Is Driver Easy Safe or Not? Detailed Review (2021)

Driver Easy is a software for Windows that helps users update all the outdated drives located on your PC. As the name suggests, the software makes the working of the Driver effortless and smooth. One should dig into the details and specifications of any software before installing it on the computer. It’s a straightforward app to use as it automatically updates the driver to make it more convenient for the user. Read the complete review to know if driver easy is safe or not.

Before installing any software, you should confirm that the software is safe or not? Maybe it’s malware. Therefore, you must make sure of this. Let’s get deep into the details, features, and specifications of the software to give you a clear view of this application. 

Driver Easy Detailed Review

Driver Easy is an application that works on all the Windows versions and for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. This software offers free and paid version both. It’s effortless to use and offers various cool features and provides a user-friendly interface, smart selection option, fast processing, and many more. 

Now let’s get into the tool’s critical features to know what more it offers for Windows users. 


  • Driver Easy provides a user-friendly interface allowing the users to update the system drives in seconds. 
  • Driver Easy supports all the versions of Windows, from XP to Windows 10. 
  • The free version of the software indeed offers the user all the latest features. For more additional characteristics, one can opt for the Pro version also. 
  • It gives you a clear vision by comparing both the drives, which are already installed, and the other after updating the Driver. 
  • It offers an information tool that shows up the details of CPU and graphics cards. 
  • It allows you to update Windows from time to time. 

After going through the features, you must have thought of installing it on your PC. Before that, let’s understand is Driver Easy safe and vital for your PC.? 

Is Driver Easy safe for your PC?

There are none of the complaints that say that Driver Easy is not a safe app for Windows. Since it provides only certified drivers therefore you can completely trust this software. You can download the free version of the software to make yourself comfortable with the application for the first experience. You might feel some issues in the downloading process in the free version, so to avoid that, you can opt for the pro version. You can handle all the operations through the device manager for the manual updating process, but if you want to avoid it manually, then Driver Easy is the best option. All the points mentioned prove to you that this software is straightforward to use and safe. 

Both the free and pro version of this software is safe to use. Once you download the free version of the software, you will move to the Pro version as it offers additional features making it a more optimal option for your Windows. 

Is it essential to install Driver Easy on your PC?

Mainly Driver Easy is used to download and update the hard drive on your computer. If you don’t want any application to do it, you can do it manually through the device manager. But maybe manually updating the drivers is not your way. Therefore, you can go for the Driver Easy software to complete the whole process in just a few seconds. 

How to install Driver Easy software?

Installing Driver Easy on your laptop is not a complicated task. All you need to do is download the file and open it. The installation process is straightforward to do, but make sure you download the free version if you use it for the time. After you download it, you can make a desktop icon for the software. 

How to use Driver Easy.?

  • As you open the software window, you will see the Scan option on the window’s left side. 
  • Click on the Scan button. 
  • Now you will get an option on Scan Now button. 
  • Scan Now button will detect all the devices that need to get updated. 
  • After the scanning, the app will show up all the devices whose drivers need to be updated or installed. 
  • You will see the Update tab for each of the devices. Click on that tab, and the application will download all the latest drivers available for the device. 
  • You have an option to click on the Update All tab to lessen the task. 
  • Once you update the drivers, install them. 


Let’s talk about the specifications required for Driver Easy to run on Windows PC. 

  • Latest version – v5.6.12
  • OS- From Windows 7 to Windows 10 
  • File size- 4.83MB 
  • Number of languages- 14 
  • Driver database- 8000000
  • Additional features- single-click update, backup option
  • Price- Free and paid version 
  • License – $29.95 for the subscription of 1 year ( 3 users )


  • The software keeps a check on the updates available for devices. 
  • The application has an extensive driver database. 
  • The software does not require many system resources. 
  • Once you download the software’s pro version, you have the advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t find the software suitable for your PC. 
  • It offers a user-friendly interface to make it convenient for users. 


  • Driver Easy does not work on any of the operating systems other than Windows.
  • If you download the free version, pop-up ads might interrupt your task. 
  • Slow downloading might be an issue for you. 
  • The free version of this software is not a good option. Better opt for the pro version. 

Free vs. pro specification

Pricing – 

Free version-

  • The free version of this software requires no license. 

Pro version-                      

  • The company offers the application users a yearly package for $29.95 for the subscription of 3 users. 

Scanning process

Both the software version detects the outdated drivers and update all of them.

One-click method

The free version of the software does not have the option of updating and installing all the drivers at a single time. 

Whereas in the pro version, just with one click, you can update all the outdated drivers. 

Installing drivers

If you have a free version of the software, you have to install the Windows drivers manually. 

Moreover, in the paid version, the software gives you the option to install the drivers. 

Certified drivers

Both versions have certified drivers to ensure the safety of the device. 

Backup option

Only the subscribed users have the advantage of automatically creating a backup. Whereas in the free version it does not allow you to have a backup option

Option to get back to the older version of the device.

The pro version of the software has an additional feature through which one can opt for the older version of the device. Whereas for the open-source, the software does not offer this feature. 

Automatic update

It automatically updates the Driver Easy latest version. Only the paid users can take advantage of this feature. The free users cannot automatically update the software.


1. Is Driver Easy a virus? 

No, Driver easy is a software that helps you update the outdated drivers or need to be downloaded. You can trust this software as it provides certified drivers, so it’s safe for your computer.

2. Is Driver Easy legit? 

The answer to this question is yes; Driver Easy ensures your computer’s safety by providing the certified drivers that are manufactured directly from Windows. 

3. Why is Driver Easy so slow? 

Usually, the users with the free version of this software face this issue more often. So, you must opt for the pro version that offers additional features and resolves the drivers’ downloading speed.  

4. How much Drivers Easy cost? 

If you are opting for the free version, it won’t cost you anything. The company offers a yearly package of $29.95 for the subscription of 3 PCs for the paid version.

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