Discord Not Opening? 7 ways to fix Discord Won’t Open issue

In this digitalized era of gaming, there are lots of chat apps available on the Internet. It is necessary to have the best chat and voice app for playing games. Among these all voice chat apps, Discord is the best and famous voice chat and text app. But is a very serious problem with this voice chat app is Discord Not Opening. By the way, you don’t have to worry about it because this is a very common and easy to resolve problem. So, In this article, I’m going to talking about “Discord Not Opening Issues”. Read the guide and pick the best solution to resolve this issue.

Some of the best Discord Features

  • Live chat
  • Private chat
  • Video call
  • Audio call
  • Private chat facility
  • Live to stream
  • Private server
  • Public server
  • File sharing
  • Media sharing
  • Premium services are also available
  • DDOS Protection

7 Ways to fix Discord won’t Open Issue

Here are the best and effective ways to fix the Discord won’t open issue:

1. Launch Discord Directly

To fix the Discord Not opening issue you should launch the Discord directly from its main location. This is an effective solution that will definitely work.

Here are the steps for launching the Discord directly from its parent directory:

Step 1:

  • Go to the File Explorer.

Discord won’t Open

Step 2:

  • Navigate to the Discord folder located in the C drive.

Step 3:

  • Click on the discord.exe file two times and launch it directly. The second option is, right-click on the file and Run as administrator.

2. End the recent Task

Not only Discord, but there are many applications out there that come up with so many working issues. So, there is no need to worry about it. Fix the Discord Not Opening problem by applying simple and powerful solutions. Let’s see how to End the Task of the Discord process.

Step 1:

Press the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC key from your Keyboard. Or you can simply search for the Task Manager by clicking on the Start button.

Step 2:

Look for all background processes.

Step 3:

Find out the Discord background process from the Processes tab.

Step 4:

If there is an active process found then right-click on the process and select End Task.

Now, open the application again and make sure it’s in a working state. Because this is a powerful solution for any application to restart again and work properly.

3. End Task using Command Prompt

If you’re not able to End the Discord process through the above solution then you must try this technique to End the Discord process via Command Prompt. Because by using this solution most of the Discord Won’t Open problems have been solved.

Step 1:

Press the Start button and search for the Command Prompt.

Step 2:

After opening the Command Prompt type the below-given code and then press Enter.

taskkill / F / IM discord.exe

After executing this command you’ll receive the confirmation message for the Discord process termination.

4. Clearing the Cache file

Sometimes it happens when the cache memory of any application increases the application may start working abnormally. So, if you want to fix the Discord Won’t Open issue easily then must try this solution.

Follow these steps to clear the cache data:

Step 1:

Press Windows + R and open the Run command.

Step 2:

Write %appdata% into the Run command dialog box and then press OK.

Step 3:

Then you’ll find the Discord Folder, select it and Delete the folder.

Step 4:

Then Reboot your PC and restart the application.

4. Perform the SFC Scan

SFC is the System File Checker tool that is used to scan all the corrupted files in the system. This is the by default tool in most versions of the Windows OS. So you can easily fix the Discord Not Opening issues by following this technique.

Follow the below-given steps to perform the SFC scan:

Step 1:

Press the Windows + R to open the Run command.

Step 2:

Type cmd and open the Command Prompt.

Step 3:

Type the following command to perform an SFC scan.


Step 4:

Wait for the SFC to finish its scan. Don’t close the Command Prompt Window or Shut down your PC.

Step 5:

After finishing the scan Restart your system and then relaunch the application.

5. Update / Reinstall Discord

If all the above-given methods are not working on the Discord Won’t Open issue then you must have to update or reinstall the application.

Step 1:

Check for the updates available in the Application.

Step 2:

Update Discord and restart the PC and then restart the application.

Step 3:

Uninstall the application by navigating to the Control Panel. Then reinstall the application again.

6. Proxy Disabling

Discord doesn’t work well with VPN functionalities. If you’re using Discord then you must have to disable the VPN and Proxies. Because most of the Discord Not Opening issues are arising because of these reasons.

Step 1:

Press the Start button and search for the Control Pane.

Step 2:

Find out and click on the Network and Sharing Center from the list.

Step 3:

After opening the Network and Sharing Center click on the Internet Options present in the bottom-left.

Step 4:

In the Connection, the tab selects the LAN Settings present under the Local Area Network Settings portion.

Step 5:

Then untick the Use a Proxy Server for your LAN and then press OK.

Step 6:

Then click on the Apply button to disable the Proxy server.


How do I make discord open on startup?

To resolve the Discord Won’t Open issue First, launch the Discord Application. Then navigate to the Windows Settings from the User Settings tab. Then turn the slider ON by turning the toggle slider from OFF state to ON state.

How do I fix a black screen on discord?

Right-Click on the discord icon then find the Properties and Open Discord app as a compatibility setting and run again discord app to check your black screen is gone or not.

Conclusion – Discord Won’t Open issue

Here we can conclude that there are various ways to resolve this discord not opening issue. Because discord provides the ultimate forum and open community to discuss these kinds of errors and provide a perfect solution. So kindly follow the official solution of the Discord forum and there are many platforms that include this kind of question and solutions like stack overflow and stack exchange. Follow them and enjoy your fix.

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