How To Download Xbox 360 Controller Driver In windows 10

If you are like to play video games then you must know about the Xbox controller, which is used as a controller instead of a keyboard/ mouse. This device enhances your gaming experience because it’s very convenient while playing video games on PCs. You just need to connect it with your PC via USB cable. You will be surprised to know that this is available for all available versions of Windows such as 7,8 and 10. 

It’s not common that you have to face issues while playing games with Xbox but sometimes due to some technical issues it stops working. Don’t worry, we will provide you some available solutions to fix these issues. 

Download Xbox 360 Controller Driver In Windows 10

Usually, there are 3 widely used ways to solve the problems of Xbox, which are given as: – 

  1. By using device manager
  2. By using driver booster software
  3. By using the Microsoft website.

We’ll look at these solutions one by one. So let’s start our journey. 

1. By using device manager

  • Press the Windows key with the X key simultaneously and then select device manager. 

Download Xbox 360 Controller Driver In Windows 10

  • At the top of the screen, you will find a view option. Choose the show hidden device option from the view section as shown below.

Download Xbox 360 Controller Driver In Windows 10

  • It will allow you to let to know about the location of the Xbox 360. Usually, it’s found that Xbox 360 controller driver found in the universal serial bus controller category. 

update Xbox 360 Controller Driver In Windows 10

  • Some users can find the driver in the universal serial bus device category if Xbox 360 driver isn’t showing in universal serial bus controller category. 
  • When you find the exact place of the Xbox 360 driver, press the right click and opt for the uninstall option. 
  • You will saw a notification which is giver below: – 
  • Choose the delete the driver for this device and press the ok button to continue. 
  • When you finish the above-mentioned steps you need to restart your computer. Plugin the device after the restarting and it will assist you to check out the new/latest version of the Xbox 360 driver controller. 

2. By using the Microsoft website

The Microsoft website is the best platform where you can download Xbox 360 controller driver for your PC. You need to perform these steps: – 

  • Visit the official website of Microsoft and type Xbox 360 controller in the search bar.

Microsoft website

  • Now, select Xbox 360 controller for windows. 

select Xbox 360 controller for windows

  • Further, you will saw an option to download the driver. Click downloads and it starts downloading. 
  • After Downloading the xbox 360 controller driver you have to install it on your device. 

3. By Using Driver Booster Software

With the help of Driver Booster, it is easy to Download Xbox 360 controller driver in your device. It will save a lot of time and complex operations that you have to face during download the latest version of the Xbox driver controller. We’ll recommend driver booster software if you want to increase your gaming experience and less time for hard operations. 

Driver Booster Review

The amazing thing about this tool is that it automatically detects the available latest driver for your system. So, the risk of downloading the wrong version of the driver is null and you will not face the problem of installing the wrong drivers. 

The driver booster software allows you to Download Xbox 360 controller driver, via free or pro mode. If you are using the pro version of driver booster software, then it takes a minimum time for completing the operation as well as it provides 30 days’ money-back guarantee. 

Here, we are going to provide some steps to Download Xbox, 360 controller driver, by using the driver easy. 

  • Install the driver booster software in your system by downloading it from the official website. 
  • Open and run it. There will be a scan now option which will allow you to scan the computer entirely and detect problems with any driver, if it exists. 
  • To update the Xbox 360 controller driver manually via driver booster software, click on the updates options. If you are interested in updating all drivers available in your system, then you should opt to update all options. But for using this excellent feature you must have a pro version of driver booster software. 

Final verdict – Xbox 360 Controller Driver In Windows 10

In this article, we provide you with some unique and mostly used solutions by different users to fix the issues related to Xbox or Download Xbox 360 controller drivers on PCs. Usually, the cause for the failure of the Xbox 360 controller is unknown to the user but you can fix this issue by using the above-mentioned ways. You just need to try one by one.

We are sure that this will help you a lot and your problem will be resolved. But there is also a minor possibility that these methods aren’t working then only one option left in your hand is to reinstall windows. Have a good day. 

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