SocialPilot Review 2021 – Features, Pricing, Pros, Cons

One of the best ways to gain more readers for your blog is by posting it on social networks. Various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are the best mediums for blog promotion, and that too when you have many followers and friends. 

Not only do you get to share your content among network and beyond, but it will also help in getting your blogs more exposure leading to the required traffic that you always strived for.

At times regularly posting these blogs at a particular schedule can be time-consuming and even tough. In such situations, having an automated posting app like SocialPilot can be great. 

SocialPilot Review

The SocialPilot is a tool that allows you to set up your social network accounts and schedule your blog posts in advance. It helps you to connect to your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts in a single step. Not only it is available as a Chrome extension and web app, but it can also be accessed using any browser. 

With the free plan, you can connect with five social media profiles. Also, you can connect with more profiles by upgrading to pro accounts. 

SocialPilot Review
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Features Of SocialPilot Account

1. Reaching A Wider Audience

With the SocialPilot, you can ensure that your content stands out. This is done by boosting your Facebook post directly from the dashboard of SocialPilot and even expanding the reach of your brand. This provides your brand with a platform that it needs and helps in reaching to millions of audiences. 

2. Uploading 500 Posts In A Single Instance

Do you want to post 24 hours in advance? Well, the bulk posting feature of SocialPilot helps you to schedule around 500 posts for upcoming weeks and months. The best part is that you can edit, move, and delete posts whenever you change your mind. 

3. Discovery, Content Curation, And Custom Feeds

Gain access to evergreen and relevant content from all over the web. You can get it delivered right within your account. SocialPilot allows you to schedule it on your list and even help you to reach it to the targeted audience of yours. 

4. Visualize Your Strategy

The social media calendar feature of SocialPilot helps you to easily visualize the social media strategy you want to try. This is handy when you want to keep track of the various posts present in various accounts. 


The pricing of SocialPilot is favorable for a wide audience, so it is aimed right from small businesses to large enterprises. The best part is that there aren’t any feature restrictions. 

Social Pilot Pricing
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Some of the packages are –

Professional Package is priced at $30 for a month or $25 for a month when billed annually. This is the cheapest subscription and it allows you to handle roughly fifty accounts. Also, you can do 200 posts per day and roughly about 2,500 posts in the queue. 

Small Team packages available at $50 for a month and $41.33 for a month when billed annually. In this package, you can handle a hundred social accounts and do 500 posts each day and roughly 5,000 posts in the queue.

The agency package is charged at $100 per month and it is $83.33 for a month when subscribed annually. You get to handle 200 social media accounts, do 1,000 posts each day, and the 10,000 posts in the queue.  

Enterprise package also called a custom pricing package is suitable for those individuals that want to do a lot. 

Pros Of Using SocialPilot
  • Brings the best value for your money
  • Good mobile app
  • Easy repetition of schedule
  • Accessing various social network
Cons Of Using SocialPilot
  • The iOSApp is not worth your time and effort
  • Instagram support is very less

Scheduling And Publishing Of Posts In SocialPost

For creating posts using the SocialPost account, you first have to connect your social media account to the SocialPost from the Connect Account page.

For creating a post – 

1. First, click on the ‘Posts’ options. Then choose the ‘Create post’ present at the sidebar menu. 

2. After that type the text in the given box.

3. Select the image. For that choose the ‘Add Menu’ icon and select the image from the many options. Also, you have the option to select the image from the blog link or website you have pasted at the text box. You can even upload images from the Dropbox or Google Drive. 

4. After that choose the account from where you plan to publish.

5. Then click the ‘Add to Queue’ button for scheduling the post as per your required time slot. If you want to publish the post right now, click the ‘Share Now’ button. 

Reporting And Analytics

The analytics and reporting feature of the SocialPilot allows you to download the PDF format of the reports and generate the necessary insights into the metrics that you want. Also, the content performance report of the SocialPilot will help you have a good understanding of the top content that most of the audience engages with. Plus, the reporting feature will help you to know the best time for posting through analyzing the active fans present in a week. 

Social Pilot Features
Image source: SocialPilot

How To Use SocialPilot?

? The first step you have to do is connect your social media profiles with the SocialPilot tool. For that, you have to click on the ‘Click Accounts’ option and connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn profile to it. 

? Then the next step is establishing the publishing schedules. For that, your first have to ensure that your social media accounts are connected to SocialPilot. Here the schedule publishing is done by creating posting schedules, where posts will be added to the queue automatically in the next available time slot (this would be based on the scheduling you have set up). To do this choose the ‘Click Accounts’ option, go to the ‘Manage Accounts’, and choose the social media to account for which you want to define the time slot and start to define it. 

? The next step is creating the first post. For that, you have to click on the ‘Posts’ option, and choose the ‘Create Post’. Here if you have added a link in the post, its preview will be visible to you. Now you have the option to schedule it as it is or you can share it as an Image post by clicking on the image from the preview given below. 

? If you are satisfied with the post, just click the ‘Add to Queue’ button. This will add your post to the queue and it gets scheduled as per the scheduling procedure you have defined. 

Summarizing – SocialPilot Review

SocialPilot is the best cloud-based tool that helps various media agencies, enterprises, businesses, and social media professionals to manage their various social media accounts from a single location. 

The best part is that when you integrate your accounts using SocialPost, you end up curating content and sending the updates, which is done from a single location. So, you won’t need to log in and out from individual social profiles for posting your updates. 

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