Duplicate Photo Cleaner Review, Features And Pricing

Devel??ed by WebMinds, Du?li??te ?h?t? ?le?ner is ? s?ftw?re ??? designed t? find ?nd rem?ve du?li??te ?nd similar ?h?t?s ?nd ?i?tures ?n M?? ?nd Wind?ws ??. The l?test versi?n is ?s ?f July 10, 2020. It su???rts Wind?ws 10/8/7/Vist?/X? ?nd M?? ?S X Li?n 10.6 – M?? ?S X M?j?ve 10.14. It is ?v?il?ble in 11 l?ngu?ges in?luding English, Germ?n, ??rtuguese, S??nish, et?.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner Review

Du?li??te ?h?t? ?le?ner is one of the best duplicate photo finder and remover software for your Windows and Mac PC. The s?ftw?re is e?sy t? inst?ll ?r uninst?ll. There are a lot of features which we have discussed in the below paragraph. Let’s go through this.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Fe?tures ?nd ?erf?rm?n?e

  • Find du?li??te ?h?t?s

Using “inn?v?tive ??ntent-b?sed ?h?t? ??m??ris?n ?lg?rithm”, Du?li??te ?h?t? Finder ??n l??k f?r ?nd identify du?li??te im?ges by ??ntent, whi?h ensure ???ur??y. It su???rts ?lm?st ?ll im?ge f?rm?ts su?h ?s J?G, J?EG, TIFF, ?SD, ?NG, HEI? ?nd BM?. ?dditi?n?lly, it ?ls? d?es ? g??d j?b ?f su???rting v?ri?us R?W im?ge f?rm?ts. In ?n u?d?te in M?y 2020, the devel??er in?re?sed su?h su???rt. There is ?ls? ? Se?t?r Det?il S??n m?de, whi?h ?ll?ws users t? sele?t ? se?t?r ?n ? ?h?t? ?nd ?he?k ?ther ?h?t?s f?r th?t ??rti?ul?r element.

  • Find simil?r ?h?t?s

?n?ther gre?t thing ?b?ut Du?li??te ?h?t? ?le?ner is th?t it ??n ?ls? find simil?r ?h?t?s. Y?u ??n use it t? l???te the edited, r?t?ted ?r ?r???ed versi?n ?f the s?me im?ge. It ??n ?ls? s??n f?r ?h?t?s ?nd ?i?tures th?t l??k ?like. By setting the ?ust?m level ?f simil?rity, y?u ??n determine h?w this du?li??te ?h?t? finder ?nd rem?ver identify simil?rities in ?h?t?s.

  • ?erf?rm?n?e

In ?ur test, we used Du?li??te ?h?t? ?le?ner ?nd ?n?ther du?li??te finder t? s??n the s?me f?lder. The f?rmer f?und 50.83 MB du?li??te im?ges, ?nd the l?tter f?und 54.55 MB, with the l?tter using less time. The s??n s?eed is de?ent m?st ?f the time. H?wever, when it ??mes t? ? very l?rge ?m?unt ?f files, it m?y t?ke h?urs. In ? ?revi?us test where we tried t? s??n ? wh?le h?rd drive, the s??nning ?r??ess rem?ined 0% ?fter 7 minutes. If th?t’s ?ls? y?ur ??se, y?u ??n try t? rel?un?h the ??? ?nd ?erf?rm the s??n ?g?in.

  • Delete with 1 ?li?k

Users ??n use this t??l t? delete du?li??tes in ? s?fe m?nner. It will ?sk f?r ??nfirm?ti?n when users ?re deleting files. Sele?ted du?li??te files ??n be m?ved t? Tr?sh ?r be deleted ?erm?nently. There is ?ls? ?n ??ti?n t? m?ve sele?ted files t? ? f?lder ?f y?ur ?h?i?e.

  • ?review with?ut le?ving the ???

The preview fe?ture built-in t? Du?li??te ?h?t? ?le?ner is very useful. Th?nks t? it, y?u ??n ??nveniently ?review im?ges side by side within the ???.

  • Su???rt v?ri?us ???s

If y?u ?re ? M?? user, y?u m?y be h???y with Du?li??te ?h?t? ?le?ner’s su???rt f?r the ?h?t?s ???. With it, it’s very e?sy t? rem?ve du?li??tes fr?m ?h?t?s ?r i?h?t? libr?ry. It ?ls? h?s su???rt f?r ?d?be Lightr??m ?nd ??rel ??intSh?? ?r?, whi?h ??n be es?e?i?lly useful t? ?h?t?gr??hers, Webm?sters ?nd designers.

