10 Best Windows 11 Themes For Desktop In 2021

Have you updated your Windows OS to Windows 11 and looking for exclusive and vibrant themes and  skins then you are on the right platform. In this article we will be discussing the best free windows 11 themes through which you can customize your desktop and make it look as you want.

Through the various themes and skins for Windows 11 you can customise your desktop’s background wallpaper, icons, sound effects, mouse cursor and colour scheme. The themes and skins listed in this  article would let you create your desktop as per your desire. The best thing about the Windows 11 skins  is that it will make your windows system look like a macOS or Linux computer. 

If you are looking for the best themes and skins for Windows 11 then your search is ending here. In this  article we have listed the top themes and skins for Windows 12 that will help you in creating a unique of  your desktop. Lets read the further article to know more about themes and skins that are available for Windows 11.  

10 Best Windows 11 Themes (Free Download)

1. The Witcher 

The Witcher is the best free Windows 11 theme for the users who love games and movies. The Witcher is the most popular game on which the movie makers have created a web series. So if you are a fan of the Witcher web series or games and want to design your desktop screen just like the Witcher series then  you should definitely go for the Witcher themes and skins for your Windows 11. When you download the Witcher theme you will get the total ten wallpapers based on the Witcher web series. The only drawback of this Windows 11 theme is that unlike others it can’t change icons and cursors.

The Witcher 


  • It offers high quality wallpapers based on witcher games. 
  • It has ten wallpapers from Witcher web series 
  • Install skin packs to further customize the theme 
  • It consists 10 HD wallpapers 

Free Download

2. MacOS Monterey SkinPack 

MacOS Monetary SkinPack is the best Windows 11 theme if you are looking for a theme that can  convert your Windows PC into MacOS. It can change the icons, taskbar, desktop layout and everything  on your windows to give you the exact appearance of a Mac device. MacOS Monetary SkinPack offers a clean  user interface that is easy to use. According to the developer you need to delete the existing skin pack or  theme before applying the macOS skin pack otherwise you will get trouble. It comprises several amazing  wallpapers that would help you in creating the look of your Windows 11 as you need.  

MacOS Monterey SkinPack 


  • It offers themes like macOS 
  • Lite version is free 
  • Themes are available in both dark and light editions of macOS
  • It offers launchpad similar to macOS 

Free Download

3. Mountain Dwellings  

Another in the list of best Windows 11 themes is Mountain Dwellings. The theme consists of twelve unique images and wallpapers of beautiful sceneries including huts and mountains. So, if you are fond of  huts and mountains and a nature lover then you should choose a mountain dwelling theme to create a  refreshing look for your Windows 11. The themes are free to use and you can easily download windows  11 themes using Mountain dwellings.  

Mountain Dwellings  


  • The theme is best for mountain lovers  
  • Available in Microsoft store 
  • It is compatible with Windows 10 version 14951.0 and up 
  • It consists 12 amazing wallpapers of huts and mountains 

Free Download

4. 3D Theme 

If you want to customise your Windows 11 desktop with 3D effects then 3D Theme would be the best  Windows 11 theme for you. It includes the amazing 17 high definition wallpapers that can give a unique  look to your 3D graphics. The installation process is quite simple and makes it easier to  download Windows 11 themes. To get the 3D graphics theme you just need to download 3d .deskthemepack file and open it. 3D Theme is a free feature-packed Windows 11 theme.  

3D Theme 


  • It offers high quality 3D wallpapers  
  • 3D figures background with unique shape and colours 
  • Easy installation and application of themes 
  • It consists 17 HD wallpapers  

Free Download

5. Ubuntu SkinPack 

Next in the list of best Windows 11 Themes is Ubuntu SkinPack. Its name says all about the theme that  it consists of the themes that will make your system look like a Ubuntu PC. It is a Unix-based OS SkinPack  that is very lightweight and can run smoothly on your low-powered laptops. There is a drawback of  Ubuntu SkinPack that it doesn’t support all the Windows versions. It offers amazing themes for free but  to unlock some exclusive features you need to pay 3 dollars. The menu designs, buttons, icons and left aligned taskbar gives you a feel of the Ubuntu interface on your Windows 11.  

