PureVPN Review | Is it a truly secure VPN service

Sometimes in a perfect world, it would be easy to pick the best VPN. All you would care about are the great features and the budget-friendly cost it has. Most importantly, you would forget that it is running right in the background unnoticed. And it would be having highly advanced encryption protocols providing a great level of security.

PureVPN Review

Do you feel PureVPN is a mythical VPN working greatly with each bonus feature you want? 

Well, PureVPN is considered to be one of the oldest VPNs present in the block. It was founded in 2006 and the company is headquartered in Hong Kong. Since they are located in Hong Kong, they aren’t subjected to international surveillance alliances like Nine Eyes, Five Eyes, and Fourteen Eyes. Also, since a particular VPN company’s location won’t tell you anything about its trustworthiness, still you can easily get attracted to it as it is not beholden to any anti-privacy laws of the government. 

Growth Of PureVPN

PureVPN  Review

More than a decade after the emergence of PureVPN, it has grown expanding to more than 2,000 servers to roughly 140 countries all over the world. Here such kind of presences is necessary for VPNs as the speed of the Internet is based on (partially) the distance to the server. 

Do You Think PureVPN Will Work With Netflix?

Let’s get one thing straight. Connecting to another country’s Netflix or even to your home country’s one when you are on the go is not that easy. You would be surprised to know that most of the VPNs would not work with Netflix. This is because of the VPN detection system of Netflix.

But somehow, PureVPN figured a way to easily bypass such filters. This helps you to watch Netflix shows using PureVPN. Most importantly, even if you aren’t streaming the shows all the time, it is great to know that you have an option. 

Interestingly, the VPN claims to provide built-in support to various platforms like BBC, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and more. Well, these are not that easy to find, as it is not displayed right at the upfront. For this, you would need to select the ‘Popular Websites’ option. After that, you need to click on the drop-down list for viewing the names present on the website. So, once you have found the way around, it becomes easy to use. 

PureVPN Speed

Sometimes you might have noticed certain particular aspects when you first used the VPN. The first usage might have made your Internet’s speed a bit slow. Well, that is not your imagination. 

Just think of the VPN as the middlemen among you and your ISP. So, that extra step that is being taken will easily slow you down. Here the degree to which you are getting slowed down might be different from various VPNs. Certain VPNs would slow you down by 3% while other would lead to a whopping 60%. This is a big range and PureVPN somewhat different from these. 

Keep in mind that the VPN Internet speed is simply based on various factors like location, time of the day, VPN server distance, Internet Service Provider, and even the VPN service provider. As per the website of PureVPN, it states that it is one of the fastest VPN service providers. Well, this is a huge claim and somewhat a hard one that you might have a bit of trouble to verify with certainty. 

As per various speed tests, it did show that their servers are very much fast. And this was quite true when it came to downloads. Throughout the download connection speed was hitting the 80 Mbps and even higher. Sometimes your best servers might clock to about 112.6 Mbps. 

Certain VPNs would be able to match these numbers and PureVPN does that. So, its claim is justified after all. When you check out the upload side, the results are very much impressive. But it is the exception of North America. Here the upload speeds both in Canada and the US are very much quick and a bit slower too. And this is very much true when it is related to the latter. 

But for certain people, it would be quick enough too. Most of the online and paid internet speed connection tools used for testing the PureVPN are legitimate and 100% effective. You can easily understand the true performance of each of the servers. 

Plus the results are based on the kind of internet connection you have. For example, if your internet plan provides 50 Mbps of downloads, then you might not see 100 Mbps from the PureVPN. You would at least see a 40 Mbps range in such situations. 

Is PureVPN Great For Using Torrenting?

It is easy to torrent files using PureVPN. But you have to make sure that you are connected to their special servers. This is for setting up the P2P (Peer-To-Peer) file transfers. 

Also, you must keep in mind that PureVPN doesn’t have any P2P servers present in Canada, the United States, Australia, or the United Kingdom. This means that you might get a slow torrenting experience if you are living in one of those countries. 

However, overall the PureVPN is great. It contains all the necessary features. 


Currently, VPN provides neither any free trial nor free version for its products. But you can get a seven-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are not willing to pay up cash for the VPN, then take into account the various free VPN available on the market.

Purevpn Pricing

Now the PureVPN costs around $10.95 each month. But there are certain discounts provided too. Most importantly, you can go for the $59.00 payout for a one-year subscription. Here subscription payments can be made using every means you want like Bitcoin, credit cards, PayPal, etc. In certain popular stores, you can even use gift cards. Sometimes you might have dreamed of using the Starbucks gift card for purchasing the VPN service, this is the best chance. 

User Experience

Regarding the usage, PureVPN is very user-friendly. Even a normal novice VPN user can use and it provides enough settings that might appeal to seasonal players. Here the basic interface is very simple and you just need to choose the server and click on the Connect option. 

Now the default protocol is very much automatic however, you can pick another option from the given list. Certain tabs allow users to modify the settings and even customizing the app as per your needs. 

Frankly, PureVPN has all the apps for major platforms. Also, it provides a good amount of browser extensions. Here the app would work seamlessly and even connects in a matter of few seconds. Also, there are few huge selections of servers and even special servers for various online streaming, anonymous file sharing, sports streaming, and data retention security. Plus, you can easily connect to the fastest server of any required country.

Does PureVPN Got A Kill Switch?

A kill switch is also called the network lock feature. This is a particular feature that will kill your internet when the VPN connection is down. Such a feature is quite effective and it can save your skin if you are a journalist or simply downloading copyrighted content. 

Keep in mind that without a kill switch, there might be a momentary outage that can easily expose your private IP address to your ISP and even to the website you are on. The best part is that PureVPN has a good kill-switch present in Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android.


Purevpn features

S.No Features Description
1 Easy-To-Use Apps You end up with a super, smart, and user-friendly app. All these would be just a click away.
2 2,000+ Servers In 180 Locations Contains a huge pool of somewhat 300,000 IPs with a 2,000 servers present in 140 countries.
3 Access All Kinds Of Servers Gain access to each and every server irrespective of the package that you have chosen
4 Unlimited Bandwidth VPN Easy to browse, download, and stream. These will help you to remain worry-free as there aren’t any data limit
5 24-Hour Live Chat Support Night or day, shine or rain, the PureVPN contains a friendly support representative. They are real humans always ready to help you.
6 Split Tunneling Easy to select which data for sending using the VPN. Also, to which you are going to send using the ISP.


The best part of using PureVPN is that it provides a reliable security protocol. However, its no-logs policy did come under fire in 2016. This was due to the involvement of criminal investigation. Here the security feature even contains Ozone and split tunneling. 

Server Locations

Basically, there are roughly 2,000 servers of PureVPN and these are available in more than 180 countries


To put in simple terms, PureVPN is a solid VPN. Their apps are filled with interesting features. Not only it is fast but is quite user-friendly too. So, they are a great VPN service provider to use.

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