Apex Minecraft Hosting Reviews (2021)

Established in 2013, Apex Minecraft hosting is one of the best US-based Minecraft server hosts. Considered to be one of the famous ones, it is specialized in providing the best Minecraft servers.

Do you know Minecraft is suitable for medium and small-sized servers? They are commonly used by those individuals that are on the lookout for affordable and best hosting services. However, they never provide dedicated servers or VPS. This means that they are not suitable for huge servers that are constantly needing advanced and expensive options.

Apex Hosting

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Apex Hosting Review – Benefits Of Apex Minecraft Hosting

  • You have the choice for choosing what kind of mods of Minecraft you want to install and which can be skipped.
  • Create your own community of gamers who can be your relatives or closest buddies.
  • You have your own server. This means that you only need to worry about the rules that might affect your community.
  • With your own Minecraft server, it might be a great teaching tool, which simply shapes young minds to make some great decisions and even the best behavioral aspects.
  • Here you can easily monetize the Minecraft server using in-game ads and even set up various web stores.
  • Having an abundance of options to select from, Apex is a great server hosting that is easily climbing the ranks and becoming the most powerful Minecraft hosting server.
  • The constant offering of special deals and discount help Apex Hosting in getting loyal user base of more than 100,000 worldwide.
  • It provides users with both hosting servers and domains that are powered by the pragmatic cPanel kind of multicraft tool features. This makes sure in the convenient management of your site and helps in providing a smooth gaming experience.
  • The Minecraft server is spread across various locations like North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Currently, the platform is the perfect choice for various players from more than 70 countries.

1. Installation Of Apex Hosting

At times, most of the hosts take about hours for activation and running. But with Apex Minecraft hosting, it is different. With it, it is a matter of seconds just before you get your own concrete Minecraft hosting servers.

Apex Minecraft Hosting Reviews

So, what is the installation procedures involved? They are the following

1. Firstly, select the plan from the below but now link

Apex Hosting

apex hosting Pricing

2. Supply your personal details

3. Then, you need to select the payment method and make the payment.

4. After the payment is done, the account will be activated. Now you can begin customizing the site.

Unlike other hosting providers, the Apex Minecraft hosting has 24/7 uptime. It also provides the best DDOS security. With over 75,000 customers, Apex is considered to be the most commonly used and trustworthy and reputable hosting service provider.

2. Support Feature

The best part of using the Apex Minecraft hosting service is the live chat support it provides. You might not see this among other Minecraft related server hosts.

As soon as you come across any problem, you can easily get in touch with anyone immediately. Even you would be provided with a support ticket as soon as you register any issue. Plus, the Apex Minecraft hosting service provides its customers with a knowledge base that is filled with useful articles for assisting you to begin the server.

3. Performance Of Apex Minecraft Hosting

The next part we are going to check out in the Apex Hosting review is its performance. The hosting server uses high-end hardware and this is along with the best and fastest internet connection which is of 1GB. You won’t come across any lag unless you don’t have the required RAM.

Apex Hosting

Another major feature of this hosting service is that they help in picking various servers from the major nine geographical locations. So, you can easily host your server to the closest area where your players are residing. This will easily help in avoiding unwanted lag.

Performance Of Apex Minecraft Hosting

No doubt, you can gain a huge amount of performance from the shared servers of Apex Minecraft. This is better and great whenever you are about to run into any kind of issue. Since the host does not provide VPS or dedicated servers, you might need to modify the hosts if your server is huge and at times when you need a huge and powerful server. Frankly, if you are on the lookout for a mid-sized and small server, then Apex Hosting is the perfect one for you.

4. User Interface

It becomes nearly impossible if there isn’t any kind of comprehensive user interface. Now sometimes the interface might be confounding in terms of navigation.

In such a case, the user might end up abandoning it and will go for other alternatives. The best part is that you need not worry about this happening with Apex Minecraft hosting servers. They easily provide efficient site as it is filled with various tool features of Multicraft.

Here this tool will provide a function similar to the cPanel. This will allow the smooth management of the user interface. Furthermore, the overall austere and adaptability nature will make the platform compatible due to the presence of all the applications and mods that are available.

5. Storage

The next part of the Apex Hosting review is the storage. Similar to the databases, you have the option of choosing from various storage capacities. Here this will be based on the amount that you are ready to pay. Most importantly, you get to select from servers that are ranging from 1 GB to around 4GB.

Now the server space that you are selecting will decide the amount of service that you are going to get. It will even help to determine the various other factors like the number of players and the capacity of the server. This means that if you want to get maximum out of the platform, you should go with the highest pricing package.

6. Domain Names With Area Codes

Now you need to understand that it is necessary to choose a domain when you are going to set on the Minecraft hosting server. Here the domain name you are going to get from Apex Minecraft would be having an area code of the location where you are.

With a good domain name, it will be easy for your website to be identifiable as the area code will be often followed by the domain like the apexmc.co label. Of course, this will be the face of your server. So, it will help in attracting a lot of players and even increase the number of members in your community.

7. Database Feature Of Apex Minecraft Hosting

For running a smooth Minecraft site, you would need a good database. Keep in mind that the hosting and management of the game will become chaos if there aren’t enough database. But luckily with Apex Minecraft hosting, you get what you want in terms of the databases.

This hosting server will provide a good amount of access to the best and strong database system. Also, this is possible as it has the MySQL system as the reference. Furthermore, you would be surprised to know that this is a licensed rational database that is renowned all over the world for being one of the most reliable open-source databases you might find.

Frankly, based on the package you are selecting, you get the option for opting for the memory as high as 4GB, and this is possible with Apex Minecraft.

8. Best Customer Support

The presence of 24/7 customer support is one of the best rewards of the Apex Minecraft hosting services. As per most of the Apex Hosting review, the customer support system is organized efficiently along with 24 hours o live chat.

If you are facing any kind of technical issue, you can easily get in touch with the technical team. This helps to make sure that your gaming experience is not affected during the day.

9. Pros & Cons Of Apex Minecraft Hosting

Pros of Apex Hosting

  • FTP Access
  • Raid SSDs
  • MySQL Databases
  • 1 GBPS Connection
  • Free Subdomain
  • Instant Setup
  • Provides Automated Backups

Cons of Apex Hosting

  • Dedicated IP not available
  • Does not provide advanced options like VPS and dedicated servers
  • Recurring prices which make it expensive

Apex Hosting


S.NO Package Rate/Month
1 1GB $5.99
2 2GB $9.99
3 3GB $14.99
4 4GB $19.99
5 5GB $24.99
6 6GB $29.99
7 7GB $34.99

Wrapping Up – Apex Hosting Review

The pragmatic features that Apex Minecraft hosting have, make it a great hosting server for playing Minecraft. It helps you to enjoy playing the game without any hindrance and is suitable for people that like a budget-friendly hosting server provider.

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