What is Officeclicktorun.exe, Uses & How to Disable?

Is it necessary to uninstall officeclicktorun.exe? Microsoft created the executable file Officeclicktorun.exe, which is included in the Office 365 bundle. It aids in keeping your office suit up to date and performing well. However, suppose you’re having problems with your computer, such as a virus or unpleasant error messages. In that case, This means you must have installed the incorrect file, which could put your system at risk and lead you to lose data.

In this article you’ll learn about the officeclicktorun.exe file and also how to fix the problem?

What is Officelicktorun.exe?

What is Officeclicktorun.exe

Microsoft’s Office Click to Run is an executable file included in the Microsoft Office 365 package. Officeclicktorun.exe is a piece of software that provides online Microsoft Office, subscription, and streaming services through applications. The executable file was created in order to improve your experience and performance, which is why it takes up so much space.

Microsoft’s office-click-to-run helps in downloading the office 365 from Microsoft’s official website. This executable file allows you to run it even before the whole office bundle is downloaded. The executable file maintains and improves the performance of your Office 365 program.

That means that while downloading or installing updates, you may see that Officeclicktorun.exe is operating in the background and consuming CPU/Memory. It normally happens for a minute or two before being silent as soon as the downloading procedure is completed.

File Size & Location

The application runs in the background, and automatically repair Office files. Officeclicktorun.exe is located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ClickToRun\, and its average file size in Windows 10 and previous systems is approximately 1.85 MB.

Reasons behind officeclicktorun.exe errors?

The file OfficeClickToRun.exe is required to launch any Microsoft apps. Hackers spread their own malicious files using this file name. When you install it on your computer, it automatically starts and replaces the original file, leading the system to display officeclicktorun.exe problems.

The infections officeclicktorun.exe secretly install their executable on the targeted PC. They place their payloads in Windows system folders and change records at the same time, causing this file to run automatically every time the system is started.

This malicious program can seriously destroy your computer by installing various infections, collecting your keystrokes, transmitting your data to a remote server, and stealing your personal information, among other things.

Some common error messages

  • “Officeclicktorun.exe application error.”
  • “Error in the application path: officeclicktorun.exe.”
  • “Officeclicktorun.exe. “This program does not respond.”
  • “Error when starting the program: officeclicktorun.exe.”
  • “Officeclicktorun.exe is not a valid Win32 application.”
  • “Officeclicktorun.exe failed.”

Is this file harmful or not?

Many criteria go into determining if an application is legitimate or a virus. First, check the file size; according to the official website, officeclicktorun.exe should be 1.85 MB. Make sure you’ve ordered your office suit from the proper website as well. You should also examine the file path where it is saved. It should be C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ClickToRun\; otherwise, it is a matter of concern. Open task manager and look at the performance and CPU consumption of the officeclicktorun.exe file to validate.

You may also check if it’s a virus with some good antivirus software. If the file turns out to be a virus, destroy it right away.

Suppose you’re having trouble deleting a file. In that case, you can utilize a third-party software uninstaller to entirely erase it without leaving a trace.

How to remove the officeclicktorun.exe error

It is never a good idea to remove the office-click-to-run.exe file. It is a Microsoft Office 365 package installer that assists in keeping the software running; deleting the record will harm the software’s overall performance and render it insecure.

The executable file is responsible for keeping the software up to date and secure; its absence puts you in danger. So, before you consider eliminating something, think about it thoroughly. For a confirmed outcome, check the attributes and utilize antivirus software.

If the officeclicktorun.exe file is judged to be dangerous, your antivirus software will automatically remove it. You should be aware that your Microsoft Office suite may not function properly without this file.

If you have any doubts about the file, you should delete it entirely and reinstall it from the official website.


Also, try DISM.exe/Online/Cleanup-image/Restorehealth, which will scan and restore your complete operating system by deleting all hazardous files while preserving your data.

However, if you wish to get rid of this file, follow the procedures below:


  • In the Windows search box, type Control Panel and hit Enter.

Windows search box

  • Under the Program & Features menu, select Uninstall a program.

Program & Features menu

  • Uninstall software can be found under the program.
  • Locate Microsoft Office and right-click to uninstall it.
  • Also, every time you’re requested, click confirm.


I hope this article will give you complete details regarding officeclicktorun.exe which is a critical program that can be downloaded safely from the official website. If you get it from somewhere else, you’ll have to deal with unpleasant error messages, and your privacy may be compromised.


What is OfficeClickToRun.exe?

Ans. The Microsoft Office 365 package includes an executable file called Office Click to Run. Officeclicktorun.exe is a piece of software that provides online Microsoft Office, subscription, and streaming services.

Can I disable OfficeClickToRun?

Ans. Press Enter after searching for MSConfig in Windows search. Find Microsoft Office Click-to-Run, which is a service that allows you to run a program. If the service is currently running, right click or press the Stop button. Select Disabled as the Startup type.

Is click-to-run a virus?

Ans. No, click-to-run is not a virus. It is a program that helps in updating and managing the performance of office 365. However, if you haven’t downloaded it from the official website and it shows some error. Make sure to use antivirus software to find and remove any anamolies.

What is Microsoft Office Click-to-Run, and do I need it?

Ans. Click-to-Run is a Microsoft streaming and virtualization technology that speeds up the installation process and allows you to run multiple Office versions on the same computer. 

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