10 Best Social Media Management Tools (2021) Free & Paid

Right from creating and publishing any content to the reporting and the analytics, sometimes it can be quite overwhelming when you think about the job of social media marketers. They have to do a lot of things in a single day. So here are the best social media management tools which are best in the industry.

How Social Media Management Tools Can Help?

Frankly, there are many kinds of interactive and easy-to-use social media management software you can use for easing your marketing strategies. Not only do such tools help in streamlining the workflow but they help in saving time and make sure that the content reaches the correct audience, especially at the right time.

Which Product To Choose?

There are many social media management software you can choose from. The following are some of the best social media management tools you might want to try out.

Best Social Media Management Tools

1. Social Pilot

The Social Pilot is a cost-effective and simple social media management tool suitable for various agencies and all sized teams. This tool easily fits the social media management functions like analytics and scheduling besides monitoring into a simple dashboard.

Most importantly, this social media tool is available at affordable prices, and its client management features are best suited for all those agencies that have various clients. It even suggests and curates various content from industries like tech, education, health, etc.

Social Media Management Tools


  • With Social Pilot, you can easily place your own branding image and not the app name on the Facebook post.
  • You can easily create a bulk post, making it a great option for enterprise-level clients.
  • With this application, you can invite team members to collaborate, share files, and communicate with each other.
  • The tool is equipped with the best and comprehensive social media analytics, enabling users to improvise their marketing tactics. Read the Social Pilot Review


The individual plan costs around $10 per month, while the professional plan costs $24 per month. There is a small team plan that is priced at $40 per month and the agency plan is $80 per month.


To put it in simple terms, you can easily say that SEMRUSH is one of the free social media management tools that optimize your website for various search engines.

Using SEMRUSH, you can gain a lot of details that can be used for creating the latest web content for attracting traffic, finding out the best link-building opportunities, tweaking technical aspects of the website content for achieving higher search rankings.



  • Easy to audit the pages and gain ideas for improving their SEO performance and health.
  • Find out the best keywords to target and bring in traffic to your website.
  • Optimize your website for various local searches and gain more local customers.
  • Gain unexploited opportunities for strengthening your backlink profiles.


The Pro version of SEMRUSH costs around $99.95 per month. The Guru version is available at $199.95 per month and the SEMRUSH business version at $399.95 per month.

3. Sprout Social

Similar to other kinds of social media management tools, the Sprout Social contains various social media tools that are combined into a single platform. So, right from social media scheduling to reporting, monitoring, etc can be done using this awesome tool.

Frankly, Sprout Social is one of the few social media management tools providing the best customer relationship management (CRM) features. You get to view the whole profile of customers and this helps you to serve them better and create a stronger relationship with them.

Sprout Social


  • Streamline and effectively scale various social engagement and monitoring efforts using a unified social inbox.
  • Engage and monitor various messages through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, etc all in a single place using a unified social inbox.
  • Easily analyze the usage of the tasks and completion rates throughout the team members and even among the individual team members.
  • Analyze the various response times and rates for benchmarking engagement goals. This will help in improving social media responsiveness.


The standard pricing package is available at $99 per single user for a month. The professional pricing package is available at $1499 for a user per month. Regarding the advanced pricing package, it is available at $249 for a single user for a month.

4. Sendible

The Sendible can be considered as the best social media management tool suitable for all kinds of agencies. The tool is specifically created for agencies having various clients.

The topmost feature of this social media management tool is that it provides and allows one to customize the dashboard as per one’s brands for attracting new clients. Besides, Sendible has the best integration like Canvas graphics editor, YouTube search, etc.

Best Social Media Management Tools


  • Presences of various social network publishing.
  • Best customer engagement
  • 360-degree reputation and brand building as well as monitoring
  • Integrated analytics and tracking


The Starter pack is priced at $29 per month. The Traction pack is priced at $99 per month while the Growth pack is priced at $199 per month. The Large pack is priced at $299 per month.

5. Agora Pulse

This is considered to be the best and simplified social media management tool. Like most of the social media management tools mentioned above, this is a great all-in-one media platform.

