How To Check If Samsung Phone Is Original Or Not

Wouldn’t it be great for you if you know how to check if your Samsung phone set is original or bogus? Many of the Samsung customers doubt if their phone is original or not. Especially second-hand buyers ask this question most often. So, there is nothing to worry about. You can follow some methods and tricks to confirm it.  Go through the complete article so that you can understand the techniques properly.

Samsung phone has the most number of customers and is the leading brand in the world. Therefore, the company comes up with the best phone models and the latest technologies, but the price is also high. High prices can be one reason people are looking for the same model at a cheap rate.

Many of the buyers do not have specific knowledge of phones. Taking this as an advantage, retailers produce fake products and sell them at a cheaper rate.

How To Check If Samsung Phone Is Original

So, if you have any doubt regarding your cell phone, we will provide you with a few ways to check if your Samsung phone is original or not.

Solution 1- Find if the phone is original through secret codes.

Some unique codes are created to check if your hardware in the system is alright. These codes can only work on the Samsung phone set, so through it, you can quickly check out if your cell phone isn’t fake. These codes will not work on a simulated device, so this can help you.

You will have to enter into the dialer keypad and write those codes. When you do this step, it will automatically navigate you to all the essential information.

Solution 2- Check the physical properties of the phone.

Nowadays, smartphones are getting smarter and are coming up with the latest technology and features. So, if you want to check the originality of your device, then check the basic elements of the phone.

  1. See if the screen brightening feature is working well. The original phone set will show you bright colors but the fake ones will not.
  2. Check if the area between the screen and the edge is not wide enough as in the duplicate smartphones.
  3. If your Samsung phone is original, then it will have a power button separated from the volume button. Moreover, in the duplicate device, the gap is unreasonable.
  4. Always check the phone screen before buying the device. The original phone’s screen will have glass material only. To find out this move your finger on the whole screen if you feel that the material is plastic then straightway don’t go for it.
  5. Check if your device has a Samsung sensor, as many of the clone devices do not have it.

These are straightforward ways through which you can find the originality of your Samsung device. If you are not able to check through this, then you can go with the next method. 

Solution 3- Check the device specification

Not only for Samsung phone, if you go to buy any phone or laptop always check the device specification mentioned on the box of the device. Check if your smartphone has all the specifications as written on the box. 

To check this, go to the settings option in your phone then click on the about phone option. Here you go, check all the details as mentioned on the box and confirm that all the specifications are the same. 

Solution 4- Use the applications on the phone

Simply by using the phone, you can check if your Samsung phone is original or not. Use a few applications on the phone and check if it works properly. 

Use phone camera

The quality of the clicked picture will tell you about the originality of the device. The fake Samsung device will not take a picture of high quality and resolution. So through this way, one can get to know the quality of the device.

Use some phone applications

The original phone will be able to run high load applications efficiently, but the fake devices won’t be able to tackle the load of the application. If you are using the wrong phone, the applications will not run, either it will hang or stop responding. 

Switch off and on your phone

The original Samsung phones will not take much time to switch on and off. If you are dealing with a fake mobile, then it will fail this test.  

Use multiple applications at a time

If you are using an original Samsung phone, then various applications will run at a single time you won’t face any issues on the phone. On the other hand, a fake Samsung phone won’t be able to run multiple applications, and consequently, the apps will stop responding.

Solution 5- Go for the checking of the IMEI code.

This number is specifically allocated to every device. So basically two different phones can’t use the same number. Therefore, your Samsung phone will also have such a unique code. Other than the original one, the fake ones will have an invalid set of codes so you can check this too. To check this-

1. Go to the settings of your phone.

2.  Now go to the ‘About phone’ option. 

3. Now, as you click on it, it will show you the original code, the phone model code.

Maybe you are dealing with a fake Samsung phone, so you can cross-check using these simple methods. It will just take few minutes of your time. It’s really important to know if you are using the correct device or not or else it might cause you some issues in the future.

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