10 Best iPhone And iPad Cleaner Apps In 2021

Is your device getting slow due to cache and corrupted files? Don’t need to worry about this, today we will provide you with the best iPhone and iPad cleaner apps.. These cleaners application are very easy to use and help a lot to improve the performance of your system. Usually, the cache files consume a lot of space which results in lower performance of the device. These iPhone cleaner apps will help you to speed up your iOS device by removing unnecessary junk and files.

Best iPhone Cleaner Apps In 2021

1. iMyFone Umate

iMyFone Umate is the best iPhone cleaner apps that can find all caches, corrupted files, cookies etc that cause a problem in your device. This cleaner app is mainly used to increase the performance and speed of the system. This iPhone cleaner apps keep your data safe and keep your privacy intact. This cleaning app will help to free up space in your iPhone. 

iMyFone Umate


  • It delete multiple corrupted, caches, cookies, and temporary files quickly in 1 click.
  • This tool protect privacy of users and protect them from various threats.
  • iMyFone Umate app increases the space and storage in your device by deleting the unwanted or harmful files from the system. 
  • The security of this app is very advanced which increases the efficiency and accuracy of the application. 
  • This tool will help you to connect your device with the Mac. 

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2. Cisdem iPhone Cleaner

Cisdem iPhone Cleaner for Mac is another best iPhone cleaner which free up space on device by removing unwanted files. This tool will help you clean temporary files which consumes a lot of space in your device. When you delete or uninstall any program then some data of the files remain in your device which can be easily removed  with the help of Cisdem iPhone Cleaner.

Cisdem iPhone Cleaner


  • The interface of this app is very smooth and attractive. 
  • It is very quick and easy to use on your device.
  • This tool helps to delete corrupted and cached files that contain unwanted information. 
  • It used the latest technology to tackle junk and cache files

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3. CleanMyPhone

CleanMyPhone is another best free iPhone and iPad cleaner apps which cleans garbage records, and unnecessary documents. It has various features like App Cleaner to clean all the unwanted junk, Privacy clean to keep your data protected, System Cleanup which helps to clean junk files created by iOS system, Find Large Files and also backup important data from iDevice to computer.



  • It has Find Large Files feature which can find and locate large documents. 
  • This tool can duplicate and backup your data on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. 
  • It can completely remove delete messages, message attachments and Safari history from your device.
  • It gives a complete report and types of files which can be removed to free up disk space.

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4. PhoneClean 

This is another popular iPhone cleaner application designed by iMobie. This tool will provide in depth cleaning, privacy protection and speed up your iPhone device. It has different features like Privacy Clean which means it will protect your privacy, Internet Clean which helps to clean browsing history etc. 



  • It can clean junk and unwanted data.
  • This tool also helps to remove cache and cookies files.
  • It keeps your iPhone space organised by removing  

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5. Cleaner App – Clean Doctor

Cleaner App is another free iPhone cleaner apps which keeps your iPhone clean and optimise. This tool helps to remove duplicate contacts, clean up your device’s junk, screenshots, similar pictures and Live Photos, duplicate contacts, expired calendar events, expired reminders etc.

Cleaner App - Clean Doctor


  • This application has easy to use interface
  • This application won’t make any harm to your saved information.
  • Cleaner app removes all harmful files from your device.
  • This iPhone cleaner applicate can also find large files and folder in your device.

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6. Macgo iPhone cleaner

Macgo iPhone cleaner is another completely free iPhone cleaner app which deeply cleans and protect your privacy on your iPhone. This iOS cleaner app can easily Optimize iPhone Performance and clean private data. This app has various features like security cleaner and memory cleaner to Clean all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Macgo iPhone cleaner


  • This app can easily fix all iPhone errors in 1 click.
  • Clean archives to speed up the iPhone or iPad
  • Macgo iPhone cleaner can find and remove duplicate pictures and recordings. 
  • This application is able to clean private data which will protect you from data loss.

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7. iFreeUp iPhone Cleaner

iFreeUp iPhone Cleaner is another free iPhone and iPad cleaner app which can optimize iOS performence. This application cleans large junk files to free up disk space. This tool can easily transfer photos, music and videos. iFreeup iPhone cleaner is able to prevent privacy leak by safely deleting private files.

iFreeUp iPhone Cleaner


  • It can Remove screen captures. 
  • This tool can Delete duplicate Photographs, live photographs, burst photographs. 
  • It can remove enormous video records. 
  • This tool can easily hide photographs, recordings, and contacts.

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8. iRemover 

iRemover is another best app to clean iPhone and iPad. It helps you in removing duplicate photos, duplicate contacts, duplicate screenshots. This iPhone cleaner apps can easily sort all the data of your iPhone devices.



  • This iPhone cleaner app works smoothly with your device
  • It is Fully compatible on all version
  • iRemover is completely safe and secure.
  • It is able to completely Delete unwanted files.

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9. Magic Phone Cleaner 

This is another best iPad and iPhone cleaner apps which can clean your phone in single tap. Magic Phone Cleaner can easily delete duplicate photos and videos. This app can remove useless videos, pics, and other unwanted files on your iPhone.

Magic Phone Cleaner 


  • This tool can remove useless screenshots.
  • It can remove cache files
  • It can Improve the performance of your iPhone.
  • Increase the speed of the device
  • Simple and easy to use

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10. iChecker

iChecker iPhone Cleaner is another iPhone application which can easily check your Disk Size. This tool can easily find and remove duplicate photos by organizing pictures in group. This iPhone application can find and merge duplicate contacts in your iPhone.



  • Very efficient 
  • It is compatibility with all iPhone device
  • This application consume less space.
  • This app can check and remove all corrupted files.

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Conclusion on Best iPhone Cleaner Apps

In general, these were the best free iPad and iPhone cleaner apps that will clearly help you to clean up your iPhone. We have tried and tested these iPhone apps personally and list them according to their performance.

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