It contains various tools for responding, scheduling, and event reporting. You can come across various features like competitor analysis and social media contest apps at affordable prices.

free Social Media Management Tools


  • Twitter management
  • Facebook content automatic moderation
  • Track mentions and comments for Facebook
  • Monitoring brand usernames and hashtags of Instagram


The starting price of the Agora Pulse tool is $99.00 per month and there isn’t any free version of this tool. But it does provide a free trial.

6. Crowdfire

For many years, Crowdfire has been adding a variety of features. Along with scheduling content, it allows one to easily handle their Twitter account and even help in suggesting articles that can be shared.

Now what makes Crowdfire stand out from most of the social media management tools is that it easily helps you to connect to your blogs, online shops, and YouTube channels.

social media management software


  • Easily Twitter analytics
  • 3 in1 Scheduler along with Viral Hashtag Tools along with Photo Suggester for Instagram.
  • Recent un-followers and inactive users.
  • iOS apps and Android


The pricing packages consist of Plus which is priced at $9.99 per month. The Premium package is priced at $49.99 per month, while the VIP package is priced at $99.99 per month.

7. Post Planner

The Post Planner Tool helps various social media marketers in doing three major key jobs. These are finding the right and high-quality content, planning the perfect publishing calendar, and posting content consistently. This is one of the easy-to-use social media management tools that curates and rates content along with suggestions. It allows one to create content-type based schedules.

Post Planner


  • Searching database to add any Twitter account, Facebook page, Instagram hashtag, or blog (RSS feed).
  • Post planner five-star rating systems help to find out the popularity of content just before one can post it.
  • You can easily organize your favorite social feeds into various collections.
  • Also, your recommendation engine sources for top-performing content throughout the whole web, ensuring that it can be served every time one login.


The Starter package is priced at $3 per month and the Love package is priced at $9 per month. The Guru package is priced at $19 per month.

8. Oktopost

The Oktopost is considered to be the best social media management platform for B2B businesses. The tool helps in creating leads using various social media and it helps in quantifying the business value of various social media efforts.

So, it means that right from social media management to the various promotion and employment advocacy this tool is what most of the B2B marketers would like to use.



  • The social analytic feature displays the direct impact on various social media activities for the company’s sales pipelines.
  • The social listening feature allows you to listen in real-time to what the targeted audience is telling about your brand. Here you get to know what makes them tick and what call to action to follow.
  • As a marketing professional, you can provide your audiences with the necessary content through your organization’s social media account.
  • If you are running a social media agency, then the tool helps you to easily manage various kinds of accounts, segment the campaigns, and even be able to organize the workflow’s teams.


The price of Oktopost ranges from $10 to $100 per month for the basic version while the advanced version is priced at $500 to $1000 per month.

9. MavSocial

The MavSocial is one of the easy-to-use social media management tools that simply focus on visual content. With the higher-priced plan, you can easily manage your MavSocial and Facebook ads.

Besides that, the tool has a great digital library allowing you to manage, use, and edit the various multimedia for social media posts.



  • Reschedule the best evergreen content for gaining maximum reach.
  • Plan your post in advance with the easy-to-use campaigns calendar.
  • Sophisticated reporting and dashboard
  • Amplify the content reach using the Facebook boosted post.


The starting price of MavSocial begins at $19 per month for a single user. There is a free version too.

10. CoSchedule

The CoSchedule is more than a simple social media management tool. This is one of the most powerful tools and has a great calendar that easily manages all aspects of your marketing. Using the tool, you can collaborate and manage along with your team for creating social media posts, events, content, and even task.

The CoSchedule is one of the best tools for marketers that are on the lookout for one for organizing all their projects like content, social media, events, etc; in a single place.



  • Scheduling the organized calendar for best marketing campaigns.
  • Managing content posting on various platforms using a single window.
  • Synchronization with the Google calendar and WordPress.
  • Re-promotion of the various popular post of the past.


The Essential along with Requeue is priced at $40 per month which is billed annually.  The growth package is priced at $60 per month billed annually. The professional package is priced at $300 per month that is billed annually. The Enterprise package used commonly by established marketing companies starts from $1,200 per month billed annually.

Wrapping Up – Best Social Media Management Tools

Before using the best social media management tools, you need to have a good understanding of it. Check out these ten tools and find out how easy it is to create the best SEO strategies.

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