10 Best Free Scanner Software for Windows 10 to Scan Documents

Today, no one wishes to pay for scanning as one can send, receive, or download on various internet-enabled devices. Moreover, you will Go Green, as you will not waste paper when the best scanner software for Windows is available as free and paid tools. Here, we have listed the top-ten scanner software for windows 10 to scan documents. These listings are based on user rating, ranking, and reviews. They are real-time users and tested them with satisfaction.

Best Free Scanner Software for Windows 10

1. Office Lens

Office Lens is free scanner software for Windows 10. The world-renowned technology service provider, the Microsoft Corporation develops it for Windows 10 OS users. Hence, you can download it free and install without any worries of virus and threats. It is one of the best scanner software for Windows as of 2020. It is advisable to download this software from Microsoft’s official website. They are also available in trusted app stores online.

Best Free Scanner Software

Features of Office Lens

  • You can convert documents to different file formats.
  • It allows you for data capture and transfers to others.
  • This software is available in other languages.
  • It comes with search functionality features.

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2. PDF Document Scanner

It is user-friendly scanner software for Windows. Anyone with a computer and knowledge of reading can independently start to sand images or documents quickly. It is because they have significantly fewer navigation buttons available on this scanner software. Its current version is 6.2.6. Lufick is the developer of this scanner software. They have released a new version on 26th November 2020. As of today, there are 10,000,000+ downloads for this PDF document scanner.

PDF Document Scanner

Features of PDF Document Scanner

  • This software comes with edge detection technology for error-free scanning documents.
  • You can use the cloud platform to store scanned documents.
  • Document merger is possible with this document scanner software.
  • It automatically deducts duplicate scanning.

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3. PaperScan

It is free scanner software for Windows by DocuWare GmbH. You must download its latest versions 2.3.3. The file size is 25 MB only. After scanning the documents, you can store them in cloud platforms in any file format. In this way, you can save papers in your office or for personal use. This scanner software allows you to import and share scanned documents. It is a user-friendly scanner, which you can learn to scan documents without any difficulties.

PDF Document Scanner

Features of PaperScan

  • It supports 100+ formats for scanned documents.
  • You can improve the quality of scanned documents by using the image quality feature.
  • It allows you to crop, and re-size scanned documents through an area selection feature.
  • It enables you to scan in batches.

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4. NAPS2

This scanner software for Windows is free as of now. They do provide free tutorial for anyone new to this software. This user-friendly scanner software precisely scans documents and will save them in your preferred format. You can use cloud storage and send the scanned documents to other devices too. Hence, it is best for personal use and business purpose. By this, you can save paper and store scanned documents in different storage mediums.

Scanner software

Features of NAPS2

  • This scanner software supports TWAIN and WIA.
  • OCR feature enables to find a document by typing texts.
  • This language supports 40 languages.
  • You can scan and save the documents in different file formats.

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5. Cloud Scan

It is the best scanner software for Windows, which is free for users. You can use for scanning at home and office purposes. Either, you can use them in networks and share your scanning with different users. This user-friendly software enables you to scan docs in other file formats. The free software permits you to do unlimited document scanning. You can store them in free cloud platforms too. It will be better to download the new version 1.2 as of December 2020.

Features of Cloud Scan

  • Multiple users for scanning documents can access this software from one system.
  • This free scanner software for Windows 10 has an image enhancement feature.
  • You can scan and share documents on trusted cloud-platforms.
  • It has a one-click quick scan feature.

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6. Advanced Scan to PDF Free

This free scanner software for Windows is useful for personal and business use. This windows scanner is simple the best as it does not use any tools. All you can do is unlimited document scanning anytime anywhere. The developer of this scanning software is going to add many advanced features. It will automatically come in updates. All you need is to wait for their new version release, which might be with many additional features that are not with other free scanners.

Advanced Scan to PDF Free

Features of Advanced Scan to PDF Free

  • This scanner helps you to scan and archive your documents.
  • This software enables you to streamline a workflow and scan on-by-one quickly.
  • It scans many types of docs and images.
  • It has a quick PDF conversion time.

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7. Free Scan to PDF

It is the best scanner software for Windows, which is free for a lifetime. You must download its latest version 1.0 online. It has an excellent rating and ranking by real-time users. They have pride in using this software to scan docs and send them in the preferred formats to different devices online. It is an excellent PDF converter tool too. Anyone with computer knowledge can use this software for scanning without getting any help.

best scanner software

Features of Free Scan to PDF

  • It has high-quality scanning such that output will look excellent and precise.
  • This scanner software for Windows allows you to scan docs in unlimited numbers.
  • You can select the desired file format and scan them with a single click.
  • It will enable you to do pre-scan and post-scan works.

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8. Windows Scan

The Microsoft Corporation develops this free scanner software for Windows 10. Its downloadable file size is just 4-MB only. However, you have to sign-in to download and install in Microsoft account. It is a user-friendly scanner for everyone into the business and personal scanning use. You can try a demo or help guide and try if you have not scanned a document or images yet. It has help guide in different international languages.

Windows Scan

Features of Windows Scan

  • It enables you to sue Microsoft libraries for storing scanned documents.
  • You can scan and save scanned docs in different file formats.
  • You can select your preferred scanned documents to save in a location.
  • You can preview before scanning and saving a copy.

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9. Easy Scan

This free scanner software for Windows 10 is developed by Bfery. As of today, they have crossed a million marks in downloading by different users across this globe. The developer has made it user-friendly such that many prefer to use this software without finding an advanced scanner. It will be better to download its new version 3.6.1 online. However, the file size is 38-MB, which may take a few minutes to download and use this easy Scan.

free scanner software

Features of Easy Scan

  • This scanner allows you to scan in clear PDF format.
  • It has a quick scan feature, which scans your documents within a fraction of seconds.
  • This scanner software helps you to save and share your documents on different storage platforms.
  • It has an enhanced PDF saving option.

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10. ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY develops this free scanner software for Windows 10. This software has more than 1,000,000+ downloads as on November 2020. It is the best scanning software to use for personal and business. It will help you if you download the latest version online. Rest, you can start scanning documents independently like a professional. You must download its latest version, which is 14.0. ABBYY has updated this software in March 2020.

free scanner software

Features of ABBYY FineReader

  • It is the best scanner software for Windows 10 to scan and save in high-quality PDF files.
  • It has an OCR feature.
  • This software supports editing docs.
  • You can do unlimited scanning and save them in different file formats.

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Conclusion – Best Free Scanner Software

We hope you can find the right scanning software for windows 10, after reading this article. As of today, they are free. The developer might add a paid add-on later. It is advisable to read the terms, conditions, and privacy policy before downloading any scanner software.

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