10 Best Free Remote Access Software In 2021

As the COVID -19 aka coronavirus is continuously spreading all over the world, so many companies have introduced new policies to accommodate remote working and to provide flexibility in increasing productivity. Remote access software is the tool that helps to access pc remotely from any location.

Here we have listed the Best Remote Desktop software that accesses and manages one or more computers from the other devices as well. It is possible via both the local networks and the internet. Having the right software anyone can access any device throughout the world. You could easily use your personal laptop to access and to assemble the files on your office PC even without having to leave your home.

10 Best Free Remote Access Software In 2021

1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is the Best Remote Desktop Software which comes with both free and Premium version. It is a very effective and powerful tool that is utilized for sharing presentations, virtual meetings, and so on. The TeamViewer access the server and computers full-time remotely. This software has amazing UI and easy to use.

It is best for all business persons who are just planning to conduct a virtual meeting or any sessions online. The subscription package of TeamViewer starts from $49 per month for a single license.


Features of Teamviewer

  • AES (256 bit) session encryption
  • Automatic notifications
  • Computers & contacts management
  • Telephone & video conferencing

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2. SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere

Solar winds Dameware remote everywhere is the perfect choice of editors for Remote Access Software: A Cloud-based remote access tool that is useful for MSPs or in-house IT service departments. This system is now available on-premises software for installation on Windows and Windows servers with 14 days of a free trial. Dameware is software that available online from providing service that you can access by purchasing the subscription package or on-premises software. That user can get in just a one-time investment

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere

Features of SolarWinds Dameware Remote

  • Quick and smooth remote control.
  • Secure remote support with excellent encryption and multi-factor authentication.
  • Quint essential endpoint comfort for everything from desktops to mobile devices.
  • Maintains multiple languages.

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3. Zoho Assist

It’s also cloud-based Remote Access Software that includes remote access and desktop utilities. Zoho assist is brandable so that you can put your company’s logo on it. It can be made to me by the consent of customers. The technician can see the customer on his own screen in the interest of giving a system of your or usage details without having a grant from the buyer. It also includes the features of automation for bulk research work and different updates across the endpoints with the offers of a free trial of the assistance and the paid package starts from $8 per month with limited features.

Zoho Assist

Features of Zoho Assist

  • Web-based professional console.
  • Unattended access.
  • File-transfer.
  • Two-way screen distribution.

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4. SolarWinds Take Control

This Remote Access Software consists of chat, VoIP, and queuing to serve multiple connections and users. It’s pretty impressive as well as effective service for every freelancer and independent supporter technicians as it have the ultimate tools required to communicate with a user that beds assist with the service of a queueing system. These services are performed from the high-tech cloud and it is managed after purchasing the subscription pack with a rate per technician per month. In addition, it implies the whole process is available online for all the technicians plus it has a professional crew working for MSPs with massive organizations.

SolarWinds Take Control

Features of SolarWinds Take Control

  • Provides a cloud-based version of the platform. This feature was mentioned in 10 SolarWinds Take Control reviews.
  • Is accessible from a mobile device and by users on the go.
  • Contains in-application messaging abilities.

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5. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft provides a free Remote Desktop Software that enables Remote Desktop access to devices running windows. Through this, you can access up to ten devices with one Microsoft account by this program anywhere from the world because the Remote Desktop system communicates over the entire internet. A big feature of this system is that it’s totally easy to integrate into the operating system of your computer. Also, no user profile restriction is there on the utilization of this software so that businesses can use it for free.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Features of Microsoft Remote Desktop

  • Assistance for 24-bit shade.
  • Advanced achievement over low-speed dial-up connections through decreased bandwidth.
  • Smart Card authentication through Remote Desktop Services.
  • Keyboard hooking.

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6. ISL online

ISL Online is a secure cloud-based high-tech Remote Access Software and desktop service which is also accessible on-premises software. This system is classified into two groups of services that are available for remote access agents and technicians. Mac OS X, Windows, Androids, and Linux can place on the operator module which provides the practitioners access to the control panel that empowers sessions to start and run.

Remote desktop Software

Features of ISL online:

  • Unattended Access.
  • Warranted
  • User Control.
  • Records.
  • Customization.

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7. ManageEngine remote access plus

This Remote Access Software access utility can interact with the clients running Windows and Linux and Mac OS with the choice of cloud base service or on-premises software for windows.

It offers the facilities of a chat facility which again offers you voice, text, and video chat between the technician and user of the remote device.

Manage engine remote access plus

Features of Manage engine remote access plus

  • Precocious Remote Control. Maintain your network computers on the go. …
  • System Manager as well as handy tools to remotely solve problems at lightning speed. …
  • Voice plus Video Chat. Directly collaborate with professionals and users. …
  • Wake on LAN. Immediately turn remote computers ON. …
  • Remote Shutdown.

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8. Atera

It’s a remote monitoring and management suite for MSPs that contains Splashtop. It contains the remote accessing software plus also computerized remote administration scripts for managing the customer’s system.

Atera is a most effective cloud-based online service representative and is accessed by any approved web browser. This assistance can also be maintained by a specific application that is accessible for free on mobile devices. It gives you an ultimate trail package for 30-day for testing the system of Atera before you approve up for a subscription.

best Remote Access Software

Features of Atera

  • Professional Services Automation. …
  • Remote Access and Support. …
  • Mobile Technician Management. …
  • Advanced Analytics.

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9. Chrome Remote Desktop

It’s a straightforward and easy to use Remote Desktop system that runs through a google chrome browser. You require an account in google to utilize this system but the Gmail address is also manageable. This device necessitates the installation of a program that enables anyone to reach by providing them a PIN code. The observer is based on a browser as well as users can access any equipment over the internet. Transmissions over the internet are guarded by HTTPS with a safety system that ensures the credit card notice also when you purchase items on the web.

Free Remote Access Software

Features of Chrome Remote Desktop

  • It has a simple installation process
  • Lightweight remote desktop application
  • No limit on the number of managed devices.

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10. Remmina

It’s completely free for businesses, individuals, and anyone interested. This is an open-source project with Linux user’s favorites. It has deployed a range of protocols in the benefits of Remmina so that you can select between RDP, VNC, XDMCP, or the protected SSH system to influence the remote computer.

Remote Access Software

Features of Remmina

  • Supports XDMCP, VNC, RDP, NX, and SSH.
  • Facilitates users to manage a list of connection profiles, arranged by groups.
  • Promotes quick connections by users immediately putting in the server address.
  • Remote desktops Access with more leading resolutions are scrollable/scalable in both fullscreen made as well window
  • Complete Free Remote Access Software

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Conclusion – Best Free Remote Access Software

These are the top 10 best Remote Access Software is available with advanced features on the internet. These tools are the perfect choice for millions of people across the world. People must try it for any work.

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