CCleaner Review 2021: Prices, Features, and Pros & Cons

Are you aware of any PC Cleaning Software? Or are you worried about the PC Lagging and Performance then you are at the right place? This Ccleaner Review will help you to find out your perfect PC Cleaning and Performance improvement Software. This review will include the various Functionalities of the software with some Advantages and Disadvantages for the same.

What Is CCleaner

CCleaner is basically a software utility that provides various system cleaning solutions like cleaning the invalid caches, Performing Registry Fixes, and various Storage Optimization tasks to improve the overall performance of the computer.

  • Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaning

When called  CCleaner, it cleans much more than just your registry. As far as the registry cleaning function is concerned, it is a registry cleaner that primarily focuses on removing entries in the Windows registry related to files, programs and other resources that no longer exist. For example, it removes registry keys and registry values that point to programs and files that do not exist in Windows. 

CCleaner is undoubtedly the most popular and comprehensive system utility that you will find without a price tag. It works automatically and does not ask you to pay to clean up the registry or other file settings, so it will work for you like a pro. 

  • Cleans unwanted Files on the System

Cleans unwanted Files on the System

CCleaner allows you to delete a whole range of different Windows files, from standard operating system programs to third-party applications. You can remove temporary Windows files from any of them and,you can also delete dump files, Windows log files and Windows error reports.

If you have queries regarding the deletion of the system files then you can feel free to contact the technical support of CCleaner and they will guide you through the official website documentation and solve your issue in a safe way.

  • Working as a Software Uninstaller

It uses the system restore points to clean the entire unwanted setup files which are created in the background and those files consume more CPU Power. So CCleaner will clean that kind of file from the root of the System disk and improve the system flow with concurrent and necessary processes.

  • Real-time Analytics

For example, real-time monitoring means that CCleaner can run in the background without being asked to do so and it is possible to free up a certain amount of disk space by setting an amount and clicking on the monitoring option. However, if it runs all the time, your system will slow down, which will take longer to boot, and the point of installing it at all will be eliminated. 

With the help of the tools, we were able to manage our launchers and uninstall programs. As with any registry cleaner, we recommend that you proceed with caution when repairing or deleting files. We also like that CCleaner allows you to manage cookies so you don’t delete them accidentally, which is useful when you browse the internet. 

CCleaner Review

CCleaner is utility software and its file deletion capabilities are its most important feature, so it is not surprising that it works very well. It works in any browser and deletes cache data, visit history, page history, downloads, etc. CCleaner with its the ability to delete corrupted files and helps files that have been compromised by PCs to function again.

Registry Cleaner

CCleaner for Windows software helps us to free up space on the hard disk and prevents the computer from slowing down. It is the best PC cleaning software that free space on your computer by removing files like cookies, unused data, temporary files, etc. It also performs regular checks to find items that slow down the performance of your computer. 

According to Avast, one of the world’s largest computer security providers, 130 million people were using legitimate software called CCleaner at the time of purchase. CCleaner cleans junk programs and advertising cookies to speed up devices. But software updates downloaded by users of CCleaner’s owner, Avast Security, a company itself, were contaminated with malware and backdoors. The compromise exposed millions of computers and amplified the threat of so-called attacks on the digital supply chain, a situation in which trusted distributed software can be infected with malicious code.

CCleaner Specification

Open-Source or Premium  Free Version Available
Supported File Formats Various System Files and Resource Files
Customer Support Good
Scanning Process Fast
Easy to Use Yes
Platform Support  Windows and MacOS 
Data Recovery Possible Without CD/DVD

CCleaner Pros and Cons


  • Supports Various File Formats Support for better compatibility
  • Data Recovery is possible without any external Software utilities
  • In-built PC Optimization Included
  • Simple and clean user interface


  • It is believed that the hackers compromised CCleaners building environment and used malware.
  • Once an infected version of CCleaner is uninstalled, virus scans should be initiated to ensure that the system is clean. So this is a very tidy proces.
  • As per the CCleaner Review Third-party keygen can harm your system with malware so try to use the official stable version of the CCleaner.

CCleaner Pricing

1. Free Standard Version of this Software is also available to download.

2. Premium version of this software available with full benefits at $19.95 / Year it includes : 

  • Standard Cleaning
  • Driver Updater
  • Daily App Updater
  • Make Browser History Private
  • PC Health Status Checker

3. Professional Plus Version is available with the Disk Fragmentation and Data Recovery options using the Recuva software at $39.95  Year. So you can use this version for your home or office purposes.


Is CCleaner trustworthy?

If you are looking for a trustworthy pc cleaning solution then CCleaner is the right solution for you. Because some major issues have been found in the earlier version but now it is totally safe to use for cleaning the pc and optimize the disk space with some storage cleaning solution.

What is better than CCleaner?

If you are not comfortable with the CCleaner and you think this is not suitable for PC Cleaning Software then you can definitely try some of the alternatives of CCleaner like Restore, CleanMyPC, and Various others that provide the System Optimization and Registry Cleanup solution. 

What is wrong with CCleaner?

CCleaner is basically a Windows-based desktop Software that Provides Cleaning and performance optimization utilities but the issue is Some malware are hidden in the software by hackers. So you need to scan the software first with your installed antivirus software for better and secure use.

Should I remove CCleaner?

See the answer is maybe yes you can remove it but it’s just a matter of making a few megabytes of memory in your system. But the effective solution is already available on your Windows like it provides the various cleaning and Disk Optimization solutions on demand. So as we analyzed the CCleaner you don’t need to use the alternatives of CCleaner although you can try a stable version from their official website or use the built-in Windows settings.

Conclusion On CCleaner Review

After reviewing all aspects of the CCleaner We can conclude that CCleaner is the best Software utility whenever you are trying to clean your Computer everyday. If you want to make the PC’s performance more powerful then you should install this software on your computer and enjoy the Free version of this and also the Pro version will give you some extra benefits on Optimization and Cleaning process.  So Handle with Care and Install it in a secure way to prevent data loss.

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