Fix Undoing Changes Made To Your Computer In Windows 10

If you are a Windows 10 user, you might have faced this error coming up with Undoing changes made to your computer. It usually happens if you shut down your computer while updating your system. It means that the update is not completed, and there are undoing changes that are made in your Windows. Therefore, your Windows update gets stuck and continuously tries to update it in a loop. So, to again start your pc, we have few ways how can re-start your pc.  

Fix Undoing Changes Made To Your Computer

Let’s know about the reasons behind it. 

There are a few reasons why your computer shows this error, so let’s check out all the bases-

  • You may have some defective files in your system data. 
  • Your system has not much sufficient space for a new update.
  •  There is an interruption while updating the system. 

So here are some of the reasons for the undoing changes that happen to your Windows. Here we have got you a few solutions that can help you get out of this situation. Also, it’s a simple process, so you can smoothly perform it at your home.

Learn how to fix this issue

Using a Software

Isn’t it great if you have a single software to resolve all the booting issues on your pc.? Windows boot genius is a unique software that can help you to save you from loop updating and all. This particular software is an all-in-one tool that can help you solve all the Windows 10 issues on your computer. To fix the undoing changes made to your computer in Windows 10, you can easily follow the five steps to resolve this. Moreover, the software can help you recover your data from the splintered computer in all Windows generation before resetting the system.

Without Using Any Software

Under this category, you have various methods to solve this particular error. Go through the content below to check out the suitable method for your system. 

1. Through the safe mode

  • Switch on your laptop or computer.
  •  Through this, you will enter into the safe mode of Windows 10.
  • Before the system shows you the undoing changes error, press the key F11 through the keyboard to enter the advanced options page.
  • From here, select the start-up settings tab.
  • In the last step, press the four-number key and select the enable safe mode. Now your Windows 10 system will move to a safe way to manage the updates of the application.

2. Remove the recently installed updates

Firstly, delete all the applications installed on Windows 10. To make this happen, press on the Windows key + R tab. 

  • Write appwiz—cpl in the box under the run. 
  • Now click on the ok tab. 
  • Here click on the view installed updates.
  • You will see a list of all the installed updates. 
  • From here, you can select the recently installed updates and click on the uninstall tab to delete all the recent updates. 
  • After completing the above process, again start your pc.

3. Operate Windows update troubleshooter

It can turn out to be very useful for all the Windows 10 users as it can fix all the issues related to Windows 10 update process. 

  • As you operate the troubleshooter, tap on the search bar and write ‘troubleshoot’ on the search tab.
  • Now it will navigate you to the troubleshoot settings. 
  • Click on the tab to open the settings panel. 
  • Go for the Windows update troubleshooter option.
  • Now operate the troubleshooter to detect the problems occurring up.

4. Operate a start-up repair 

It’s easy to resolve many Windows 10 start-up issues by this operation like we first saw the error message coming up regarding the undoing changes. 

  • Click on the shift key and tap on the re-start button under the Windows start menu. 
  • Now a menu box will open up. There you go for the troubleshoot option.
  • To opt for more tools, click on the advanced options.
  • Now choose the start-up repair service.
  • Here you have to select an account to attach with the start-up repair tool. 
  • Now fill in the password for the linked account and continue further.

5. Operate deployment image servicing management tool  

This utility provides your Windows 10 to fix the undoing changes made to your computer error that shows up. To scan the running system file, users use this service to improve the issues that come up. 

  • Open the Windows 10 search bar.
  • Write cmd into the search bar to go for the command prompt. 
  • Click on the command prompt to reach for its menu. 
  • Now select the option run as administrator to open up the command prompt window. 
  • As you get into the window, write DISM/ online/ clean-up image/ restore health as the input into the command prompt window. 
  • After you write the above command, click on the return key. 

6. Remove the software distribution file 

To resolve the issue of undoing changes made in your computer error, you can delete the corrupted files, consisting of updated folders.

  • To do this procedure, click on the Windows + R key through the keyboard.
  • Write cmd into the open box. 
  • Now type control + shift + enter to navigate on the command prompt window. 

Now write different commands on the command prompt window

                 -net stop wuauserv
                 -net stop bits
                 -net stop cryptic
                 -net stop msiserver
Write these commands and remember to enter the critical button after each order.

  • Now go to the file explorer through the taskbar. 
  • View this data in file explorer. 
  • Now type ctrl + A key to select all the data under the software distribution file. 
  • Tap on the delete button.
  • Again, open the command prompt windows and enter the same controls as mentioned above. Instead of writing stop, you have to write start in every order. 
  •  Now again, start your computer after completing the process.

7. Turn on the app services

To fix the issue of undoing changes made to your Windows 10 error, many users resolve this by using the app readiness service. To turn on this utility type, run to open it up. 

  • Now write services. msc under the run tab and then select the ok option.
  • As you click on the ok button, click on the app readiness utility to navigate the properties window. 
  • On this window, you will see the start-up type menu. Now select the automatic button. 
  • You will have the option to click on the apply button.
  • Exit from the app readiness service window by clicking on the ok button. 
  • Again, start your pc after completing the above process.

8. Operate a system file checker

It can turn out to be a great fixer for the undoing changes made to your computer error message. This service provides your Windows 10 system to repair all the wrong files in your system. To operate this service, you need to tap on the Window search icon.

  • Write cmd into the open box. 
  • As mentioned in the above process, open up the command prompts window. 
  • Write sfc / scannow in the command prompt window and click on the enter key. 
  • Wait for the above process to finish. 
  • If the process happens successfully, start your desktop or laptop again. 

9. Stop automatic updates 

Here is one of the simplest methods to fix undoing changes made to your computer error. Moreover, this cannot help resolve the issues occurring in your Windows 10 as this will stop the installation for all the Windows updates. Therefore, if you block the automatic update service, Windows will not install any updates coming up. 

  • Go on the search icon and write the run command. 
  • Write services.msc into the box, and click the ok button. 
  • Now go for the Windows update services option.
  • Disable the automatic updates by clicking on the disable option in the menu. 
  • Click on the apply button. 
  • Now close the window and again start your pc. 

Fix Undoing Changes Made To Your Computer In Windows 10

Here were some methods and tricks to fix the undoing changes made to your windows ten error for many of the Windows 10 users. Moreover, it’s totally up to you which methods suit the best for your desktop or laptop as not all the ways need to help you out fix the issue. If you don’t find these methods working for you, you can go for the software mentioned at the starting of the content. If you opt for the third-party software, first reset your Windows 10 as it will restore Windows 10 into the default factory settings. 

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