How to Uninstall McAfee From Windows 10 PC

McAfee is one antivirus that is pre-installed on your Operating systems. The manufacturers install the trial version or the paid version but at the time of the end of validation, it starts creating trouble to renew it. But in an era full of great antivirus software there is no reason to use McAfee that is why most people want to delete it from their Windows PC.

There are various other reasons people want to remove the McAfee from their Windows 10 some of them are; this is very slow, it needs up to 1GB of disk space and takes a lot of memory at the time of scanning. Because of its unmanned behavior, many people want to uninstall McAfee from Windows 10 PC. But it is very difficult to uninstall McAfee from the system that is why this article is generated for those users who want to get rid of McAfee but are not able to do so as they don’t know the methods to delete it.

If you want to uninstall McAfee from Windows 10 PC then this article would help you. In this article we have mentioned the methods through which you can easily remove McAfee from your system.

Ways To Uninstall McAfee From Windows 10 PC

Basically, there are two methods through which you can completely delete the McAfee from your PC. The basic and initial method is to delete McAfee by using a control panel and the next method is to take the help of any McAfee removal tool.

Sometimes the first method isn’t able to uninstall McAfee completely and some of its products still remain in your system so in that condition it will be good to choose the other method. McAfee removal tool can easily delete McAfee and its products from your Windows 10. Let’s check two of the methods.

Method 1: Using computer setting to uninstall McAfee

Through the computer’s system setting, you can easily uninstall the McAfee from Windows 10 without putting in so much effort. For this you need to follow some basic steps that are mentioned below:

  • Firstly, go to the start icon by clicking at the below left-hand corner of the desktop
  • Click on the second icon from the bottom for settings or just simply place the cursor at the windows search box and type settings
  • It will open a new window naming Windows Settings


  • Click on the Apps icon
  • Clicking on the App icon will open a new page naming Apps & Features

Uninstall McAfee From Windows 10

  • Now in the search box type McAfee, you will get all the related things to McAfee on your PC
  • Now, choose the McAfee product/app which you want to delete and press the Uninstall icon
  • Click on Uninstall again to confirm that you are sure to delete the selected product/app
  • To continue the process Window will take your permission to proceed so for this you need to confirm again to go-ahead
  • When you confirm to uninstall it will completely uninstall the software from your device, now close the settings menu

There is another method to uninstall the McAfee product/app from your device. Simply, in the search box type Add & Remove programs it will directly uninstall the McAfee product from Windows 10.

  • Now, turn off your computer and again open it to check whether McAfee is successfully removed from your system or not.

Note: After deleting McAfee from your PC you need to delete the McAfee Web Advisor application also. So, for this, you need to follow some steps. When you restart your computer go to the control panel and select Programs and features, now choose McAfee Web Advisor and double-click on it, and choose to uninstall option.

When you click on uninstall option, McAfee can show you fallacious data to not to delete the application. But you need to ignore the message and click on the “No thanks, just uninstall it” option which is shown on the page. Now, the application will be completely uninstalled from your Windows 10.

Restart your computer to check whether all the application and McAfee is deleted or not. But after uninstalling McAfee some of the leftover files remain in the Program Files folder. So, for deleting those files, go to File Explorer and then go to C:/Program Files, and then choose McAfee and hold the delete key given on your keyboard. It will give you a warning message with three options, click on the continue option. Now you have successfully deleted McAfee and all the remaining files from your Windows 10.

If the above method doesn’t work for you and you are in search of other methods to uninstall McAfee from your Windows 10 then you can use the next method to delete it.

Method 2: By the use of McAfee Removal Tool

Sometimes, you are not able to perform the basic steps properly by using the computer setting method and the McAfee is not removed from your system then using the McAfee Removal tool can fix your problem. MCPR is one of the effective software that can surely help you in uninstalling McAfee.

But after the process of uninstalling the McAfee, this method can require a reboot so you must take back up or save your work before starting the procedure. Here are the steps which you must follow to uninstall the McAfee from Windows 10:

  • Initially, go to the McAfee website to download the MCPR tool, make sure the tool must be upgraded
  • When you successfully download the MCPR tool, double-click on MCPR.exe
  • Now, choose Yes, continue and if you face a security warning then choose Run
  • It will open a McAfee Removal Tool, agree with the license agreement
  • Now a security validation heading will appear, type the shown characters in the box click Next icon to proceed
  • Then click on the Next option to remove the McAfee from your system
  • Hold for sometimes until the uninstalling process is completed
  • In case you want to know detailed information regarding the procedure then you may click on View Logs
  • When you have finished with the uninstalling process of McAfee you need to restart your Windows 10 PC to check whether the software is successfully deleted or not.

The above mentioned are the two ways through which you can uninstall the McAfee from Windows 10. You can choose one of the methods as per your choice to finish the process of uninstalling McAfee from your operating system.

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