10 Best Free Mac Cleaner Software and Optimization Utilities

It is common for us to clean our rooms and clothes. So, why not clean our Macs? However, no one likes to waste their days simply digging through various files and folders. There are multiple places like video, music, email downloads and apps along with other countless locations present in your Mac where the clutters are accumulated. Here we have listed best free Mac cleaner apps which will help you to clean and optimize your Mac.

What Is Mac Cleaner App?

Mac Cleaning Apps are mainly designed to clean the Mac, boost any kind of performance, manage data, optimize memory, remove junk files, clean malware infections and uninstall any kind of apps.

There are number of unwanted files and data available in your Mac which slow down speed of your system. We have tried and tested 20 mac cleaning tools and list out the best from the list.

Best Free Mac Cleaner Apps In 2021

1. CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac is one of the best mac cleaning apps with a drag and drops feature, along with the textual and visual detail regarding the disk usage.

CleanMyMac has different features like cleaning which removes unwanted files, protection which keeps your mac free from Malware and Speed up your mac. This application helps to clean the cache files and get rid of the unwanted apps.

Best Mac Cleaner


  • Removing browsing history along with offline and online activity traces.
  • Offering malware scanning and removal.
  • Disk cleanup
  • Multi-lingual
  • System Cleaner For Mac
  • Hard drive Cleaning
  • Cache Cleaner


The Mac cleaner app is priced at $34.95.

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2. MacBooster

It would be rare to find a good and advanced Mac cleaner app that can help in securing and optimizing your Mac. IObit realized this and released the best one-stop maintenance tool for Macs all around the world, and it is the MacBooster.

As soon as this comprehensive Mac maintenance tool is installed right on your Mac, you won’t need to worry about the various malicious files and the infectious ones. The major interface of this Mac cleaner tool is critical and in a single click, you can scan the system for various viruses, junk files, and even memory optimization.

When the scan is over, you can fix all the detected errors and this is only possible in the paid version. But if you are using the trial version, you might be only being able to view many errors, and you won’t be able to fix them.



? Fixes the Mac disk permission issues.

? Performance booster

? Deep system cleanup, startup app optimizer, and memory booster

? Full security protection

? Storage Cleaner

? Safest Mac Cleaner tool


The tool is priced at $59.95 for 3 license price.

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3. CCleaner For Mac

Developed by the Piriform, CCleaner is one of the popular and best Mac cleaner tools. It is a professional cleanup tool and can help in boosting system performance.

There are three tabs in this tool – Tools, Cleaner, and Options. All these three contain the required functionalities that help in optimizing the Mac. Also, the tool is available in both the free and paid version. Additionally, the tool is available in both Mac and Windows. So, if you have switched from Windows to Mac OS, then this would a great cleaning app for you.

CCleaner For Mac


? Real-time monitoring

? Safer browsing

? Junk file cleaning

? Uninstaller for removing unwanted files in a single go.

? Disk Cleaner


The tool is priced at $19.95.

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4. Smart Mac Care

If you are on the lookout of what is the best Mac cleaner that you want to use, then try the Smart Mac Care. This is App stream certified and so, it is a really reliable one. The tool will take care of your Mac completely and whether it is decluttered providing security from malware, this tool help in solving all the privacy issues online.

This is the best disk cleaner for mac that works towards providing the best in terms of performance. Also, the optimization of the Mac s processed using various kinds of useful tools like Duplicate remover, Uninstaller, and deleting various incomplete downloads and files.

Being one of the interesting Mac cleaner apps, this s well equipped with many tools that are necessary for optimizing the Mac. As soon as it is used, it will easily show a great amount of boost in terms of the performance of your Mac.

Mac Cleaner Software


? Advanced tools for assisting you to get the best cleaning services.

? A faster solution for cleaning space on the Mac.

? Extra security along with web protection.

? Improving speed and performance.


The tool is priced at $49.95.

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5. TuneUpMyMac

Systweak provides both the Disk Clean Pro and TuneUpMyMac tool. Still, they are different from each other. Frankly, once you have used the TuneUpMyMac, the UI of both of them would look quite similar.

