Cleanmymac X Review (2021) – Features, Pros, and Cons – Is It Safe

As the name suggests, Cleanmymac works as a cleaner for your Mac. Many of you must have suffered from junk data, which might make your system slower. It keeps you away from removing the data and files manually. This Mac cleaner helps you eliminate all the issues you have while selecting and deleting the files from your Mac. 

For Mac PC, Cleanmymac turned out as one of the best software in providing the best features and facilities for the users. The company came out with four new versions, and the latest version involves new advanced features bringing up a better understanding of the Cleanmymac. Let’s check how the latest version of Cleanmymac works, so let’s get into the Cleanmymac X review.

Cleanmymac X Review

Cleanmymac X allows you to regularly clean your device by removing data, files, and folders. It helps your Mac to work smoothly and appropriately. It avoids any junk files to store in your device through its data cleaning tool. In this context, we are going to check all the features this application is offering. Also, we will know about its price, specifications and many more things. Let’s get ahead towards its features to get a better review of Cleanmymac X. 


Avoid the insertion of a hard disk or a storage device.

Many users extend their RAM size or a hard disk if they run out of memory space. Also, hard disks cost you a lot of money and time, so why not opt for the Cleanmymac X to clean up all the irrelevant data from your Mac. Data, documents, videos tend to fill up in your memory device, and it’s not an easy task to delete it all manually. Therefore, Cleanmymac offers you the best way to clean your Mac just by identifying the data on your device. 

The software helps you identify the trash files and delete them from your Mac. It shows up the junk files to remove them. To remove the junk file from the system, you can check the mentioned data occupied by your Mac’s junk files. After the scanning, extract the data to get some MBs of space for your data. 

Protection against threat

Cleanmymac not only cleans up your device but also protects your Mac from threats, cyber-attacks, and malware. Yes, Mac indeed guarantees more security rather than a PC, so it’s safer from any dangers and cyber-attacks. But to for your double protection, Cleanmymac X protects your Mac from hackers, unauthorized access, and malware. 

Through the software, it detects the malware if your system has any. Moreover, Cleanmymac X regularly checks if there is any risk of having malware. But it’s likely not to have in Mac, but it’s essential to be sure that there is no risk for your system. 

Cleanmymac X helps you to delete the irrelevant search history data, chats data as there is a chance of data hacking, which could get you in a significant loss. Through this data, hackers can quickly get out your information to use it against you. Therefore, the software helps you to keep you away from such cases. 

Enhance the working speed of the Mac.

Over time, as your Mac gets filled up with files and data, it becomes slower and does not work as it used to work. 

Usually, the application starts running in the background, which may employ many system resources. It can cause your Mac to work slower and inefficiently over time. Cleanmymac X stops all the applications running in the background for the fast working of your Mac. Also, the application confirms that the hard disk is working well or not. It makes sure that all the apps are working fine with the appropriate usage of resources. 

Remove application data

When you uninstall any application, it leaves behind a lot of trash data and files, which could occupy a lot of the memory space. To ensure this, Cleanmymac X scans the irrelevant data from your device to permanently delete it from your device. The software shows up the list of unused application data to select those files you do not need. It makes sure that the necessary data gets deleted without the user’s permission. 

Moreover, it also keeps your device application up to date since it’s not essential in Mac, as it automatically saves your device updated. 

Manage your files

The application also offers you to clean up your data and files in your MacBook to avoid your device’s slow working. You can remove old and large files after scanning all the data. It takes hardly a few seconds to do this process, and it also creates a lot of memory space. Deleting old files is necessary as the uninstalled apps leave behind a pile of trash data. 

Cleanmymac X vs Cleanmymac3

As per the MacPaw, Cleanmymac X is one of the top brand new applications. In comparison to cleanmymac3, this application comes up with a wide range of cool features. At the same time, cleanmymac3 does not provide all the latest utilities needed for Mac users. Let’s list down a few characteristic features of Cleanmymac X to learn how better it is. 

  • It allows the users to detect the malware if there is any. 
  • By detecting and scanning trash files, it helps you to free up your memory space. 
  • It also keeps your Mac updated in regular intervals. 
  • It identifies the uninstalled application data to avoid the slow working of the device. 
  • It gives personal tips and tricks for better performance of the application. 
  • It makes your work simpler by providing a list of unused and trash data so that you can quickly check the files and delete them. 

