Norton Utilities Review Prices, Features, and Pros & Cons

Norton Utilities Premium is one of the best pc optimization and cleaning software that optimizes your computer to provide better performance by removing browsing history and junk files. In this Norton Utilities Premium Review, we will see all the latest features and information about Norton Utilities Premium. 

If your PC’s performance is less than outstanding, Norton Utilities is a finely tuned application worth trying. Norton Utilities Premium helps maximize your PC’s computing power, memory, and hard drive for better performance when launching high-end applications. This tool optimizes your pc and maintains the performance of your PC. 

Norton Utilities is a premium pc tuneup software that is ideal for improving the performance of your computer. Listed are some of the features through which you understand how Norton Utilities Premium can help you keep your computer running without problems or delays. 

Norton Utilities Review

Norton Utilities Premium allows you to speed up your computer’s performance, including deleting files, scanning and detecting malware, fixing system problems, and closing background launchers among many others. This PC Optimization software is one of the best software to clean PC and it works with comprehensive technology to keep PC performance at the highest level for each person.

Norton Utilities Review

It fixes common PC problems, releases memory, speeds up startup time, increases program and system speed overall, and helps keep your PC running error-free. 

Norton Utilities Premium Specifications

Brand  Norton
Number of Users 10 PCs
Operating System Windows, Android, Mac, iOS
Internet security availability No
Subscription plan 1-2-3 Years
Usage Personal/Home
Parental Control Yes
Anti-Spyware Yes
Anti-Malware Yes
Advanced Security Yes
Anti-Ransomware Yes
Automatic Backup Yes
Virus Protection Yes
Web-portal Yes
Real-time Protection Yes

Norton Utilities System Requirements

Latest Version: 17.0.8

OS support: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, Windows 7

CPU: 1 GHz

Memory: 1 GB:32-bit, 2 GB: 64-bit

Hardware Requirements

  • 100 MB on Hard Disk
  • SVGA (1024 x 768) video
  • Internet connection

Norton Utilities Premium Prices

While describing Norton Utilities Premium Review it is essential to take a look at the price factor. Norton Utilities Premium is better known for its security and antivirus software than for its PC and system utilities. As one of the best-known brands in computer security, Norton offers professional programs at a reasonable price that are well-versed in the basics and have exciting advanced features. It provides a free trial for 30 days and then you have to start a subscription plan at $19.99/ year.  


If you feel that your system is running a bit slow, you can do some things on the hardware to try to clean it up or optimize it. Often your hard drives get fragmented, the Windows registry goes wrong, or junk files pile up, and your PC starts to slow down. Here are the features of Norton Utilities Premium.

Norton Utilities Premium Prices


This great Norton Utilities Premium feature helps to secure personal documents while protecting them from unwanted access. 

Fast Access

Norton Utilities Premium is an upgraded service built from the ground up with robust features built to make your Windows PC run as new as ever. Norton Utilities Premium fixes common problems and frees up space, giving you fast access to the programs you want when you want. 

Memory Optimization

Norton Utilities Premium helps to optimize your PC’s CPU and memory during launching and starting high-demand apps for better performance. It also helps resolve common problems of free space and provides faster access, and is a standalone product that can be used in combination with other security software to maintain your computer up-to-date and provide the highest possible performance.

System Upgrade

Norton Utilities Premium detects and fixes Microsoft Windows operating system problems, including corrupted or outdated registry entries, to improve the overall health and stability of your computer. Unnecessary temporary files, outdated registry entries, and hard disk problems can slow down your computer and cause crashes and file losses. 

Disk Cleanup

It scans the state of your hard drive and warns of possible hardware problems which may result in disk damage or information loss. The software repairs are broken drives so that they can function with speed and efficiency. 

Registry Cleaning

Norton Utilities premium aims to solve the problems of older computers by repairing invalid registry entries, free up disk space by cleaning registry, and removing unnecessary programs from the startup process. 


  • Optimizes CPU performance and memory space.
  • Enhance the system performance by removing unnecessary junk files.
  • Easy to use.
  • Come up with a user-friendly UI.
  • Protects personal data without any third-party access.
  • Easily deletes browser files data and cache.
  • Provides real-time system monitoring facility.


  • Lack of some community-based features.
  • Lack of some Windows 10 supporting features and functionalities.
  • Limitations of License.
  • There are no desktop widgets.

Conclusion – Norton Utilities Premium Review

All-in-one PC cleanup tool that keeps your PC clean and optimizes by deleting hidden records and files that are targeted by cybercriminals. You can also improve your digital privacy by using the browser file download and removal functionality. When you remove documents, history, temporary files, and the contents of the clipboard from the Recycle Bin, only small pieces of information are stored in Windows. 

Since we live in a digital age, it is typical to store personal files on your PC. Computer crashes happen all the time, no matter how you look at your computer. Help to rescue and delete corrupted files that are retrievable from your hard drive. 

We tested all PC cleaners and optimization tools to improve computer performance using the PCMark 10 benchmarks for word and data processing, graphics processing, Internet surfing speed, and video chat quality. While the Norton utilities improved the boot speed of our tested computers, their features help to improve the overall performance of the computers.


Is Norton Utilities any good?

Norton Utilities Premium is a first-class first aid software program that is not included in any of our program resources. It allows you to repair the Windows registry, delete traces of your online computer activity, and monitor and adjust your system for optimal performance. 

Is it worth installing Norton Utilities premium?

Norton Utilities Premium is one of the best-rated PC cleaning programs on the market. It is beneficial for strong computer security and protection against malicious malware. The company offers Norton Utilities Premium Coupon Codes for their use for their excellent experience and discounts on regular subscriptions.

What is the difference between Norton Utilities and Norton Utilities premium?

The main benefits of Norton Utilities and Norton Utilities Premium is to provide Extra benefits and services to end-users who are using the premium version.

What is included in Norton Utilities premium?

Norton Utilities Premium remains a well-rounded package that covers many of the most requested features. To run Norton Utilities Premium on your computer, your computer must have the Windows operating system.

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