Ubuntu SkinPack 


  • Lightweight and fast 
  • You need to pay $2.99 to unlock extra features  
  • It also changes dock, icons and menu bar 
  • It supports low powered laptops and aging desktops 

Free Download

6. Hacker Theme  

You can choose the Hacker Theme if you want to experience the life of a hacker. It includes wallpapers that are based on the themes of hacker that will make you feel as if you are a hacker. It is compatible with all the Windows versions. The best feature of the hacker theme is that it changes the  text colour every 30 minutes. It had about fifteen high definition wallpapers with great graphics. In  the hacker theme you will also get a slideshow of wallpapers consisting of many classic hacker symbols and anonymous logos.  

Hacker Theme  


  • It changes text colour after every thirty minutes 
  • Wallpapers are of 1920*1080 resolution 
  • It comes with a modified cursor 
  • It consists ultra HD hacker wallpapers 

Free Download

7. Northern Lights  

Northern Lights is the best Windows 11 theme for you if you like simple and elegant themes. Northern  lights have some of the amazing wallpapers that can give a unique appearance to your desktop. This is a free theme and you can easily download it from the Microsoft app store. It has about fifteen HD wallpapers  that you will definitely love. It is the best theme for those who like dark themes. Northern lights have  wallpapers based on aurora borealis and milky way from places like Thailand, Iceland, Norway and  Death valley, USA.  

Northern Lights  


  • You can easily download wallpapers through the Microsoft app store 
  • Advanced security system features  
  • Aurora Borealis and milky way wallpapers 
  • The themes supports Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and 7 

Free Download

8. Fortnite 

If you are a big fan of the most popular survival game fortnite then this theme would be the best option  for you to choose in the list. This includes fifteen high definition wallpapers based on the Fortnite video  game theme. With the Fortnite themes and skins you will get the game experience on your home screen  exactly like fortnite. Fortnite Windows 11 themes are free to access and you can easily download them.  The theme also offers you several app icons for Windows 11. 



  • It can change wallpapers and app icons  
  • Offers experience of survival game 
  • Auto HDR 
  • Direct Storage 

Free Download

9. XP Themes Final  

Last but not the least XP Themes Final is one of the best themes and skins for Windows 11. You can  download Windows 11 themes through XP Themes Final. It includes almost five different themes that  can provide an amazing look to your desktop. It is the best theme for you if you love the Windows XP  interface. The themes will give you the exact feeling of Windows XP. 

XP Themes Final  


  • It offers themes based on Windows XP interface 
  • It offers five unique wallpapers 
  • Themes are compatible with all Windows XP editions 
  • The themes are free to download  

Free Download

10. Mac OS X El Capitan  

Mac OS X El Capitan is the best Windows 11 theme if you want to get the exact experience like MacOS.  You can transform your Windows 11 into a Mac device with the Mac OS X El Capitan theme and skin. It is a  feature packed theme for your windows platform that helps you in customizing your Windows device  into a Mac OS. It will not only customise the desktop screen but also change the taskbar, icons, etc. to  provide you with the feeling of a Mac device.  

Mac OS X El Capitan  


  • Supports all the Windows versions  
  • Easy to configure in one click 
  • Auto repair feature  
  • Shortcut keys configured 

Free Download


How do I get themes for Windows 11? 

Below are some steps that you need to follow to get themes for Windows 11: 

  • Firstly, right click anywhere on the desktop screen and choose the personalise from the given  options.  
  • It will open the personalization settings. 
  • Now click on themes.  
  • Choose the theme you like and click on the browse theme button or to get more themes click on get  more theme from Microsoft store button that will access more themes from the Microsoft  store. 

Is there going to be a Windows 11?

Yes, Microsoft is planning to launch the latest version of Windows and as of Oct 5, 2021 it will make  Windows 11 available for the users.  

Can I download Windows 11 for free? 

Yes, you can download Windows 11 for free. Microsoft allows all the windows version users to upgrade  it to the Windows 11 if the system fulfils the requirements.  

Is there a Windows 11 on the horizon? 

Microsoft has announced to launch Windows 11 on Oct 5, 2021 and from the same date VMware  Horizon will support it.

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