10+ Best YouTube Tools To Grow Channels

If you want to grow your channel on YouTube and make more money, you must consider utilizing the YouTube Tools to transform your YouTube channel into a money-making machine. If you want to build higher YouTube revenues, then you can use the below mentioned YouTube tools to grow your channel.

Let’s take a sneak peek into the best YouTube Tools that can make you more popular and can help you to increase the YouTube revenues.

Best YouTube Tools To Grow Channels

1. Tubebuddy

This powerful browser extension software provides you a one-stop solution that will help you to curate excellent video content. From this tool, you can manage your productivity and Video SEO. If you are looking for useful YouTube tools, then using it can be the right decision. Let’s look into the features of this fantastic software that will help you to optimize and grow your channel.


  • The Tubebuddy tool helps you in advanced keyword research, which will help you to rank higher in the search results
  • The A/B testing of this tool helps you to improve the thumbnails.
  • With this tool, you can do more research and find out about the uploads quickly
  • Copying cards of some of your videos can de do seamlessly with TubeBuddy. This gives a more consistent and professional look to all your videos. 

2. VidIQ

This can be considered as the best YouTube Tool, which helps you to grow your YouTube channel effortlessly and in lesser time. Checking your views, subscribers and comments has never been so easy before. The paid VidiQ account lets you boost a specific number of videos per month. Let’s have a look into the other features of this fantastic tool    


  • This tool analyses your video and helps you know the scores that your tag gets. VidiQ also suggests your keyword and can increase your subscribers to a considerable extent. 
  • This tool helps you for YouTube keyword research
  • This tool allows you to monitor the search volume and competition
  • The VidiQ analytics dashboard enables you to monitor the performance of your YouTube channel 

3. Filmora

If you want to install YouTube Tools for increasing your fan base, then using Filmora can be a prudent decision. This practical tool allows you to explore the power of storytelling and helps you to control many eyeballs to get more visibility. This is one of the best YouTube tools available in the market.


  • The endless built-in effects help you to curate unique video contents.
  • With this software, you can do clips layering.
  • This tool is supported in Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10
  • This is an intuitive video solution that helps to give branded looks to your videos.

4. Semrush

This is an excellent tool for digital and social marketers. This tool helps you with SEO, PPC, and competitive research. This allows the search engines to crawl your site easily so that you get more views. This is all in one marketing tool will ameliorate your sales volume and augment your brand’s visibility. Let’s look into some of the powerful features of this tool. This is the best YouTube tool that can help you maximize your revenues.


  • SEMRush helps you to track social media performance
  • This tool allows you to track backlinks efficiently.
  • SEM Rush allows organic research and helps in position tracking.
  • The keyword magic tool of SemRush will give you access to many keywords that you can use to impress the viewers.

5. Keyword Tool

When you want to build your channel, you want people to search the contents in their browsing sites. They will fail to find your content if you do not use the right keywords. Hence, this tool helps you pull out more keywords in a different language to attract more web traffic. Let’s check out the essential features of this tool:


  • YouTube autocomplete feature helps to find the long-tail keywords
  • The keyword tool free version can be used effectively. The paid version works even better and generates more keywords
  • These tools help to locate the keywords that are hidden in the keyword planner.
  • The keyword tool works to find the keywords in other languages apart from English. Hence this is a useful tool. 

6. Canva

This useful tool helps you in creating YouTube banners. The pre-built templates make your channel more exciting and engaging. The huge customization options allow you to explore your creativity. If you want to utilize practical YouTube Tools that will help to increase your subscribers, then using Canva can be an informed decision


  • The Canva tool will give you a lot of options to choose a layout per your preference
  • The drag and drop editor of the Canva tool helps you to curate contents efficiently
  • The photo effects make your photos mesmerizing
  • With the help of many designs, you can make content like a pro.

7. Headliner

If you are looking for useful YouTube Tools, then using Headliner can be a smart choice. This tool allows you to be creative in creating social media videos and other video content for free. If you want to optimize your performance on YouTube and increase your subscribers then using this tool can be the right decision.


  • This is a free SAAS tool that can help you to curate excellent content for your YouTube channel. You can save your projects here for free. Creating captioned videos has become a cake-walk with this tool. You can now create unlimited videos for free. Let’s have a look into some of the popular features of this tool
  • This tool can create a fascinating audiogram so that you can impress your clients.
  • This tool can create the audio transcript automatically
  • The headliner app adds animations, video images, and more in the contents, and it also helps you share the contents on your social media platforms.

8. Smartzer

These powerful tools help you to curate engaging videos and boost your sales. This tool is listed amongst the popular YouTube Tools. The leading brands utilize this tool to curate excellent content for their clients. The launch of this tool will allow you to double your Click-through-rates. Let’s have a look into the features


  • This excellent tool will enable you to create interactive videos for your customers
  • The Smartzer analytics dashboard allows you to measure the performance of your videos.
  • The Smartzer tool Is compatible with many languages.
  • This tool facilitates product feed integration.

9. Adrev

If you are looking for reliable YouTube Tools, then using Adrev can be profitable. Now you can grow your connections and optimize your YouTube channel. Adrev will help you to clean and optimize your prior uploads as well. Let’s have a look into the essential features


  • This tool enables you to gain access to custom thumbnails and tools
  • With the help of premium ads, you can monetize your videos.
  • The analytics suits help you in measuring your performance.
  • If you are a music copyright owner, you can get a share of the AdSense revenue

10. Vidooly

You may have a considerable fan base and a massive number of subscribers for your YouTube channel, but it is imperative to monitor and measure your performance from time to time to excel in the long run. The excellent analytics for this tool helps you to track your performance. You can also do trend analysis to come up with better contents 


  • The search strategy is an exciting feature of the Vidooly tool that allows you to search for any keyword that you want to be included in the video.
  • This tool helps in content suggestions, and you can explore the popular topics that fall under a particular category.
  • You can do tag cloud visualization of the topics so that finding the topics becomes more convenient for you
  • The creator wizard feature helps you conduct market research to get more ideas for your upcoming content. 

11. YouTube Studio

 If you are looking for useful YouTube tools, then using You Tube studio can be the right decision. This is an official video editing software that allows channel monitoring and video performance. Let’s check the essential features mentioned below


  • This tool helps you know when your audiences are most active; hence you can upload your contents during that time.
  • With the help of this tool, you can review the inappropriate contents for your videos
  • The community post feature will allow you to draft community posts in advance and fix a future date for the publish
  • The video chapters will help the content creators break their content into different, assisting branches in categorizing.

Hence with the help of the above tools, you can easily grow your YouTube channel and increase your subscribers. You may consider doing a comparative analysis of the products before utilizing a particular tool.

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