What is avlaunch.exe and How to Remove it Windows PC

When you launch your Task Manager, chances are that you must have noticed process AvLaunch.exe on your Windows 10 computer. So, what exactly it is? Is it a potential virus? Is it safe to run on your PC? Well, if you have such questions in your mind, you are at the right place! 

Because, today, we’ll be discussing this lesser-known service running in the background on most Windows PC’s. So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

What is the AvLaunch.exe service?

Stands for Antivirus Launcher, the genuine AvLaunch.exe file is basically a software component of Avast Antivirus. 

For users who are unaware, Avast Antivirus is a freeware Internet Security software designed by Avast only to protect users from potential malware threats, viruses, trojan horse, worms, and other malicious content. Talking about the role of AvLaunch.exe, then note that is a non-essential Windows process and it supports the antivirus in running and functioning appropriately. If you’ll disable it, you might face hiccups while using the security tool. 

What is the AvLaunch.exe service

File Location: AvLaunch.exe  

AvLaunch.exe or AvastUI.exe or AVGUI.exe, all executable files belong to Avast or AVG security solutions. These files can be found under C:\Windows\System32 destination and under subfolder: C:\Program Files (x86)\AVAST Software\Avast\ and the size range approx. 205,512 bytes to 242,392 bytes. 

Is AvLaunch.exe a virus?

No! AvLaunch.exe is a legitimate executable file and is a crucial component of Antivirus software developed by Avast. It is certainly needed to launch and run the program effectively. However, similar to other common Windows processes, certain bad guys disguise themselves as the authentic AvLaunch.exe file to get inside your PC and harm your computer. Most of the time, they simply replace the AvLaunch.exe service altogether! 

So, How Do I Recognize If AvLaunch.exe Is A Virus?

Well, identifying whether the AvLaunch.exe file running on your computer is legitimate or just a malicious threat is a simple and straightforward process. All, you need to do is verify the signature of the service. This can be done via third-party verification software like Security Task Manager. Alternatively, you can check the file location of AvLaunch.exe. It should be found under C:\Program Files (x86)\AVAST Software\Avast\ folder. If you notice any other traces of the file inside this folder, chances are it’s a virus. Additionally, you can check the Task Manager, if you notice a significant resource of memory is consumed by AvLaunch.exe, then it’s most probably a threat to your computer and you may consider AvLaunch.exe to be a virus. 

Common Signs Your Computer Is Infected With Non-Legitimate AvLaunch.exe Virus 

If you notice any of the symptoms on your device, make sure you implement the measures to remove AvLaunch.exe from your Windows PC. 

  • Slow and sluggish system performance. 
  • Fluctuations in Internet connection. 
  • You may get redirected to weird websites suddenly. 
  • Bombarded with annoying advertisements & URLs. 

How To Stop AvLaunch.exe Running On Windows Startup?

In case you’ve noticed any of the signs mentioned above, it’s important to take important measures to prevent AvLaunch.exe from launching at Startup. For this, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below and disable AvLaunch.exe from running. 

STEP 1 = Disabling the non-legitimate AvLaunch.exe is super easy. Just press the shortcut keys CTRL + SHIFT + ESC. This will open the Task Manager. 

STEP 2 = From the Task Manager window, navigate to the More details tab. In case you see it getting opened in the contracted view, make sure to switch to Startup. 

Stop AvLaunch.exe Running On Windows Startup

STEP 3 = At this point, you will be able to see all the applications that launch automatically at the time of PC startup. 

STEP 4 = Now you need to locate the service running as AvLaunch or with a similar name. As soon as you found one, just right-click on the same and select Disable option. 

This is how you can easily remove AvLaunch.exe from startup. Alternatively, the market is packed with tons of Startup Manager Software for Windows that will help you easily locate and manage launch items in one place. You can add, remove and stop them altogether using a dedicated tool. 

Why I Am Not Able To Disable AvLaunch.exe? 

Are you facing issues in disabling the AvLaunch.exe process at the startup? Well, it might be happening, because it’s the primary component of the dedicated Antivirus software. Hence, you might not uninstall the program completely, to get rid of the whole process. 

How to Remove AvLaunch.exe File?

If you think AvLaunch.exe means nothing to your computer and you want to completely eliminate the process from running on your Windows PC, you can follow the steps shared below: 

Since AvLaunch.exe is not a core part of Windows files and belongs to third-party antivirus software, removing it should not be a complex task. You just need to uninstall the security program from your device. Remember, not running antimalware or antivirus software can pose a serious threat to your computer. Hence, we do not recommend our users get rid of antivirus software. But, if you are tired of the AvLaunch.exe high disk usage problem, consider removing the tool, altogether. 

STEP 1 = Launch Control Panel on your system and navigate to the Programs module. 

Remove AvLaunch.exe

STEP 2 = Click on Uninstall a program link and on the next window, you will see all the applications installed on your device. Simply, locate Avast or AVG software. 

STEP 3 = Once found, right-click on the same and click on Uninstall button. 

Keep patience and let the Windows built-in utility do its task. We want to bring this to your notice again, that having a computer without antivirus software certainly puts your device at risk. Hence, we recommend always use a reliable security solution to protect your PC from potential malware threats and vulnerabilities. 

Make Sure To Remove All The Files Linked With AvLaunch.exe 

Well, uninstalling the software is certainly not enough. You need to make sure that all the associated files and folders with AvLaunch.exe are completely removed from your computer. Follow the steps shared below to terminate such troublesome files from your Windows. 

STEP 1 = Launch Task Manager. You can press the shortcut keys – CTRL + ALT + DEL. 

STEP 2 = From the Task Manager window, head towards the Processes tab and have a look at all the processes linked with AvLaunch.exe. Additionally, you should look for similar files – – AvastUI.exe, AvastSvc.exe, Aswidsagneta.exe etc. 


STEP 3 = Now, you need to choose the option Open file location and after determining the path, choose to Finish the task.

Also, do not forget to check out the installation directory and remove all the files related to AvLaunch.exe.  

So, this was our comprehensive guide on AvLaunch.exe. Hopefully, we answered all your queries related to the process. If you still have any doubts, feel free to share them in the comments section below! 

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