10 Best Procreate Alternatives for Windows and Android

Who does not loves to do digital painting on their desktop, Smartphone, and tablets? When it comes to the raster graphics editor app, the Procreate is an amazing one. Savage Interactive Procreate is designed for iOS and iPad OS. However, they are not with the majority of the people. Here, we have listed the best Procreate Alternatives, which you can enjoy drawing and editing images, which is similar to Procreate, does. They are available as free, freemium, and paid painting apps.

Best Procreate Alternatives for Windows and Android

1. ArtFlow

The Art Flow Studio has developed At Flow Drawing App as a Procreate alternative. The Samsung Smartphone users are most benefited as it can integrate with its PEN.UP. Hence, they are most used, and the ArtFlow is one of the preferred drawing apps in mobile digital art artists. It will help you if you give a try on its free version. It is easy to download the 2.8 version and install, as it needs a few credentials only. It is one of the best apps for amateur and professional drawing artists.

Art Flow Features

  • Art Flow has 80+ drawing brushes.
  • Windows users can use this app as it works on sRGB.
  • Canvas rotation enables you to draw and paint with your convenience.
  • It supports the document import framework.

Art Flow Price

$ 4.99 for Pro License

2. Paintology

Paintology is an excellent painting app for everyone, who wishes to do online painting and share too. This app is the next best Procreate alternative. It is a free drawing app by paintology.com and available in Google Play Store. Its file size is 15-MB only. It will help you if you download the latest version, which is 1.40 as on 2nd October 2020. However, you need an android phone 4.4 and above to learn or do a digital drawing for your professional or artistic work needs.

Paintology Features

  • This app has drawing modes like canvas, overlay, and trace mode.
  • It has 100+ tutorials for any armature artists to get help online and do drawing and painting.
  • There are 30-brushes for digital painting and drawing.
  • Paintology Art and Designs update their app periodically such that all digital artists get the latest in art technology.

Paintology Price

Free App as of 2020.

3. PaperColor

Colorfit develops PaperColor as the best for beginners’ painting app as a Procreate alternative. All you need is an android phone 4.0.3 and above to make your creative artwork dream come true digitally. It is a user-friendly painting application with guides and tutorials. It has 4.1 ratings in Google Play Store with more than 10,000,000 installations as of June 2020. This app file size is 17MB only. It will help you if you download the latest version 02.04.01 from trusted app stores. Colorfit has developed this painting app

PaperColor Features

  • User-friendly painting tools
  • Colour options are more to select from the library.
  • Different types of paintbrushes
  • Best for doodling artwork

PaperColor Price

Free and paid in-app products priced from $ 0.99 to $ 04.99 per item

4. SketchBook

It is one of the most sufficient raster graphics software applications, which is developed by Autodesk Inc, CA. They have designed this painting app for professional artists as a Procreate alternative. Its file size is 77.43 MB only. Your android phone or tablet must be 4.1 and above to install and sketch your drawing dreams. It has 4.2 ratings in Google Play Store. Autodesk has developed this software for desktop users and Smartphone users.

SketchBook Features

  • Line art imports are possible online in the form of a transparent background.
  • SketchBook comes with camera scanning.
  • SketchBook supports cross-platforms
  • SketchBook has 190+ paintbrushes.

SketchBook Price

Free trial and $ 04.99 for Pro Membership

5. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

It is the best Procreate alternative for android and desktop users. Abode is famous for its raster graphics editor. This drawing and painting app is most suitable for amateur and professional artists. Its file size is 49.5 MB only. You can download it on Android 4.4 and above. It has 5,000,000 plus downloads from Google Play Store. This app has 4.1 ratings. People familiar with Photoshop can do wonders with this drawing app.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch Features

  • This painting app has much precision to match as a Procreate alternative.
  • This app-enabled you to draw on multiple layers.
  • You can do art and design work on vector graphics.
  • You can do painting with customs sketch brush.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch price

Free pp

6. ArtRage

It is a popular bitmap graphics editor, which is developed by Ambient Design Ltd. It is an excellent Procreate alternative for Desktop and Android users. You need an android phone, which is 4.1 and above to do creating artwork digitally. This app file size is 20 MB only. You must download the latest version, which is 1.3.21. This art app is must suitable to draw sketch and paint by kids to grown-up adults. It has a bunch of painting tools to do creative at and designs.

ArtRage Features

  • ArtRage allows you to set customs painting tools and you can use them as preset ones.
  • ArtRage works on S-Pen for Samsung Smartphone users.
  • This app allows the users to do unlimited undo and redo on art and painting digitally.
  • You can manage your sketches in the ArtRage Gallery.

ArtRage Price

$ 04.99

7. Concepts

It is a great Procreate alternative app developed by TopHatch, Inc. You need android set version 7.0 and above to install this painting and sketching app. This app file size is 134 MB. It will help you if you download the latest version, which is 2020.11.2 (0).

Concepts Features

  • This painting app enables you painting to be exported to a 120-Hz screen for a smoother finishing looks.
  • You can draw and paint on infinite canvases.
  • Vector-based sketching allows you to create artwork and design, as you needed.
  • This app allows you to drag and drop such that you save time in digital painting work.

Concepts Price

In-app Products are priced at $ 01.99 to $ 29.99 per item

8. ibis Paint X

This painting app is a remarkable Procreate alternative, which is developed by ibis Inc. You need an android phone or tablet, which is 4.1 and above to do digital art and design works. Its file size is 27 MB. This drawing app is downloaded more than a million times. It has 2500 art and design materials for the amateur and professional painters and sketchers. The developer has put this app as a fermium product. It helps beginners as a versatile drawing application.

ibis Paint X Features

  • You can make us of 380 brushes for your creative painting.
  • You can share your painting in multiple platforms online.
  • You can do unlimited layers.
  • It fixes bugs automatically.

ibis Paint X Price

In-app products are prices at $ 02.99 to $ 08.99 per item

9. MediBang Paint

MediBang Inc has developed this digital painting app as a Procreate alternative for Android and Windows users. The android users must have a 5.0 and above devices. This app file size is 31 MB only. Its latest version is 20.1. This app is the best to create comics. It has many user-friendly tools such that anyone can bring their digital art into a fantastic piece of digital art. This app enables you to use cloud platforms.

MediBang Paint Features

  • It has many illustration tools to help comic book artists.
  • Free storage and backup
  • It has Force Fade, which enables you to draw with fingers precisely.
  • You can make customs layer over different layers.

MediBang Paint Price

In-app Products are priced at $ 04.49 to $ 06.49 per item

10. Tayasui Sketches

This drawing app is simply the best Procreate alternative, which is developed by Tayasui. You can use this app on android devices, which is 4.4W and above. Its file size is 58 MB only. It will help you if you download the latest version 1.0.64 from a trusted app market online. This version was released on 12th December 2020. It is a user-friendly app, which is beneficial to youngsters, amateur artists, and professionals.

Tayasui Sketches Feature

  • It has a precision cutter for a better finish in artwork digitally.
  • It has many types of blending modes.
  • This Procreate alternative comes with an Auto hide UI feature.
  • It has more than twenty ultra-realistic tools.

Tayasui Sketches Price

In-app Products are priced at 06.49 per item

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