How to Fix Win­dows 10 Net­work Con­nec­tion Issues

Are you facing network connection issues in windows 10 PC while connecting to the network devices in your computer? Then you don’t need to worry about that issue. This guide will walk you through every solution and method to solve this Network connection issue on your computer.  

Why Network Connection Issues error?

Sometimes your network drivers are not correctly configured in your computer. So you need to update or replace your current device drivers into your computer to see this error is resolved or not. Because driver misconfiguration will cause this kind of error. 

Also, some users are commenting on the blog forum regarding this issue with various processes like different users facing different issues but the main cause behind this error is the same as everyone’s facing. 

Fix Win­dows 10 Net­work Con­nec­tion Issues

So there are some methods to resolve this network connection issue in your system.

Method-1: Restart the System

Sometimes System restart can easily solve the most common problems in your computer. So you must have to try this solution first because using this method you don’t need to apply any further solution if the restart works.


  • First click on the Start Button
  • Now Click on the power option 
  • And Select the restart option from that
  • Click to Restart

Now When the restart completed successfully and your computer works normally then try to connect with the network to check the network connection issue is resolved or not.

Method-2: Using the Network Settings

If there is a problem between the router and computer then you need to check for the connectivity between them using the command prompt. Now check the current network configuration using the Command Prompt.

  1. Open the Start or Press the Windows button
  2. And Search for the Command Prompt 
  3. Now in the command prompt Window 
  4. Type the command ipconfig
  5. After that Note the Default Gateway to determine the local router configuration same as the Network configuration of your Computer.
  6. Usually, it has the IP addresses like & 192168.1.1
  7. Now its time to Network test 
  8. Type Following command using the above ip address like  ping
  9. It will show you the network data loss and how many packets are sent and received
  10. If there is no Data loss occur then your process is completed.
  11. Try to connect with your network again and your issue has been resolved.

This method is one of the best and efficient methods to resolve the network connection issue in your system. So you can better understand the network configuration in detail. Also, you can try to connect with your network using your mobile phone. Which gives you better compatibility as compared to the computer.

Method-3: Reconnect with your Wi-fi

If you are still facing the network connection issue in your computer then you can try to reconnect with the network using the system settings like if you have a wireless adapter then try to restart that or you can reconnect with that.


  1. First Go to your Windows Settings 
  2. Now Open the Network & Internet From the Settings
  3. Open Wifi from that
  4. If your Wireless section is mission then you have to check for the Device drivers of the Wireless section for your Wireless adapter.
  5. Now Turn-off the Wifi Switch which is in form of a toggle button and reconnects with your wifi
  6. You can only connect if you are clicking on the Show Networks Option

Note:  Currently some networks are using the two band frequencies like 2.4GHz and 5Ghz so you can connect with the different frequency bands to resolve your error.

Method-4: Restart your Network Adapter

Restarting your network adapter can able to resolve your issue while you facing the network connection issue. Because Sometimes Windows update reflects the changes on your system without your consent. So you can’t be able to change the frequent changes that occur at the time of update but you can make this change using the Windows Settings by following steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Open Network and Internet Settings
  • Now Go to Status
  • Under the Advance Network Settings Find Change Adapter Option
  • Now click on the available Wireless adapter or Ethernet 
  • Right Click on that to Enable it.
  • After that, your network will automatically be configured and you can check your issue is resolved or not.

Method-5: Try to Disable an Airplane Mode

Sometimes people are forgetting to disable the airplane mode in their system because if airplane mode is enabled in your system you can’t be able to get connected with any network on your system. So you just need to disable the Airplane mode if you want to connect with any network devices using the following steps.

  • Go to Windows Settings
  • Open Network and Internet 
  • Find the Airplane mode and click on that
  • Now Turn Off the toggle button of Airplane mode it will Regain your network access
  • After a successful process, you will again able to connect with your network.

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