Booster & Optimizer for Windows 10

1. Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic is the best RAM Cleaner that also experts in enhancing the speed of your system. It can manage your privacy with its incredible privacy tools. It removes all the browser history and unnecessary data which are consuming the space of your system and causing slower performance. The software can scan the issue and equip with a lot of utilities to fix the error. 

iolo System Mechanic


  • In-built blocker for bloatware
  • Quickly cleans undesired apps, browser history and cache
  • Protects your privacy
  • It has an internet speed booster feature

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2. Piriform CCleaner

Piriform CCleaner is the best RAM cleaner which can easily clean the memory and creates more space for further documents and files. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use and beginners also can use this software to speed up the system performance. The software can remove all the temporary files, browser cache, and unwanted cookies to free up space disk. Although the free version has several features its paid plan offers cleanup scheduling and real-time protection features.

CCleaner Professional


  • Cleans temporary files, browser cache and unwanted cookies
  • Real-time protection
  • Consist of multiple cleaning and optimization tools 
  • Cleanup scheduling 

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3. IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare is the advanced RAM Cleaner among all. This is one of the top-rated RAM booster and optimizer, especially for beginners. The software is equipped with multiple advanced features that can quickly free up disk space. It can boost the internet speed of your system.

It can completely clean the Windows registry. The software clears all the junk files and corrects the hard drive issues. It is the best RAM optimizer software that protects your privacy by removing all the traces and blocks your data. 

advanced systemcare


  • Clean interface 
  • Single click and auto cleanup 
  • Cleans Windows registry 
  • Real-time monitoring mechanism 

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4. Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex is another RAM booster for the gamer’s PC. It can clean all the junk files and free up disk space t enhance the speed of your computer. By using the software you will get better playing by improving the system performance. It is a powerful software that is compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7. It has multiple gaming optimization tools. The software can automatically detect the wasted files and clean them to free up disk space. 

Razer Cortex


  • Game booster option 
  • Customize game quality settings 
  • End the unwanted background process when you play game 
  • Allows you to set autostart when you start a game

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5. Tenorshare Windows Care Genius

Tenorshare Windows Care Genius is the RAM cleaner that can completely clean the system memory. It reduces the boot time and makes your older PC running like a new one. It has an in-built registry cleaner. It protects your privacy by removing all the shreds of evidence of browsing history, files and disk. With the file shredder feature, you can recover the deleted files.

Tenorshare Windows Care Genius


  • Clean user interface 
  • Built-in registry cleaner 
  • Password generator for the protection 
  • File shredder

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6. Restoro

Restoro is the best RAM booster and cleaner for Windows PC. It is the most recommended software because of its incredible features. Some of its features are malware threat removals, detect harmful websites, and many others. It has a user-friendly interface that allows beginners to use this software easily. You can get several pieces of information through Restoro like the temperature of the PC, hardware details, etc. It can detects and abolish malware and fix the damage that occurs by it.

best RAM booster and cleaner


  • Allows you to see info like PC temperature, hardware details
  • Automatic software 
  • Enables in fixing errors like BSOD
  • Scans and fix malware

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7. RAMRush

RAMRush is a memory management tool that helps free up disk space quickly. It is the best RAM booster as well as a cleaner for Windows PC. The software optimizes memory usage and helps in boosting system performance. It has the system defrag feature which makes it more useful. The software is helpful as it has the ability to avoid system crashing and freezing problems. 

best RAM optimizer and cleaner


  • Disk defrag 
  • Avert the system crashing because of memory issues
  • Clear unwanted Windows application 
  • Display the real-time consumption data of CPU and RAM

8. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Another Best RAM Cleaner on the list is Ashampoo WinOptimizer which is an expert in detecting junk files and removes them immediately to free up space. With this RAM optimizer, you can detect and clean unwanted files with just a single click. It can completely delete temporary files, browser cookies and broken registry. The software shows all the details related to the scanned issues. 

pc optimizer software


  • It allows creating registry backups 
  • You can schedule the scan 
  • ADS scanner 
  • Resolve errors at one click

9. Memory Cleaner

Memory Cleaner is the best RAM booster for windows pc which is available for free. It can free up the disk space with just a single click. It offers detailed information related to RAM usage. It offers all its features in the tray icons means you need not open the main window. The software can monitor memory usage and removes all the unwanted files and apps and cleans the system memory. 

