7 Best iOS App Cloners to Duplicate Apps on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Are you looking for best iOS App cloners to duplicate apps on iPhone without jailbreak than you are on the right place. It would be difficult to duplicate the apps on the iPhone. But this is quite easy. You just have to follow the step by step process which is given below

At times using an application with various accounts is necessary for those people who keep personal and professional life apart. With Windows and Android users, they can use different accounts for the same apps. However, the clone apps for the iPhone aren’t available without any jailbreak. 

That was previously, but not anyone. Currently, you get some of the best cloning apps that work with various iPhone and that too without the Jailbreak.

What Is the Meaning of Cloning?

Whenever you try to duplicate apps present on the iPhone, which is called cloning of apps. Well, this is a process that allows you to make use of the application with various accounts right on the same phone. 

Of course, virtual and duplicate applications would consume a good amount of device storage, the process of cloning would have some limitations too. Here the one limitation is the usage of it for only 2 accounts. 

Best iOS App Cloners To Duplicate Apps On iPhone Without Jailbreak

1. Dual Space Social Manager

The Dual Space Social Manager has an abundance of features that help in managing various social media accounts in a single place. Even it would allow you to name various accounts. It is the best ios cloner to duplicate apps on iPhone without jailbreak.

Additionally, it can support various social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. 


? One of the best features of this app is that it would help one to easily manage social media usage right on the iOS smartphone.

? You would get the passcode lock for securing your privacy.

? The cloning app would support all the major social media apps.

? The app would help in distinguishing professional and personal social contacts through the cloning of the social media apps. 

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2. Parallel Space

One of the best iOS app cloners that you would really have a great time using is Parallel Space. This tool along with iOS is famous for the best means of duplicating apps present on Android. 

When you are using Parallel Space, you can easily clone and manage all the cloned apps. All you need to do is follow the easiest steps disclosed by this app. Frankly, this is one of the most trusted apps for iOS and Android.


? The app supports the cloning of games. 

? It is very compact and won’t hog any of the memory of the device. 

? The Parallel Space app would boast an easy and clean to use interface.

? The app is very compact and won’t hog any of the device’s memory.

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3. Dual Accounts Multi Space App

The Dual Accounts Multi Space app is one of the best iOS cloner apps. Here this would app one to clone apps for the iPhone. Besides the cloning apps, it can provide many features like video locker, photo locker, private browser, etc. 

The app even helps in hiding your private videos and photos. Also, it has an inbuilt video player. No doubt, this app is your one-stop solution for all your needs. This is another best ios cloner to duplicate apps on iPhone without jailbreak.


? The iPhone cloner app provides you with a private browser.

? With keeping the dual apps present on the iPhone, it would help to keep your private videos and photos locked.

? The app even boasts of a built-in music player for playing some of your favorite soundtracks.

? The UI of this iOS app would be just enough for a novice user to understand.

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4. TutuApp

Don’t think of the TutuApp as one of the regular apps that you would just use for cloning the apps for iPhone. Here this app can be considered the best one for apps store that is available in various versions. 

But it would need more effort for downloading and installing the apps from the TutuApp. So, if you want to use various versions of the same app, you need to go for this, as it is the best cloners for iOS. 


? The app allows you to use various app versions simultaneously.

? The utility app is available on iOS and is present in both free and paid forms.

? The app hosts the app store from where one can easily download as well as install the many application versions. 

? You won’t need to Jailbreak or log in from your Apple ID for using this clone app. 

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5. Slices

The Slices is another beat cloner for duplicating apps on the iPhone. You can consider this as one of the awesome app cloners for iOS as it has many unique features.  

One of the best features is that you can clone games and even social media apps. Even the tool provides a simple and easy to use interface. You can easily clone many apps using this application and that too using the system setting of his or her iPhone. 


? Unlike most of the other apps that you see, this one can easily create dual social media apps. 

? The app is straightforward and has a great user-friendly interface. 

? You can use the app for cloning other apps through the system settings.

? The app won’t overwrite the game’s high score and avoids it by creating the clone of the game right on the iPhone.

6. Multi Social

Currently, users got various accounts present on the same social media apps. So, if you are one of those people, you can easily keep such accounts securely on a single phone along with the best app cloner for iOS. 

Additionally, it would support various social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messengers, Instagram, etc. Also, the app won’t limit the number of accounts that you can log in. 


? You could use various unlimited social media accounts and apps on this app.

? The app boasts one of the best and easy to use interface.

? Also, the app has a great app cloning speed.

? The app has the best security passcode.

7. Phone Clone

Are you on the lookout for creating the best duplicate of your iPhone? The Phone Clone would be one of the best app cloners for iOS. 

As the name suggests, this would allow you to create the replicate of all the apps without jailbreaks.


? The app contains a smooth, clean, and easy to use UI.

? The app has a simplistic interface.

? You can use the phone clone to migrate the data.

? One of the fastest app cloner.

How To Duplicate Apps On iPhone Without Jailbreak

Sometimes you won’t want to use any kind of cloning apps, still, you can easily clone apps for your iPhone through the below-given steps.

Step-1: Here you need to have a hacked IPA of the app you to duplicate. So, try to locate it on the web.

Step-2: Try to move the app that you would want to duplicate to the desktop and then rename it from the .ipa filet to the .zip file.

Step-3: Now you have to double-click the .zip file.

Step-4: After clicking on the .zip file that you have taken for the extracted file, choose the payload folder from there and then drag it to the desktop.

Step-5: Now open the folder and choose the application file.

Step-6: Then right-click on the application file and choose ‘Show Package Content’.

Step-7: Here look for the ‘info.plist’ file and then open it in the Xcode.

Step-8: Search for the ‘Bundle identifier’ and edit its value in the form of com.company.appname. 

Step-9: Now go to the ‘File’ and click on ‘save’ to submit the changes that you have made. 

Step-10: After that, you have to close the Xcode and then compress the payload folder. 

Step-11: Change the compressed.zip file to the .ipa file again. You can even rename as whatever you want.

Step-12: Here you have to launch the Cydia Impactor using your iPhone plugged on and sideload the .ipa file that you have just now renamed.

Step-13: After the app is sideloaded onto your iPhone, you have to open the settings of your iPhone.

Step-14: Then you need to select General followed by Device Management and choose your Apple ID.

Step-15: Here you should tap on the app that you have sideloaded.

Step 16: At last, just tap on the Trust and after the Trust Again for verification of the certificate.


Finally, you have a list of some of the best apps. Go ahead and choose the right one for you.

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