Bluetooth Not Working on Windows 10? Here’s the fix

Bluetooth allows you to connect any smart device with your computer instantly without any wires or further process. You can also share your data to your computer with a minimal amount of transfer rate using Bluetooth. Mostly Bluetooth is a default functionality coming with the Computer it allows us to communicate between the two devices.

If you are facing issues while connecting the Bluetooth to your pc then you can definitely follow this guide till the end to get a solution about how to Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Windows 10. Most of the time Bluetooth is working fine but sometimes it makes some unusual error so we have to fix that.

What can I do if Bluetooth stops working in Windows 10?

  1. Check Bluetooth is enabled or not
  2. If not then try to Restart the Bluetooth
  3. Remove the paired Devices and reconnect them
  4. Also, you can Restart the Windows 10
  5. Update the Device Drivers of the Bluetooth
  6. Connect again the Remove Pair Devices to your PC
  7. Use the Windows 10 Troubleshooter

The above process is applicable on all Windows platforms

Bluetooth Not Working on Windows 10 [Solved]

Now we have to start the Troubleshooting process with some methods which are already listed above we have to use that one by one in detail to solve the Bluetooth Not Working on Windows 10.

1. Check Bluetooth is enabled or not

One of the most common mistakes everyone makes was not checking for the Bluetooth device is on or off. First, you have to check for the Bluetooth device status by clicking on the bottom right corner icon to expand the window that shows the Bluetooth logo. And kindly click on that to Toggle on or off using this path Settings-> Devices -> Bluetooth and other devices.

Bluetooth Not Working on Windows 10

2. Restart the Bluetooth

If the above steps are not satisfying then try to resolve your Bluetooth connection problem using this method. In this method you just have to go to your Windows Notification center and Just off the Bluetooth radio service and Restart again to check the conflict is resolve or not. This method is one of the straightforward approaches to Solve the Bluetooth connection problem in Windows 10.

3. Remove the paired Devices and reconnect them

You have to manually remove the Connected or you can say paired Bluetooth devices from your list and again check for the connectivity if the device is displaying then your error has been resolved. 

4. Check the Battery life of Device

Check the Battery life of Device

Sometimes Bluetooth connectivity causes trouble due to some technical error or sometimes it may occur due to some low battery level. So you just need to aware of the battery percentage while connecting with Bluetooth on Windows 10. Improving the battery life can solve this Bluetooth connection Problem on Windows 10.

5. Restart the Windows 10

If you are facing the Bluetooth connection problem more often then You have to restart your computer. Because several times Bluetooth or any other technical issues can be able to solve by Restarting the Windows. Just click on the Windows button on your keyboard and Click to Restart button from the opening prompt and get your things done your Bluetooth connection problem will be solved.

6. Update the Bluetooth drivers

If you get any Serious issue related to Bluetooth connectivity and You can’t be able to fix it then try to upgrade the device driver using google. Like First 

  • Press Windows + R to Open Run
  • Now Type  “devmgmt.msc” in that.
  • After that in the Device Manager Panel, you have to find the Bluetooth Driver
  • In that Section Expand the Bluetooth Drivers and Right-click on that
  • Click on to Update the Driver 
  • Windows will automatically update your drivers to the new version

Also if you have already downloaded the drivers from google then you can manually upload the drivers with the upload from the computer option and select the driver utility to install the drivers manually in the computer.

7. Windows Troubleshooter

Windows 10 have the default debugging functionality known as the Windows Troubleshooter . which automatically scans the whole computer and if any errors available in the system then it will show you with a detailed report and you can able to fix that directly using the Troubleshooter. 

Final Thoughts On Fixing Bluetooth Not Working on Windows 10

After the all methods and processes you can able to determine your issues with the Bluetooth connection and you can easily debug them with all these methods. if some of them are not totally the best solution for you but you can easily manage your situation and after that, you can able to choose the built-in Troubleshooter that will Definitely solve your conflict or Bluetooth connection Problem on your Windows 10.

So kindly follow all these methods and these methods are totally safe and secure methods to Handle any kind of causes related to your windows and you can also follow our guides for future updates regarding any issues and their solutions for windows 10 and many other operating systems.

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