15 Best FREE CAD Software You Should Use in 2021

There are so many computer-aided design (CAD) software available on the markets. This software could help you a lot in your daily routine activities and these are efficient tools to perform much-specialized work such as architecture, engineering, graphics designing, etc. Usually, this software is quite expensive and most people want to avoid these amazing tools. We are understanding your problems, so today we will introduce you to the top 15 free CAD software that can change your experience completely. In this article, we will also discuss why you should CAD software and the benefits of using the best CAD software. So, let’s start. 

Why you should use CAD software? 

These tools offer you an opportunity to improve the efficiency and quality of your professional as well as daily routine activities. The 3D visualization and simulation programs of CAD software are revolutionary techniques that can change your life. By using these tools, you can add many effects to your project that might be helpful in your professional life. Apart from this, you can also use tools to create 3D models or 3D prints which provides a visualization effect in your project. 

Best FREE CAD Software You Should Use

Now, it’s time to discuss the top 15 best free CAD software for your device. 

1. 3D builder

Everyone can use this free software which is used for 3 D printing or printing on your Windows. This software is also compatible with many Microsoft applications such as Xbox, and Hololens. If you are using a Microsoft phone, then you can install this software is free.  It can be integrated with windows also. You can use a 3D builder to scan any object and it provides an opportunity to convert these scanned files into 3D files. After converting them into 3D files you can also download these files in 3D print. 

FREE CAD Software

There is another fascinating feature of this software that a beginner user can also use because it’s straightforward to operate. This CAD software is used to build many 3D shapes and there are many formats available on this software to convert these files such as PLY, STL, and many more. 

You can download this software from the official website of Microsoft or tap on the link given below.

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2. 3D Slash

If you a beginner or looking for CAD software for your kids, then 3D slash is the best software for you. There are many features in these apps that are specially designed for educational purposes which helps your kid to learn things in the best way. In this software, there are many cuboids and you can use a hammer to remove these cubes one by one. If you want to add some more cubes, then you should use the trowel tool for this purpose. 

FREE CAD Software

Everyone can be Master on this software on little training and it provides you a tutorial video which will help you a lot.  The free version of the 3D slash has some little bit limitations. So, if you want to experience unlimited features then you should buy a subscription to this software at an affordable price of $2 per month.  

Click on this link to download this amazing software: – 

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3. Leopoly

Leopoly is the best free CAD software for those students who are keen to learn 3D designing or 3D modeling. This software provides you a platform where you can understand many complex arts and designs simply and easily. This software is developed by ZSpace, which helps many beginners to learn 3D modeling. 

FREE CAD Software

There is a ball of clay that can be modified into any desired shape by using various tools such as sculpting. The interface of this software is amazing and you can print your 3D design directly from the printer. Leopoly provides a library for uses for browsing various kinds of designs, projects, etc. 

Click on this link to download Leopold on your device: – 

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4. LibreCAD

This software is compatible with Windows, Linux, mac OS for free. This is the best free CAD software for 2D views. LibreCAD contains many tools that are used to create and edit designs. You can also watch the isometric view in this software. We are sure that this tool will fulfill your basic requirements for drawing. 

best FREE CAD Software

It supports many formats such as dxf, pdf, and SVG. If you are a beginner and confused regarding how to use LibreCAD then you shouldn’t need to worry because this software provides a tutorial video. You can learn every basic step to use this free CAD software easily. 

Tap on the given link to download this software on your device: –

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5. MagicaVoxel

This is very easy and simple to use. You can use this tool to design many arts by using Voxel. These buildings block are very charming and give a realistic view of your design. There are many options for modifying these blocks such as the selection of layers, change the density or volume of mesh. So, in this way, you can easily design your art into 3D models and it supports a lot of formats such as iso, mc, obj, etc. 

best CAD Software

If you are a game lover then you must give a try to this software in your life as it includes many games, Minecraft, Monument valley. This is the best free CAD tools for intermediate as well as beginner users.  

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6. SculptGL

3D sculpting is very popular among designers. This tool will give you a platform where you show your talents in designing 3D models. It consists of many basics tools that are used during designing. One thing that you should keep in mind while you were working with ScultGL is that you shouldn’t give a chance to form a high-resolution mesh right from the beginning. Keep in mind that your base should be strong if you are going to build an amazing 3D design. 