The company has a lot enhanced the earlier version, which involves better performance, the latest advanced features, better user-interface, and many more.  As said by the company, it works three times better than the earlier version of the app. 

Is Cleanmymac X safe?

Cleanmymac X software is undoubtedly safe for your Mac. Some users do have the misconception of calling this software malware. Instead, this software is an all-in-one Mac cleaner that helps you clear off the trash data and files to create gigabytes of memory space for your essential files. Being a Mac user, you must have thought if Cleanmymac X safe or not.?  Do not worry. Now we will mention a few points that clear your doubt regarding the software. 

  • Cleanmymac X works like a MacBook cleaner, deleting all the unnecessary files and data, occupying a lot of memory space to create room for more data. 
  • Cleanmymac X informs the user if there is any cyberattack or threat. Not only it detects the danger, but it also removes it from the device. 
  • Since it’s an all-in-one Mac cleaner, so you do not need any additional hard drive to extend your memory space. 
  • It prevents you from keeping tons of data, which eventually affects the performance and working of the MacBook.
  • Also, the data cleaning tools do not delete any data without user permission. When you open the window to scan the trash files, it asks you if you want to delete those files or not. 

The software keeps you updated about the latest techniques to ensure your device’s smooth working as it was when you bought it. The software safely removes all the junk files and data that you don’t require. You don’t even know about how much data is occupying the memory space, eventually making your system slower and inefficient. 

You need to download this application and run it on the system to check the data and files that are of no use. Honestly, this software will save a lot of memory space for your computer. When any user performs a heavy task on the system, it takes many system resources that could cause slow working of your computer. Therefore, without any doubt, you can download Cleanmymac X software safely. 

Required specifications to run Cleanmymac X.

The company till now has launched new versions of Cleanmymac. In all the arrangements, the application comes up with the latest optimization technique, better user-interface, better performance, and many more. Moreover, the newest version of the application comes up with advanced features requiring more system resources than other Mac applications. 

Let’s know about the specification the application will require-

  • The user must have a Mac OS×10.10 model or a higher version of it. 
  • The computer should have a minimum of 50 MB to allow the application to run smoothly on your device. 

Maybe you have an older version of Mac OS. In that case, you have to upgrade the performance to take advantage of the utilities provided by Cleanmymac X. 


  • It provides users with a user-friendly interface. 
  • The application is straightforward to use. There are no such complicated tasks to do while you clean up your device. 
  • The application provides you with a different list of unused files and data. It separates all the files to give you an exact version of your data. 
  • Uninstall all the useless app on your device 
  • It also removes malware from the Mac. 
  • Free up the memory space with a few seconds of scanning. 
  • It also clears up the RAM data by 1GB. 
  • Checks if there is no application running in the background for long. 
  • Before deleting any file or data, the software takes the user’s permission to avoid any loss of data.
  • As per the need, users can get an annual or lifetime package. 


  • You can suffer a loss of important data if you do not use the application correctly. Moreover, the software takes permission from the authenticated user before deleting any data.
  • There are free applications available for Mac with fewer features. 
  • Many software for Mac cleaning is available at cheaper rates.

CleanmyMacX Pricing

Cleanmymac X annual rate- 

  • For 1 Mac user- $40
  • For 2 Mac user- $60 
  • For 5 Mac users- $90 

Cleanmymac X lifetime license price.

  • For single-user- $90
  • For 2 users- $139
  • For 5 users- $199


1- Is Cleanmymac by MacPaw safe? 

Undoubtedly it’s one of the best and safest apps you could have in your Mac OS. It provides you with all the latest utilities required for your computer. 

2- Is Cleanmymac X free? 

No, this application is not free. It comes with two license options for all the users. 

Users can opt for the annual package.

For one-time investment, the company also offers a lifetime package. 

3- Does Apple recommend Cleanmymac?

The company considers this application as one of the best Mac cleaners. No other Mac cleaners provide better features than Cleanmymac to ensure the smooth working of your Mac. 

4- Is Cleanmymac worth it? 

Cleanmymac is entirely worth the price. We have listed down many features and advantages in the exclusive content to make sure why you should keep this application on your device.

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