Mcprohosting Review (2021)- The Unbiased Review

Are you planning on hosting the Minecraft server? and Looking for McProhosting Reviews

Well, that is great but certain people don’t know how to do it. Now if you belong to this category, then you might be surprised to know that there are two ways of doing it; one is the hard way and another one is the efficient way.

Here the hard way would be hosting the server on your PC, where you won’t have to spend money but there is a difficulty in learning how to configure and handle all the things by yourself.

Concerning the efficient way is to go with the Minecraft providers online. And among them, the best one is the McProHosting. This is the most popular choice for various players that are on the lookout for easy to use and feature-filled Minecraft providers.

McProHosting Review

McProHosting Review

Well, no doubt the McProHosting is a great Minecraft Provider. In this article, we are going to check out the expert review of this particular tool.

1. Customized Control Panel

As soon as you have set up the McProHosting device, you need to go back to the homepage and then gain access to the control panel from there. Here the customized control panel is filled with an abundance of features which is especially found in McProHosting.

Now the control panel is quite intuitive, however, if you aren’t a huge fan of it, there is an option for managing the server from the mobile app. Sometimes you might be a person that doesn’t like to fiddle with the game files. Here you will be happy to know that McProHosting provides full FTP access.

2. Reliability and Performance

Reliability and Performance

Regarding the performance, you might have doubt that is McProHosting safe? Here you have to understand that it might not be on the same level compared to its competitors. Of course, the server would run smoothly somewhat most of the time. Still, there are chances that it might have or experience occasional lag.

The major reason for this might be because the company won’t provide one-click installs for mudpacks. Most importantly, sometimes you might not be aware of your way around the installation of plugins and mods or it might be that you are trying to install too many of them at once; you would end up running into various issues.

3. Navigation And Easy Usage

The next aspect of the McProHosting review is navigation and how much easy it is to use it. Here as we all know that making a first good impression is important for attracting brand new customers. And this is something that McProHosting is quite aware of.

You can easily see how much less cluttered and lack of necessary elements present in the first visit to the website. Besides, the homepage is filled with various necessary details like location coverage, main features, etc.

4. Bedrock Edition

Here you would get the reply to the query that is MCProhosting good. The Bedrock edition plan is quite straightforward and you won’t need to worry about spending huge money for adding various optional services or add-ons.

You need to only purchase dedicated IPS which is available for $3 per month. Also, as per our McProHosting review and analysis, this is available with any Java edition plans.

Also, you would get the backup upgrades for a simple fee of $2 per month and along with an additional GB of storage.

McProHosting Review

McProHosting Plans And Pricing

The next aspect of the McProHostsing review is the prices of the tool is just above average; this is just concerning the Java edition. Here the entry point is present at $8 per month.

Also, other packages are somewhere priced between $10 and $50 each month. Here the basic plan won’t have anything special however, the higher tier ones will contain many benefits like server management packs and unlimited resources.

But if you check the Bedrock edition prices of Minecraft will be a lot cheaper. The basic package will cost around $1.50 each month and the costly one would be $15 per month.

McProHosting Plans And Pricing

McProHosting Pros And Cons

Another aspect of this McProHosting review is the pros and cons. The following are the pros of the McProHosting tool –

  • Easy to setup
  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • Best value for money

Now regarding the cons, the following are the major ones –

  • Lack of good games
  • Not best or apt for big players

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Conclusion of McProHosting review

Ultimately, as per this McProHosting Review, there is no doubt that McProHosting is a great tool to try out. So, go ahead and check it and see for yourself.

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