FREE CAD Software

You have a couple of options for improvement in your skills. You can change the size of the brush as per your convenience or requirements. By using these features you can give a realistic view of the sculpture. 

Visit the below link to download this best free CAD software: –

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7. Smoothie3D

Smoothie 3D is the best free CAD extensively used by artists. The most distinct feature of this software is that it can draw 3D models over 2D pictures. This software can be used to transfer the picture from 3D to 2D view and vice versa. It supports a wide range of formats such as OBJ and STL for import the files while it uses OBJ and STL for export the same files. 

FREE CAD Software

This free CAD software permits you to choose a wide range of shapes so that you can create any model as per your choice. 

If you want to download this software than tap on the given link: – 

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8. Tinkercad

If you are fond of addition and subtraction in shapes, then this is the best CAD software for you. Tinkercad is a very simple 3D modeling software and you can see easy mastering of modeling operations by using this software.

best CAD Software

It comprises of Codeblocker editor which is a pretty combination of various designs and codes which are helpful for students to solve their computational problems. You can learn a lot about electronic circuitry by using the circuit editor of this software. 

Tap here to download this amazing software: –  

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9. Antimony

You must give a try to antinomy if you are looking for free CAD software for parametric 3D modeling. This software is specially designed for your kid. This software contains a lot of shapes and you can use these shapes to create complex models by easily subtraction and addition.


If you’re tired of using complications of CAD software, then you must use this software as it is very easy and simple to operate. 

Link for downloading the software: – 

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10. eMachineShop

This software works on various platforms such as Windows and OS. You can use this software to create 2D and 3D models in many kinds of format such as STL, sto, and dxf. By using tools that are given in this software you can build a lot of projects. Many predesigned shapes such as flywheels, front panels, etc. help you a lot and it saves your time for 3D modeling.

FREE CAD Software

If you are doing any errors in your modeling, then this software immediately notifies you about your error. 

Click here to download eMachineShop: –  

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11. SketchUp free

Sketchup Free is the best tool for intermediate users and they can master 3D modeling by using this software. The neat and clean user based interface of this software makes it unique among other free CAD software.

best FREE CAD Software

Don’t worry if you are a beginner because this software is free from buttons so there aren’t any complications in operation. You can use a broad level of products in your project. You can unlock many pro features of this software by buying affordable prices.

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12. Blender

If you have sound knowledge of 3D modeling, then this software can be best for you as it gives reliability and versatility to your creations. This software is widely used by professionals to perform many tasks such as animated movies, visual effects to model, video games, and many more. It is full of many interesting and amazing features that will definitely attract you.


Some important feature of Blender which makes it distinctive is smoke and particle simulation, video editing, and sculpting. We strongly recommend that if you are a beginner then you shouldn’t use this software because it can be operated only by experienced users. 

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13. BRL- CAD

The BRL-CAD is unbeatable if you are categorized CAD software on basis of background. This is one of the oldest used CAD software which was first time used in 1979 by an army of U.S.A. to analyze various activities associated with defense.

BRL- CAD software

This software is academic, architecture, and industrial oriented. The CSG is the unique feature in this tool which is very attractive and increases the efficiency of this best free CAD software. 

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14. QCAD

This is used by beginner, advanced and intermediate users. It is considered as beat software for creating the 2D models free. Beginners mostly use this software, and they can learn a lot from this software in an easy manner.

QCAD software

You can use this free CAD software for industrial as well as architecture purposes. The user interface and graphics of model designs from this software are very nice. 

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15. K 3-D

The most amazing feature of this free CAD software is that you can edit any 3D file with gestures and its interface are quite attractive.

K 3-D software

This best free CAD software allows you to convert your 3D files into STL and obj format, and you can take out 3print of these files from your printer.  

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Conclusion – Best FREE CAD Software

Undoubtedly, CAD software is very crucial for 3D and 2D modeling which are widely used in various sectors such as education, architecture, engineering, and so on. Today, we introduce you to with top 15 free CAD software that is available on the internet. After going through every detail of various software that we mentioned in our article you will be able to choose the best software as per your requirement.  Have a good day!

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