6 Ways To Fix “Scratch Disk Are Full” Error In Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the best editing software amongst all the other software used for media editing and management. Graphics designers, web designers, and photographers use this software to edit image files as the application offers them many features to bring up the unique work of art. Being on the top list also, users do face multiple errors while working on Photoshop. It’s too irritating to get these error messages from time to time. Many designers must have seen the error message “Scratch disks are full” while working on the system. To fix this issue, we have got you specific methods and tricks that can help you eliminate this error message. Before that, let’s understand what a scratch disk is. 

A Scratch disk is a storage disk used to store all the files and images while the application is in the working process. The software uses this storage disk to save all the data that cannot be stored in the RAM while working on it. Scratch disk is mainly a virtual memory that keeps up the history and data of the software’s work.   

Why does Scratch Disk Are Full Error ?

Before you try to fix this up, it’s essential to understand the real fact behind the error coming up. 

1. Memory space is absent

Maybe it’s one of the reasons that the software is showing up this error frequently. Lack of memory space is the reason why your application is not working smoothly and fast.

2. A Large amount of temporary files

Photoshop keeps the temporary data of the edited images were did by the application. Sometimes when you don’t shut down the application correctly, it stores the temporary files, and similarly, the other files get piled up, causing the error. 

3. Photoshop cache is filled up

If you do not delete the cache, it will fill up with time and cause an issue in the software. It’s necessary to clean up the store from time to time to avoid any error message. 

We have discussed a few reasons that can be an issue while working on this application.

Fix “Scratch Disk Are Full” Error In Photoshop

Now let’s dig into the few techniques to apply to make your application work smoothly. 

1. Check if the disk space is free or not

As mentioned earlier, if your system does not have the required amount of space, then you will face the issue while working on the application. Ensure that your scratch disk has at least 40 GB of data to perform your task without any interruption. If you don’t have the required amount of space, clear the irrelevant data and files, none of your use. 

2. Remove temporary files

Try to remove the temporary files stored themselves. As you move on with your projects, the software keeps all the media and images in the Windows, creating an issue in saving all your other project’s files. Photoshop is a software that stores all your work in the drive-in case your computer shuts down suddenly. It holds the temporary data to avoid any data loss and keep a backup of your work.  Also, if you try to force stop your operation many times, it will store a massive amount of temporary data making your system work slower. Therefore, make sure that your system has ample space to work without any error message. 

Deleting the temporary files is not a heavy task, so go to the temporary files folder and delete the files with the tag Photoshop temp. This step will delete all your temporary files from your device. Using this method, delete all the unnecessary files and free up space for other vital projects. 

3. Clear scratch disk using Cleanmymac

All the mac users can apply this method if you are also facing the scratch disks are full error frequently. The main reason the error shows up is that your MAC is filled up with data and files, so here it needs to be cleared. Cleanmymac is an application that helps you view all the files and data you have on the scratch disk. With this app, one can effortlessly perform this way to get rid of the error coming up. 

Cleanmymac comes up with a fantastic feature called space lens that provides its users an outline of the mac data so that it becomes easy for the users to check the data and folders and delete all the irrelevant data that fills up the memory space. Let’s check how you can use this software on your Mac system. 

  • Open the software on your Mac PC. 
  • When the page opens up, click on the space lens on the side of the window.
  • Now click on the scan button on the bottom side of the page. 
  • As your system completes the scanning process, check for the useless data, and remove the files using the remove button on the bottom of the page.  

4. Relocate the position of the scratch disk.

Usually, one should not fill up the memory space as it can show up some error messages, and I am sure that you don’t want it while working, right.? As the subheading says, you can change the scratch disk’s location to avoid issues while working on Photoshop.

 To apply this method- 

  • Go to the edit menu and choose preferences. 
  • Now click on the Scratch disk option. 
  • As you open it, you will see a list of drives to relocate the scratch disk. Choose the preferred industry, and there you go. 
  • Before opening the new drive, restart your system.

5. Allow Photoshop to access RAM

Random-access memory might help you to avoid the overloading of the scratch disk. It can access the temporary data for that moment, which could resolve your problem. Usually, RAM has 60 percent access to Photoshop. Moreover, you can extend the limit of RAM to access the data of the software. Let’s go into the details to change the settings to allow access to Photoshop. 

  • Open the Photoshop application and choose the edit menu on the windows. 
  • Now choose preference after clicking on the edit menu. 
  • As you click on preferences, choose the performance option. 
  • As you click on the tab, move the slider under the memory usage tab to increase the limit of the RAM to access the software data. 

Please limit the access below 80 percent as if you provide the pass more than the limit, that would slow down your computer. 

6. Manage the preferences of scratch disks

If you are a photographer or a graphic designer and regularly use it, this method can apply to your system. You can create a relentless drive to avoid any error messages coming up. You can use the software this way, too, but since you are regularly using the software, you can allow the application to use the partitioned space to lower the data burden. To apply this method, follow a few steps. 

  • Open the software and click on the edit menu and choose preferences.
  • Now after choosing preferences, click on the scratch disk option. 
  • As you open it, select the drives you want to create a partition by clicking on the checkboxes in front of the data drive. 
  • Now click on the ok button to exit from the window. Restart your PC to use the software after managing the preferences. 

Conclusion – Fix “Scratch Disk Are Full” Error

Till here, we discussed various methods that could help you avoid the scratch disks are full error. You can opt for any of the methods which are apt for your PC or laptop. Go through all the methods mentioned above. All the techniques are easy to perform. Therefore, you can smoothly perform the task without any interruption.

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