CleanMyPC Review, Features, Pros and Cons

CleanMyPC is the best tune-up utility that provides the ultimate optimizing solution for your computer. If you want to clean up your computer from the scratch then you can try this software. CleanMyPC provides the whole suite that includes the disk partition cleaning and making the space on your computer by cleaning them.

CleanMyPC is the best PC Cleaning software, especially it provides the main key feature to clean your windows PCs Junk Files and have the all-in-one package in their software suite handle cache files and unwanted file data it will immediately clean after the one-click you apply in the cleaner. And use the backup space function to apply after the successful disk fragmentation.

CleanMyPC Review

CleanMyPC has a number of cleaning functions, such as the ability to scan and eliminate junk files, as well as built-in – utilities that are supposed to help your computer function like a new one. All these things are possible, but it forces the user to consider other cleaning programs that remove garbage from the system and consider files unnecessary and safe. CleanmyPC to fix broken shortcuts and to eliminate junk files and scan everything in one place.

CleanMyPC Review

CleanMyPC takes a more repulsive approach by thoroughly finding and removing useless junk files from your system. CCleaner supports a wide range of applications to remove cached files. so that those who are not advanced users can easily use this tool to clean their computer. PC, eliminate unnecessary files, optimize app startup and ensure smooth operation. Users are providing the best CleanMyPC review after successful use of that software and they are commenting about their extraordinary features.


  • Unwanted and Outdated File Cleaning

It will find the all files from your junk folder and clean them from your computer. Also, it will clean the cache files and cookies from your computer to make your computer speed faster than usual to make it efficient.

  • Maintenance of Registry

CleanMyPC provides Full maintenance support and cleaning of invalid entries that make your computer faster.  

  • One-click cleaning

A one-click cleaning option is available with this software you can just scan your computer and after that, you can clean your whole junk data at a time.

  •  Multi-OS Compatibility

This software is available on every platform like you can download this software on Windows,Linux, and Mac OS. It provides portability on every System.


cleanmypc pricing

  • You can buy a License at $39.95
  • You can buy a 2 PC License at $59.95
  • You can buy a 5 PC License at $89.95


MacPaw is constantly improving its software, and every update to the CleanMyPC app comes with updates, which means that the software you use is always up to date with all installed applications and all new features. Note: The software recommended below has passed all security tests, so it is safe for use under Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 and above.


System Requirements Windows 7 or Higher
Ratings 4.5*
Pricing $39.95
Latest Version 1.10.4, 9 January 2020


  • Easy to Use 
  • User-Friendly UI
  • Faster Cleaning Solution
  • Registry cleaner
  • Provide the Hibernation Solution for disk partitions and OS


  • Destructive Push Notifications
  • Free Trial Version Provides only 500MB junk cleaning Support

Is CleanMyPC Safe to use?

Yes, CleanMyPC is totally Safe and Secure. Because it provides various cleaning options to clean the pc properly sometimes people facing push notification troubles due to their sales ad and other lead generation stuff. But you don’t need to worry that it will be displayed for some seconds of time. You can easily navigate through the whole interface without any issue. And it includes totally virus-free solutions for all systems or OS.

CleanmyPC’s clean-up security is based on the Integrated Safety Database, a comprehensive database of all the security information of your systems. This supported it during the scanning process as well as in case of a security flaw, and it is safe to use.

Unfortunately, CleanMyPC lacks backup and restore tools to protect your PC from any negative consequences that may result from the cleaning process. One of the best ways to protect yourself from the possibility of unwanted viruses and other malicious programs on your computer is to run an antivirus program. Updating software, browser, and operating system reduce the likelihood that criminals will exploit bugs in the old code to install malware on the computer and cause problems. Be sure to keep your antivirus program up to date to avoid future problems caused by corrupted files.

Why Rating is So high?

CleanMyPC has a 4-star rating by public review and positive response due to their tremendous features and services for the best cleaning solution across the internet with data backup and disk management functionality.


Support of the CleanMyPC is best whenever you get any error or issues in the software in your system due to software incompatibility then you can easily communicate or contact the customer support of MacPaw they will resolve your error immediately.

Easy to Use

CleanMyPC Provides a One-click cleaning solution that includes various cleaning solutions like registry cleaning, disk cleaning, and many more.

Some Negative Responses

Due to lack of overheating of the system due to higher CPU Power and memory consumption sometimes the computer is working slowly and the background process takes a little bit more time to load any other programs. Some users facing software crashing issues so they are constantly complaining about the system crashing and other third-party software is not working properly on their system due to CleanMyPC.

Some Alternatives of CleanMyPC

Some alternatives of the CleanMyPC that provides the same solutions like CleanMyPC one of the main reason is to provide this alternative because some users not comfortable with this software and some users are facing the issue while cleaning the files on the system. So due to safety here is the list of some alternatives of CleanMyPC that gives you the best solutions:

  • CCleaner – CCleaner provides the batch cleaning and registry cleaning support and CCleaner developed by the Piriform.
  • Glary Utilities – A Package of the glary utilities include Various disk fragmentation and malware protection support to protect the data. And also includes the same functionalities as CleanMyPC.
  • System Mechanic – System Mechanic provides the Disk Fragmentation and device backup facility to prevent the data loss on the computer and includes the virus protection and other cleaning option as CleanMyPC.


Is CleanMyPC safe?

Yes, CleanMyPC is definitely safe for your computer and it is the best cleaning solution for your computer till now with the best services and features.

Is CleanMyPC a virus?

No, CleanMyPC is not a Virus it is a cleaning software for your computer. if your device showing this is a virus then you downloaded the wrong files kindly follow the official website of that software which is MacPaw.

What is the best program to clean up my computer?

There are lots of cleaning software are available like CCleaner, Iolo, IObit, CleanMyPC, and many more. You can use any software that is suitable for your computer.

What is the best free software to clean up my computer?

You can use the CCleaner which is the best and free software utility to clean your computer easily with ease of use.

Final Words

This app is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mac OS X, as well as other privacy and privacy-related files such as photos and videos. It can search for junk files, but that does not mean that it can detect them effectively. 

To make sure nothing is missing and to protect your Computer, you should install an ongoing antivirus solution that will run if you do not have one yet. Manual trash removal can also be risky, and computer viruses use Internet connections to spread. If you remove a virus from your PC, it is a good idea to disconnect from the Internet to prevent further damage. While you are not exposed to great risks when deleting temporary Internet files, deleting certain startup entries and removing the wrong programs can harm your PC.

Remember that cleaning the Windows registry can be a bit risky, and cleaning it can cause you to click “No” when asked if you want to save a backup or not. You are 100% safe when you click the “fix” button, as CleanMyPC only cleans user-generated files and you do not need to touch them.

If you continue to experience problems with the Google Chrome browser and its settings, you can right-click to reset them – by clicking on them and clicking on “Grant permission.” You will receive a “CleanmyPC safe” prompt from Windows, asking you for the latest update 1.0. Give the software access to install, but only if it is generated by your computer and not by another user

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