For freeing up space, this best Mac cleaner tool won’t ask you to transfer the data. Here it would clean the junk files, duplicates, temp files, cache, etc. Most importantly, this Mac cleaning tool is fully compatible with Mac OS 10.9 or higher.

Mac Cleaner Software


? Powerful and trustworthy Mac cleaning applications that helps to get rid of various infections.

? Blocks unnecessary apps and improves the web browser experience.

? Scans and deletes app cache, duplicates, and old downloads.

? Makes one learn how to handle startup apps.


The tool s priced at $99.95.

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6. Daisy Disk

The app allows one to get the bird’s eye view of Mac’s storage system right in the form of a chart. So, this will help you to immediately recognize the flaws that are present in your storage partition and even help in making some of the major changes as per it.

The best part is that you don’t require a separate tool for removing the unwanted files as just a simple drag and drop would remove the junk files forever. Additionally, the app is capable of scanning more than one single disk at the same time and even at maximum speed.

Mac Cleaner Software


?Easy to preview content within the QuickLook feature.

? The free version has various interesting features.

? Best performance booster.

? Efficient disk cleanup.

? This is one of the best app to clean mac


This mac cleaner tool is priced at $9.99.

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7. Disk Inventory X

Considered as one of the best and easy to use Mac Cleaner tools, this provides users the visual and textual details regarding the disk usage. Also, it is easy to download and install and has a User Interface.

When you open the Disk Inventory X, it will display the disk selector dialog box. So, you can choose the disk that you want and this will get expanded to a bigger Window. Now on the left-hand side panel, you can view the whole size of the files and folders and that too in the hierarchical order.

Mac Cleaner Apps


? Finds out which files consume the most of the disk space and try to reclaim that.

? Easy to install and the interface is clean.

? The tool is free to install and use.

? The graphical interface allows you to glance at how much space is used.


The app is free to use and download.

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8. OnyX

As one of the best Mac cleaner software, this is developed by the Titanium software. Well, the total size of this tool is 5 MB and this doesn’t mean that the capabilities are limited.

Now the OnlyX is a great tool that even programmers would have a lot of fun using. The best part is that you can easily peek under the hood of the MacOs and even be able to automate the whole list of jobs like cache removal and disk cleanup.

Mac Cleaner Apps


? Convenient help files that are tied to each of the pages of Onyx.

? Easy to access various hidden Mac features.

? Only a single automaton procedure is supported.

? The user interface is easy for using.

? One of the Good Macbook cleaner


The tool is free to use and download.

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9. Parallels Toolbox

Parallels are one of the best free Mac Cleaner tools that sell various tools for doing many actions on your Mac. The best aspect of this tool is that it allows you to clean the Mac.

The Toolbox feature contains various tools that can be used for cleaning the Mac-like uninstall app, drive cleaner, find duplicates, memory cleaner for mac, etc.

Parallels Toolbox


? Creates password-protection archives.

? Creates archives with many files from various locations using the Archive.

? The alarm feature sets an alarm for a specific time and date notification.

? Easy to use and interactive.


The tool is priced at $15.99 for a year.

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10. DiskCleanPro

As there are a plethora of best Mac cleaner tools, this might be your favorite one. It is the cheapest of all and the one that is easy to use. Also, in the Mac App store, this is considered the number one disk cleanup utility tool. Frankly, this is a top Mac cleaner that is compatible with the macOS versions and is easily designed for cleaning tools and optimization utility.

Developed by the Systweak software, this app is malware-free and easy to use and even detects the system cache, app cache, old downloads, unwanted language packs, etc.



? Scans the downloaded folders and files that are older than a day or year.

? Partial download and junk file cleaner.

? User-friendly interface.

? One-click cleaning feature that deletes the useless and obsolete files.


The price of this best Mac cleaner is $10.99.

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Conclusion – Best Free Mac Cleaner

Well, as you are going to purchase or try out a good Mac cleaner too, you need to go with the one that is the best free Mac cleaner. Do good research and you can even check out the ones listed above. Select the one that is apt for your requirements.

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