How to Install and Download Bluetooth Drivers in Windows 10 PC

Whenever you install Windows 10 in your system. Windows is not installed with fully functional drivers; some of the driver’s utility does not come with the operating system; you have to manually insert or modify some of the drivers.

At the time of emerging technology and enhancement in electronic devices with the best hardware and software support, you can easily manage your system or here you can easily install Bluetooth drivers. Here is the Bluetooth driver installation and fix guide provided below you can follow the whole guide step by step.

Install and Download Bluetooth Driver In Windows 10

If you don’t install the Bluetooth drivers on your Windows 10 PC. Then First thing you have to download the drivers from the proper source. This process is totally reliable and easy you just have to acquire drivers and start the use of this incredible technology. 

Step-1: Check out Your System First

First, you need to check out your system configuration and find out your system properties and all configuration like processors and other technical stuff. Because some drivers are not compatible with your current configuration. So you need to find your exact system configuration and download drivers for it.

  1. First You need to Open Run Utility Using Windows + R.
  2. After that Type  “control” In Run Utility.
  3. Click on OK.
  4. This will open up Control Panel In your Windows 10.
  5. Now Select the Type of View as a Category 
  6. After that Click on the System and Security
  7. Now Next Window contains a System Option Select that.

After this process, you will get the all information related to your system like Processor, RAM, System Types Like  32-bit or 64-bit. So kindly Remember that all details related to your system configuration. Or you can note down these details.

Step-2: Now it’s time to find your best match Bluetooth Drivers

So, you need to open the system’s search engine like google chrome, bing, or Microsoft Edge browser. After that search for your required system drivers.Like,

  1. Open any of the Search Engines (Google Chrome, Bing, Microsoft Edge, etc.).
  2. Now in the search bar write your processor name along with the Bluetooth driver.
  3. After that, you will get the various Website links then find out the first official link to the Intel company Website. 
  4. Open Up that official link and Find a Suitable Driver File.
  5. Click on  Download. 
  6. Official Website will give you Virus-free Drivers files and you can Download Bluetooth drivers in Windows 10.

Step-3: Next, you need to install the Downloaded Drivers

So, now you have the downloaded file of the drivers for Windows 10 and which is suitable for your system. So For the installation of your Bluetooth drivers, you need to create an administrator account or if you have already an admin account then kindly install your BlueTooth drivers in your windows 10 with proper privileges.

How to Resolve issues of Bluetooth drivers in Windows 10

There are various methods to resolve the BlueTooth driver issues. Like sometimes drivers are not working properly in your system so you need to fix the Bluetooth driver issue in Windows 10. Kindly Follow these methods to fix your Bluetooth driver issue.

Method-1: You can Restart or Enable Bluetooth on your PC

Sometimes users don’t even realize that after the installation process of Bluetooth drivers you should disable Bluetooth itself in your system. So you need to check the status of your Bluetooth.

  1. Open up the Settings in your PC or Windows 10 (Shortcut key: Windows + I).
  2. After that Find the Devices.
  3. Now Select the Bluetooth and Other Devices from Menu Panel 
  4. Check out the toggle button if the toggle is by default on then Disable that toggle button and wait for one and a half minutes after that again start your Bluetooth and check if it is working properly or not.

Method-2: Run the System File Scanner

This is the fastest way to resolve the Bluetooth driver issues in Windows 10. You can apply manual system file scan using the command-line utility.

  1. Open CMD in your Windows 10 using Windows + R Command.
  2. After the prompt started to apply the SFC Scan with sfc /scannow

It will fix most of the issues in your system and give you the quickest way of solving the Bluetooth driver issues.

Method-3: Upgrade your Driver with the latest version

  1. Update the driver with first you have to apply Windows + X Combination
  2. It will open Device Manager.
  3. Now Select the Bluetooth Drivers and Right Click on that drivers and update drivers Online with latest Version.

Method-4: Run the Troubleshooter

Many times Windows 10 provides the by default troubleshooting options for various issues and for its fixing automatically. You can open the troubleshooter in your system and it will detect your errors and provides an automatic solution as per the errors.

  • Apply Windows+I combination.
  • It will Open up Settings in your system
  • Now Select the Update and Security 
  • Run the Troubleshooter.

Method-5: Frequently Update your Windows 10

When you download the Bluetooth Drivers in Windows 10 that if you are facing errors in Bluetooth drivers then first you have to check the latest version of your Windows 10 because after the latest update of windows your errors will be resolved automatically.

  1. First Open Settings on your System.
  2. Now Go to Update and Security.
  3. Click to Check the Latest Update release of Windows 10.
  4. If there is an Update then Kindly Upgrade your system with the latest release.
  5. Bingo! Your Issues Will be Resolved after Restarting PC.

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