How to Fix Overwatch Mic Not Working on Windows 10 PC

If you are facing the issue while using the Overwatch mic then you can follow this guide to solve the overwatch mic not working issue on your computer. If you are a game lover or pro player in any multi-player game then you are definitely aware of the overwatch. But sometimes users facing the issues of the Overwatch mic is not working on Windows 10.

Earlier versions of Skype for Windows OS are using different drivers version for microphones and headsets. Thus, when you try to update the drivers using the latest update software on your computer, you will get error messages.

Methods to Fix Overwatch Mic Not Working on Windows 10

There are various ways you can follow to fix this Overwatch mic not working issue

Solution-1:  Using Driver booster software

Driver booster is the third-party software that contains a large number of driver files and software which are essential for any kind of system configuration. You can download a system-specific Mic driver using their software and it will automatically install that driver on your computer.

Steps to Follow

1. Download the Driver booster Software File as per your System Configuration (34-bit/64-bit )

2. Install that software on your computer

Install the driver booster

3. Run the Application

4. It will automatically Scan for missing drivers and Install updates for you.

5. After successful completion of the Update, you need to restart your computer and see the changes.

It will give you the best and 100% Working solution for the Overwatch Mic Not Working issue.  

Solution-2: In-Game Audio Settings in Overwatch

If you are facing the Mic not working issue while using the overwatch. You can solve or fix this issue using the In-Game Audio Settings of Overwatch. Because if your External Audio device is not properly configured then you have to set it up properly using the built-in settings of overwatch.

Steps to follow

1. First Open the Overwatch 

2. Go to Options then Select Sound

3. Now adjust the sound level using the toggle button available there

4. Make sure that your audio settings set to AUTO JOIN 

Overwatch Mic Not Working on Windows 10

5. After saving the settings your issue will be resolved.

Solution-3: Allow app Permission for Audio Accessibility

Whenever you are playing games on your computer or performing any Voice Recording or Voice chatting-related tasks. You must need to provide Audio Permission to access any Audio from overwatch. You have to follow the below steps to Give permission to External Audio devices that are trying to use the Audio From Computer.

Steps to Follow

1. Go to Settings Using by pressing the Windows button and search for it.

start button

2. After that In the Microphone Section Toggle to Start the Allow apps to access Microphone

Allow apps to access Microphone

3. Now you will be able to access the microphone on your Windows 10

4. Your Overwatch Mic not working issue on Windows 10 is now fixed.

Solution-4: Set Microphone as Default Device

If the above solutions are not worked properly then you can follow this because this method is one of the most straightforward and primary methods to fix this issue. While attaching or using any microphone devices Windows will automatically capture and install the new device automatically. But sometimes it didn’t take any so you need to set the Microphone as a Default device on your computer.

Steps to follow

1. Right-Click on the Sound Icon which is available on the right bottom corner

Sound Icon

2. In the dialogue box, you need to select the Microphone 

3. And Right-click on that Microphone and Set Default

select the Microphone 

4. Save the settings

5. Check Again your Overwatch Mic not working issue is fixed.

Solution-5: Update your Audio Drivers

If your system doesn’t detect any audio drivers in your computer or you still facing issues while connecting with overwatch then you need to update your outdated drivers using the device manager. The device manager provides the Automatic and manual driver update utility.

Steps to follow

1. Press the Windows button and search for the Run Utility

2. Now in the Run Window Type devmgmt.msc


3. Open Device Manager and Find  the  Audio Drivers 

4. Right-Click on that Drivers and Click on Update Drivers

5. The device manager will update your drivers Automatically from Google

Also, it will give you a manually driver update solution

Final Thoughts

The only solution for this problem is to download the latest updated software. The good news is that there are many such programs available online. However, it is highly recommended to use only genuine program that has been tested and certified by users. Downloading and using the best driver update software such a program is not at all difficult.

After downloading and installing the latest update software, you can fix any kinds of microphone problem on your Computer. follow the step-by-step directions given above. And Kindy downloads the secure and system-specific setup file for the proper solution. Many manufacturers provide updated microphone drivers with free downloads. If not, you can also purchase updated drivers from their official website.

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