  • Interf??e ?nd e?se ?f use

The interface is e?sy t? use ?nd uses big, bold fonts which ?re easy to re?d ?nd ??mf?rt?ble t? the eye. This du?li??te ?h?t? finder is customizable. Y?u ??n ex?lude s?e?ifi? im?ge f?rm?ts ?nd f?lders fr?m s??nning, ?nd it ??n m?ke the s??n m?re effi?ient. ?ls?, it lets y?u s?ve s??ns t? ?SV ?nd ? few other formats for later use.

Is Du?li??te ?h?t? Cleaner s?fe?

Yes. Du?li??te ?h?t? ?le?ner is s?fe t? inst?ll ?nd use. It ??nt?ins n? ?dw?re ?r m?lw?re ?r virus. ?le?se m?ke sure th?t y?u d?wnl??d the inst?ller fr?m the ?ffi?i?l website ?r ?ther trustw?rthy s?ur?es.


Is Du?li??te ?h?t? ?le?ner free? It’s n?t freew?re, but ? free tri?l versi?n is ?v?il?ble. With the Du?li??te ?h?t? ?le?ner free tri?l versi?n, y?u ??n s??n f?r im?ges th?t ?re identi??l ?r simil?r, but y?u ??n ?nly rem?ve u? t? 10 du?li??te gr?u?s.

H?w mu?h d?es Du?li??te ?h?t? ?le?ner ??st? T? ???ess full versi?n ?nd delete du?li??tes with n? restri?ti?ns, y?u need t? register ?nd ?ur?h?se ? li?ense. ? li?ense f?r ?ne ??m?uter ??sts $39.95. ??y ?n extr? $9.95, ?nd y?u ??n get free u?d?tes f?r 2 ye?rs. The ??? is regul?rly u?d?ted t? fix bugs ?nd ?dd new fe?tures ?r ??ti?ns. Du?li??te ?h?t? ?le?ner is ? bit ?ri?ey, es?e?i?lly when there ?re equ?lly g??d ?r even better ?ltern?tives th?t ?re w?y ?he??er with lifetime free u?gr?des.


  1. ?v?il?ble f?r Wind?ws ?nd m???S
  2. Find b?th du?li??te im?ges ?nd simil?r ?nes
  3. ??m??re im?ges ?nd identify simil?rity by ??ntent
  4. Su???rt ? wide v?riety ?f im?ge f?rm?ts
  5. Su???rt ???s like M?? ?h?t?s ?nd Lightr??m
  6. Let y?u ?review ?h?t?s bef?re deleting them
  7. ?r?vide multi?le rem?v?l ??ti?ns


  1. ? bit ?ri?ey
  2. N? free u?d?tes
  3. S?metimes freeze when s??nning ?n entire h?rd drive

H?w t? use Du?li??te ?h?t? ?le?ner

This Du?li??te ?h?t? ?le?ner review ?ls? ?r?vides ? tut?ri?l ?n h?w t? use the ???.

Ste? 1. ?dd f?lders t? s??n: ?dd f?lders ?nd subf?lders by ?li?king the f?lder i??n ?r by dr?gging ?nd dr???ing.


Ste? 2. Settings ?nd ?referen?es: Bef?re y?u st?rt the s??n, there ?re ? few things y?u ??n d?. Y?u ??n in?lude ?nd ex?lude file ty?es, set simil?rity thresh?ld, ?nd sele?t file size limits. If y?u ?nly w?nt t? find ?h?t?s th?t ?re ex??tly the s?me, just set the thresh?ld t? 100%. Y?u ??n ?ls? g? t? Settings > Ign?re List t? ex?lude f?lders fr?m s??nning.

Ste? 3. St?rt s??nning: ?li?k the ST?RT S??N butt?n. When the s??n finishes, Du?li??te ?h?t? ?le?ner will let y?u kn?w the ?m?unt ?f files s??nned ?nd h?w m?ny du?li??tes ?nd simil?r ?h?t?s h?ve been f?und ?s well ?s the s???e this ?h?t?s ???u?y.

delete duplicate photographs

Ste? 4. ?review: There ?re three ?review m?des: T?ble, Tree ?nd Multi-Viewer. In ?dditi?n t? im?ge ?review, Du?li??te ?h?t? ?le?ner ?ls? ?r?vides inf?rm?ti?n su?h ?s file size, l?st m?dified d?te ?nd file size.

Ste? 5. Delete. By def?ult, the ??ti?n Sele?t ?ll Du?li??tes is sele?ted. If there ?re s?me du?li??te files y?u w?nt t? kee?, just m?nu?lly desele?t them. ?li?k the Delete butt?n ?nd ?h??se the rem?v?l ??ti?n ?f y?ur ?h?i?e.

duplicate image

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