Memory Cleaner


  • Memory pressure meter 
  • Customizable menu bar
  • Shows the full information of RAM usages
  • Automatically optimize system memory with a single click 

10. Wise Memory Optimizer

Wise Memory Optimizer is the best RAM booster that helps in enhancing system speed. It is a lightweight program that can clean all the unwanted data and apps from your device effortlessly. It has multiple features for optimizing the RAM of the system. With the help of this RAM optimizeryou can easily remove all the undesired files which are clogging the system speed. The software has a user-friendly interface though easy to use.  

Wise Memory Optimizer


  • Portable version available 
  • Shows the details related to memory like used, free and total memory in the pie chart 
  • Boost storage space 
  • Easy to use interface 

11. MemPlus

MemPlus is the best RAM booster for PC that can remove all the junk from the system and boost the speed. It can clean the system cache files to enhance performance. It can show detailed information about RAM usage. It notifies you automatically when there is a new version update of this software. The software has a portable version so you can use it without installing it.  

best RAM booster for PC


  • Portable version available 
  • Runs in the background
  • Shows the full information of RAM usage 
  • Automatically notifies you about the latest version of the software

12. RAM Saver Control Panel

RAM Saver Control Panel is the best RAM booster that can remove all the junk from the system and boost the speed. Its special control panel makes it stand out among the other tools. It allows you to do RAM benchmark tests, apply the background applications to sleep mode, and delete the clipboard. The software has the ability to monitors and controls the procedures occurring in the memory. You can also conceal the desktop icons using this software. It can defrag the system memory for fast-approaching apps.

RAM Saver Control Panel


  • RAM benchmark test 
  • Advanced control panel 
  • Desktop RAM monitor 
  • Professional memory monitoring 

13. Win Magician

Win Magician is the most recommended RAM optimizer and cleaner for Windows PC. It can clean the system junk and boost the performance of the PC. It is the highly trusted RAM booster for the system. The software can remove all the unwanted files easily which is creating your system speed slow. It blocks pop-up ads for web protection. With this best RAM boosteryou can easily clean registry files and several other unwanted data.

Win Magician


  • Clears unnecessary data, registry files, etc.
  • Detects ransomware and malware 
  • Web protection 
  • Junk and privacy scan 

14. Mem Reduct

Mem Reduct is the most preferred RAM Optimizer that can immediately clean the junk of the system and enhance performance. It is one of the lightweight programs. It is a free auto RAM cleaner that is available in a portable version. It allows the scheduled scan for proper functioning. The best part is it cleans all the unwanted files from the system without consuming a lot of system resources.

Mem Reduct


  • Portable version available 
  • Less consumption of system resources
  • Reduce memory consumption 
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7 

15. Mz RAM Booster

Mz RAM Booster is the RAM optimizer software that helps in clearing the system’s unwanted files and boost speed. It consumes fewer system resources and no CPU time. It allows you to tweaks the system settings to increase the RAM and boost PC performance. With the system information you get the full details of RAM and CPU usage, system Speedup allows you to tweak the system settings and enhance the PC performance. 

Mz RAM Booster


  • Free software 
  • Supports Windows XP, 2003, Vista and 7
  • Closes process operating in the background
  • Task tray option


What is the best free RAM cleaner for PC?

Although there are several best free RAM cleaner for PC available the topmost cleaners are:

  • Iolo System Mechanic 
  • Restoro 
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare Free

What can I use to clean RAM?

There are several RAM cleaners available to clean all the junk files of your system. Some of them are:

  • Razer Cortex 
  • Piriform CCleaner 
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare Free 
  • Iolo System Mechanic

How do I clear my RAM cache on Windows 10?

Using the RAM cleaner software is the best ways to clear the RAM cache on Windows 10. In the above article several best tools are mentioned which you can use to clear the RAM cache easily.

How can I improve RAM performance?

You can improve the RAM performance by following some ways:

  • By removing browser extensions
  • Clearing the memory cache
  • Update the software 
  • Stopping the background apps 
  • Use a different browser

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