Fix Overwatch Stuttering When Playing It

If you are facing this overwatch stuttering issue while playing this game you are not only the one gamer who facing this kind of error. There are lots more pro gamers who are experiencing this kind of error. 

What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is the most popular Online Multiplayer shooter game which throws sometimes overwatch stuttering issues when you are trying to play the game on your computer. This game is most popular among pro gamers or adults with its wonderful functionalities.

There are Various Ways to fix Overwatch stuttering in your computer

Fix Overwatch Stuttering When Playing It

Method-1: End the background Process

One of the fastest and straightforward methods to kill the background process of the software through the Task Manager using the below steps.

  1. Now First  Open  Task Manager in your Computer using CTRL+SHIFT+ ESC
  2. After that Find the Overwatch  Process in Task Manager.
  3. Then Right-click on that Process in which selects the End task.
  4. Relaunch the Overwatch to see if your program is working or not.
Overwatch Stuttering When Playing It
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Method-2:  Disable the Full-Screen Optimization

Try to solve Overwatch stuttering using Disabling the functionality of Full-screen Optimization. If you want to disable the Full-screen optimization in your computer then you have to follow these steps below:

  1. Go to Desktop and Right-click on the icon of Overwatch and Select Properties.
  2. Now On the Compatibility Tab check the Option Disable Full-screen Optimization
  3. After that Click Apply and OK to make the Changes.

Now Relaunch the Overwatch and see if your error is resolved or not.

Method-3: Game Mode off

Turning the Game mode off in your System is another way to resolve the Overwatch stuttering error. Because You have to fix overwatch stuttering with high fps also to prevent the launching errors. So follow the below guide to Disable Game Mode.

  1. First Open Settings using Windows + I 
  2. Now Go to the Gaming
  3. After that in a Left Panel of Game Disable the Game mode to OFF
Fix Overwatch Stuttering
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Method-4: Disabling the Game DVR

Last but not least this method includes the function of Game DVR which controls the gamin clip and you can capture the screenshots while playing the game. But sometimes this DVR is causing the overwatch stuttering error.

So you have to stop the Game DVR using the below steps:

  1. First Open Settings using Windows + I 
  2. Now Go to the Gaming
  3. After that in the left panel you have to turn off the Screenshots and record game clips in Game bar. 
  4. Then you have to disable the Game DVR and uncheck the mouse curser in Recording.  

Overwatch Stuttering

How Do We Fix Stuttering Sound?

So here we have to set up our default playback device using the following steps :

  1. Open Run using Windows + R and type “cpl” into it.
  2. Now Select the Default playback device from your list and Click on Properties.
  3. After that in Properties go to Enhancement Tab.
  4. Select Disable All Sound effects.
  5. Save the properties.

Whenever you are fixing the Errors you need to take precautions related to your data. If you do not handle or take a backup of your data well then somehow you can be affected by huge data loss. So kindly take a backup of every required data and copied it to a safe place for further use.

Because abnormal behavior of a system or any third-party apps can cause you major data loss sometimes so you need to prepare for every situation or after you apply the various methods on your error like overwatch high fps but shutter sometimes so you need to solve overwatch audio stuttering as soon as possible because that will prevent you to open overwatch in your computer.

Overwatch is safe or not?

Overwatch is the most popular online multiplayer game with full online community support which includes the various gamers all around the world with their gaming skills and they are showcasing their talent with live online gaming and some players are defeating each other with various techniques. So everyone can take part in this.It is totally safe.

One of the best is that you can easily communicate with every gamer across the platform with and also you can ask for every issue that you are facing while playing this game because sometimes eros got critical and everyone facing particular error at some level when they got stuck but they will help you to resolve that kind of errors.

Conclusion – Fix your overwatch stuttering error

The above guide shows you the best ways to fix your overwatch stuttering error easily using the 4 ways that are mentioned above. One of the best ways to fix game overwatch stuttering errors is to reinstall the game. If you’re not sure how to go about this, then you can search the web for instructions on how to do it. There are different versions of this program out there, and it may vary from one version to the next. 

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