4 Ways to Completely Uninstall Apps on Mac

Whenever you are working on the macOS there is lots of software is already available with the OS to install. But sometimes we need to work on the higher-level software which consumes more memory in the PC or taking the higher CPU power that leads to the slower speed of the PC.

Everyone is facing the main issue regarding the removal of that kind of apps from mac because PCs are getting slower due to large amounts of CPU power and make interruptions in your work So kindly follow the proper ways to uninstall the apps from mac.

There are lots of options available in the market to manage your mac application like you can use file manager and different uninstallers are available to uninstall apps on mac Catalina. There are straightforward ways to manage your software on macOS.

How To Uninstall Apps on Mac

Here are different ways to uninstall apps from mac 

1. Uninstall apps with CleanMyMacX

When you refer to the various software in the market like various uninstallers that gives you a lot more flexible functionalities rather than the pre-installed apps in your mac. But sometimes those apps are really useful when it comes to uninstalling apps in mac and creating a space using various settings and memory management tools.

Uninstall Apps on Mac

You will get all the functionalities handy to uninstall apps in mac like suppose you are using this third-party software CleanMyMacX to clean your unwanted apps or you want to uninstall apps on your mac Catalina. Then follow the below steps to uninstall various apps.

Steps :

  • Download the CleanMyMacX From the link below.
  • After downloading this software you have to install that on your Mac.
  • After that, you have to find the Uninstaller Section.

Uninstall apps on mac

  • Select the All Applications which are available in this Software. 
  • Now Find your desired apps and apply a check on those apps to remove them from your mac.
  • After that click on the Remove Button to Uninstall them.

This process will give you the fastest uninstalling process for your application. To remove all apps directly from your mac. Read the complete CleanMyMac X Review

2. Using the Default Mac Trash

You can use the predefined Mac Trash that will give you better functionality rather than the different third party apps because third party software is specifically designed for that kind of functionality. But the default Mac Trash provides various functions like it will keep your deleted files as a copy that is not fully deleted. You can restore your files anytime with mac Trash using the below steps.

Steps :

  • Open the Mac Os Catalina or Mojave Finder
  • After that go to your All Application
  • Click on the Command + Delete to move your apps to Trash
  • After that, You have to click on the Empty Button
  • And Your app is clean

You can directly remove your apps from your mac Catalina or macOS Mojave using this Trash. You have to remove the in-depth files using the folder check. Finding the unusual files from your system and you can clean them easily with the various commands and above process.

3. Using the Softwares Native Functionality

Native Software functionality means every software comes with their uninstallers so you can easily uninstall apps with their uninstaller software which are available in the installation folder. So you can easily uninstall your software without third party software.

Steps :

  • Go to Finder in the system 
  • Select All Applications
  • After that, you can go to a particular software file manager-> Folder.
  • And Find the Uninstaller for that software and Uninstall

Native functions are more useful than any other uninstallers because some apps are not directly visible in a setting so you have to manually remove them using this predefined uninstaller to come up with software files.

4. Using the Launchpad

Using the default functionality of manually removing the apps from a mac with launchpad. You can directly select any apps from your application list and manually remove them. Follow the below steps to remove any apps manually.

Steps :

  • Go to Finder in the system
  • Go to All Applications
  • After that, you can select particular software and long-press on that software to remove it.
  • You will get the cross sign and after that click on that sign and directly remove the particular software.and clear the memory in your system.


How do I completely uninstall an app?

You can completely uninstall any apps from mac Catalina or mac os Mojave using third party software like CleanMyMacX. And another option is that you can easily uninstall any apps from a mac with Launchpad. 

How do I delete an app from my Mac that won’t delete?

You can delete your app directly with the holding the option key and apply right click at that time app icon will jiggle and you can click on the cross sign and your app will be deleted.

How do you uninstall Microsoft apps on Mac?

Go to the Finder in your mac and Select all application sections In this section you will have to find the Office for Mac application and select that application and move to trash.

Final Thoughts

For example, Adobe offers a separate uninstall platform that you need to download and run to uninstall Flash on your Mac. If you have no other options to uninstall apps on Mac using the above method, you can use apps that are compatible with your device. Follow the steps below to uninstall and delete other apps and programs that I no longer use on my Mac computer.


If your application has an installer, you can uninstall the installer by simply finding the installer in the app settings, running it from the command, and following the steps provided for the uninstall process. With the help of the cleanmymac software, I can uninstall the selected app I have installed for uninstalling. 


If you still are not able to delete an app on your Mac and are worried that it is not being done properly and you may want a safer way to uninstall it, this is the easiest way to uninstall apps on Mac so that you do not have to be forced to delete the application. You can remove apps from Mac using the powerful Mac Uninstaller, which can also delete files that can be associated with widgets, presets, plugins and screensavers. If you are worried that there is a chance that it is not working properly, or you want the safer alternative, there are a number of options for you.

Manually Uninstall Apps On Mac

To uninstall an app on macOS completely manually, you need to search the following folders for the files associated with the application. If the app you want to uninstall does not contain a native uninstaller, you can manually uninstall it and uninstall the apps you wanted to manually install. To use the uninstallers on your Mac, we can also delete unwanted utility files and reset the applications to their original state. However, if the AppCleaner app is disabled or one of the apps you want to remove contains a special uninstall application, it is a good idea to go the official route of removing apps by removing all other related items from the Mac as well.

Sometimes third-party apps are not properly working because of version incompatibility. and some apps are not that safe that will cause you another harm with malware and viruses so kindly be aware of that.

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