Xbox 360 Controller Not Working on Windows 10

If you are a gamer and you are playing the games for quite a while and you realize that playing the games with a standard keyboard and mouse isn’t really fun and if you think you might want to change the standard keyboard and mouse for playing the games, so you are definitely on the right page. 

You know that you can play games on your Windows 10 computer using a keyboard and a mouse. You might be aware that for playing games on a Windows 10 PC Microsoft allows many of the games to use an Xbox 360 controller. You can use the controller to play many games on Windows 10 PC. 

When playing the game becomes boring after pressing certain buttons on the keyboard and you keep on clicking the mouse buttons that really isn’t fun. At some point in time, you change your preference and you start playing with the 360 controllers. The controller usually runs smoothly. You can simply plug in your controller using a USB like other USB devices, or if it is a wireless controller then you can control your favorite games wirelessly using the controller. 

As you know all of the devices that are to be connected to your PC Need drivers to work. similarly, for the Xbox 360 controllers, you also need the drivers for this particular device to work on your system. Usually, the controllers Run smoothly and there is no problem with your device and you can enjoy your favorite games seamlessly. But sometimes there come some cases where the Xbox 360 Controller Not Working suddenly and there might be a problem with the drivers. might be the drivers become outdated or they might get corrupted by any reason in your system due to which Xbox 360 Controller Not Working on Windows 10.

Xbox 360 Controller Not Working on Windows 10 (Fixed)

If there is an issue with your device drivers that they have become outdated or they have become corrupted then you can try reinstalling the device drivers or you can try updating your device drivers and also you can try updating your Windows and reinstalling your Windows if required. 

1. Change the USB port 

Change the USB port 

If the Xbox 360 Controller Not Working is wired then there might be a problem with the USB port of your Windows 10 computer, you can try changing your USB port for the Xbox 360 controller. if there is a problem with your USB port then this method will work. You can switch between the ports such as a USB 3.0 or USB 2.0.

2. Reinstalling Xbox 360 controller driver

Still, if Xbox 360 Controller is Not Working, reinstall the Xbox 360 controller driver.

For the re-installation of Xbox 360 controller drivers in your system, first of all, you need to uninstall the previously installed drivers.

 For that, the controller must be Unplugged from the Windows 10 PC if it is plugged already. Once the controller is unplugged from the system, you need to uninstall that driver by going into the control panel.

3. Find Device Manager

In the Device Manager, find the Universal Serial Bus Controllers section. Find correct device drivers for your controller. Then right-click on it and select Uninstall.

When you click on uninstall, then a dialogue box will pop up. It will prompt you to if you want to delete the device drivers. Select that checkbox and proceed. 

Once the previous device drivers are uninstalled, restart your Windows 10 PC. After restarting your Windows 10 computer you can plug in your Xbox 360 controller and Windows will automatically find the updated and the correct driver for the device. 

Now follow the on-screen instructions to install the drivers for the device.

4. Update the Xbox 360 controller drivers manually 

If the Xbox 360 Controller Not Working still or if you do not find the exact device drivers and even if Windows is unable to install the exact device drivers for your Xbox 360 controller, go to the official website of your particular device and navigate to the download section and you will find the drivers for that particular device. Properly select your device drivers and click on download. Some files might be installed by the installer software provided or the file can be in zip format.

If it is executable then you can connect the device to your computer and try installing the drivers. If the file you downloaded is in the zip format, extract usi9ng any extractor software, then you have to go to the device manager, select the device drivers that are needed to be installed, and manually browse for the file that you just downloaded and then click on install.

5. Update your Windows if it is not updated

If you still find Xbox 360 Controller Not Working, you can check whether your Windows is updated. Sometimes problems arise due to the outdated version of Windows and in the newer version, there is a fix for certain problems that are causing devices to stop. You have to go to the settings in your Windows 10. click on update and security and in the windows update section, click on check for updates. Ensure your Windows 10 PC must be connected to the internet.

check for updates

If any updates are available, download the updates. Once the download of updates is finished, you will get a popup to restart your PC to finish updating the windows. Once you see that pop up you can schedule the restart or you can restart at the current time. After the update is finished you can test your Xbox 360 controller whether it is working or not.

Try the above-listed methods to fix Xbox 360 Controller Not Working on Windows 10.

Hope it works.

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